Several of SiliconIndia initiatives have emerged from the member community around the world, in helping us with new services to promote Siliconindia vision in making a difference to professional careers of graduating students, seasoned professionals and rising entrepreneurs.
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Communities: SiliconIndia Communities works like your personal website. Some of the popular activities members use it to promote upcoming events and connect with event attendees, Share blogs on an important issues and causes and inspire others to take action, Reconnect with your old batch-mates, ex-colleagues, business associates, Talk with world travelers and discover unexpected must-visit destinations, Make friends with common interests etc. Create your community now

Q&A: India is full of brilliant minds. And now they have SiliconIndia Q&A to share collective knowledge and brilliance work for each others advantage. SiliconIndia Q&A is a knowledge center, where you can get answers for your questions be it related to career, technology, sports, marketing, HR, startups, travel etc. Ask question now

Career: SiliconIndia is not just knowledge or a networking site anymore, but a venue for career growth. We have jobs, but we are not a job site - we are a launch pad for the next big thing. We give you a venue to connect the people you know - your friends - to great companies - so your friends can accelerate their careers too. Post your resume

Humor: SiliconIndia Humor section is created to spice up your life with rib tickling jokes, entertaining videos and amazing visuals. You can share this fun stuff with your friends, family members to lighten up hectic work life. You can also contribute a joke, video and visuals on our site.
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We believe in the power of the Web, the digital network, and its ability to connect not just the privileged few, who are benefiting from the modernization of India, but also to connect up our fellow citizens around the world, who have been left behind due to the digital divide and are still operating under incomes of less than $2/day. Let us make this your community, your web initiative, your own social venture, where we can start making an impact today - to your career, to your company, to your community and to the population at large.

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