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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Subash  Srinivasan
By Subash Srinivasan, MARKETING - renaatus projects pvt ltd.,
Iam guided by my own intuition and never by my competition.I prefer creative ideas .1. make the buyer feel the presence. 2.to m... more>>
K S  Susindar
By K S Susindar, General Manager - Corporate Communication - BGR Energy Systems Limited
Flexibility is key for many beginners. They should be ready to adapt themselves as they grow. Leadership is not about how many... more>>
Premal  Betai
By Premal Betai, Head - Admin (HR) & Purchase - Tushar Desai Associates
My objective has always been focused to achieve the target in the quickest time. Have switched over totally different segments ... more>>
Gr Reddy  Husys
By Gr Reddy Husys, Managing Director - Husys Consulting Pvt. Ltd
Focus on Learning Focus on Delivering the Best Focus on taking newer challenges Be Innovative Be Creative Be on the ground... more>>
Shilpa Tapas Majumdar
By Shilpa Tapas Majumdar, CEO at Verve HR Consulting - Verve HR Consulting
When we are focussed on what we want, the mind finds a way to achieve. So keep your thoughts clear and steady on what it is tha...
Rakesh Beesal Kumar
By Rakesh Beesal Kumar, opened own institiute - Smart data suffix pvt ltd
(1) All citizens shall have the right (a) to freedom of speech and expression; (b) to assemble peaceably and without arms; (c)... more>>
Sajilal Balakrishnan Velekkatt
By Sajilal Balakrishnan Velekkatt, Assistant Manager Finance at Allergan India Pvt. Ltd - Allergan India Pvt. Ltd
In present scenario companies are struggling to get good professionals, even good professional are struggling to get good compa... more>>
Himalaya  Monga
By Himalaya Monga, Software Engineer - HCT Technology
i have been a member of siliconindia since 26-08-2009. I was a college student when i joined this network. I would not exaggera... more>>
Nadeem  Ansari
By Nadeem Ansari, Marketing and Media Consultant - Self Employed
Segmentation is extremely important as it allows you to target and position variations of the same product to different market ... more>>
Mayank  Shridhar
By Mayank Shridhar, Technology Architect - Infosys Limited
Practice makes perfect. Writing a program and making it run all by yourself is equivalent to reading ten books on the same topi... more>>
Rajkumar  Mandal
By Rajkumar Mandal, Project Engineer (VLSI AMS) - Wipro Technologies
Ever thing is interlinked with you. so it is always better to handle yourself rathed than others. what you know about yourself ... more>>
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