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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Debojit  Roy
By Debojit Roy, IT Professional - 
In all my interactions with new professionals in my field I feel they lack the zeal for this profession. I feel you should come... more>>
Harish  Donepudi
By Harish Donepudi, Software Engineer IV - CISCO systems
java is effective, flexible and very good frame works are developed around this language, which will support us to learn and de... more>>
Aparna  Bulusu
By Aparna Bulusu, Senior Software Engineer IBM - IBM
"Self Learning" enhances your career. Don't wait for someone to come and teach you. Start exploring and love your work.
Mohan  Rao
By Mohan Rao, Manager, Technology - 
In this competitive world, every piece of work that we deliver should have a wow factor in it. Most of the time, we just delive... more>>
Siddheshwar  Kumar
By Siddheshwar Kumar, Tech Lead - Sony
I strongly feel upcoming professionals should be very passionate about their work. No matter what technology and language you a... more>>
Sunil  Pahal
By Sunil Pahal, Tech Lead - Alcatel-Lucent
keep yourself updated with the changing market trends in term of technology and process. Also award yourself with some addition... more>>
Santosh  Dwiwedi
By Santosh Dwiwedi, Founder - Director - Anomaly Solutions
Consistent leadership in my opinion is to be judged more on the basis of ones ability to deal with troughs more than anything e... more>>
Viswanath  Sivaswamy
By Viswanath Sivaswamy, MD – Practices - Anthelio Business Technologies
Consistency is the key to every performance. Consistency reduces risk for all stakeholders associated with the organization. ... more>>
Steven Marcel  Fernandes
By Steven Marcel Fernandes, IT Consultant - Logica India Pvt Ltd
My advise for upcoming Professionals is .... they should be sincere & hardworking and use their knowledge & expertise in such a... more>>
Brijesh  Kumar
By Brijesh Kumar, Founder and CEO - Hyphen Technologies (P) Ltd.
This is absolutely a very good question, Technology is frequently changing field, one has to keep themselves updated with the l... more>>
Topy  Red
By Topy Red, Topy red - sscsworld.com
Now days, there are striking number of small businesses and self-employed individuals who fail to notice the significance of th... more>>
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