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Siliconindia Network members contribute some valuable advices and suggestions from their professional life for current and upcoming professionals. Selected messages are mentioned below:
Anl  Madhavann
1. Give up task that do not generate value-additions (and people too). 2. Never ever give up tryiing to improve present bet... more>>
Kapil Ramesh Matta
By Kapil Ramesh Matta, Head Markets - Mitkat Advisory Services Pvt Ltd
Hardwork, persistence and keeping the team together. "Battles were fought and will be fought due to difference of opinion" only... more>>
Juwal  Bose
By Juwal Bose, Creative Head / Director - Csharks Games And Solutions Pvt Ltd
Do focus in the growth of each talent / employee as they form the foundation. Set realistic milestones & deadlines & make sure ... more>>
Allwyn  Desouza
By Allwyn Desouza, Co Founder of Bay Leaf Integrated Communication Solutions LLP - Bay Leaf Integrated Communication Solutions LLP
Branding is all about the attributes and USP of the product. Branding helps in building awareness. You might have the best car ... more>>
Ashish  Tahiliani
By Ashish Tahiliani, Sales officer - Danone- Nutricia International Pvt Ltd
before marketing be a part of a sales team and start your career with a ground level..then only you can become a good marketing... more>>
Subramanian Veeraraghavan Kooveli Madom
By Subramanian Veeraraghavan Kooveli Madom, Consultant and educationist - Garden City College
Possible approaches to control quality of management education which is drawing attention for wrong reasons such as closure of ... more>>
Atul  Antala
By Atul Antala, Director at Access Grooup, Inc. - Access Group, Inc
Being a leader in today’s environment is like being an entrepreneur. You must have a vision of where you want to go or what y... more>>
Ram  Kumar
By Ram Kumar, Founder and Director - Mango DVM
Do not get carried away by Hype, Fame, Money and Popular opinion. Choose whether you want to be a Manager or a Leader. A Manag... more>>
Umesh  Jagannatha
By Umesh Jagannatha, Director - Bristlecone
No task is too small. Have humility and be humble; at the same time, assert yourself when needed. It is important to be able t... more>>
Vighnesh  Bhat
By Vighnesh Bhat, President - International School of Business & Media
I do not like to advice but certainly like to bring in a few thoughts in this respect. I have a few insights to share: Never ev... more>>
Vijay  Thakur
By Vijay Thakur, Chairman and CEO - Telindia Tower Infra Company
I think a Leader should be a highly qualified, multiple experienced and decision oriented person to lead any company. He should... more>>
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