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JKL Tech

JKL Tech

About Us

JKL Technologies is a hi-tech product startup, developing mobile app products for JKL Technologies and its partners. The firm specializes in Games, Enterprise Applications, CRM, Online e-commerce Stores, and others.

One of the core skills of the company is to develop world-class mobile apps with outstanding user experience. JKL has spent relevant amount of time in finalizing what the user needs by researching the market, the customer persona, and its partners and has come up with the best possible experience for the end users.

As part of its Mobile Customer Engagement Platform, A(P)ertain (, the company has have enhanced User Engagement of its partners’ Mobile Apps by increasing positive ratings & reviews through the smart rating prompts () & providing smart support using A(P)ertain In-App Support integration (

Current Market Landscape

The current market landscape is very positive and there is growth in every nook and corner of the eco-system. As the App Development market is going through a consolidation phase, having just an app is not going to cut it any longer. Just as web applications took over from static websites, one needs to be a Smart App in this Smartphone era. Every app needs to be taken into focus to know what type of user (User Persona) the app is targeting as well as what type of user if actually using the App.

Previously, these technologies were only used by big conglomerates such as Amazon to learn user behavior and identify how to exploit that to enhance their revenue stream. Now, these technologies are available to common app developers and can be used real-time as a pro-active measure rather than as a reactive measure.

Addressing the Challenges

The Indian market is always striving to serve its customers in better ways. It is fun to look-back and see what JKL has achieved during the past decade considering iPhone was announced just under a decade back. The company currently is at a little bit of cross-roads to choose User Experience and sustenance over other constraints. It is predominantly the wrong reasons which lead to take the right decisions. A path might boost the economy and business in the short-term and glorification of the app economy. But there is a path much more relevant and works towards the betterment of economy, society and the whole ecosystem for the longer term. Wise men will choose wisely and overcome these challenges.

At the outset itself, JKL has started to invest on User Experience and Customer Engagement as one of the primary goals of an App Design & Development. So, as a company, JKL is well tuned for the longer term goals of the company as well as the country. Team JKL is staunch supporter of Make in India policy which helps it to gain control in Apps developed by it. Its products are also integrated with various apps.


JKL develops native Android/iOS/Windows Phone Apps for its clients. The company has specific packages for Businesses who need CRM, Service Desk solutions as well. Its Online E-Store Platform for the web & mobile is catching up quite fast in the market.

Other than its services, the company also offers A(P)ertain () its Mobile Customer Engagement Platform which provides a set of Customer Engagement Tools for Mobile App Developers. These tools will cut the time to market Mobile Apps with the best-in-class Customer Engagement Tools.

Differentiating Factors

The following are the differentiating points of JKL’s services:

·         Focus on customer experience and how customer will interact with the app

·         Dedicated team in designing & developing the apps – JKL does not share developers across products, because products need laser point focus from its team

·         Having deployed world-class apps , JKL has an eye for detail when it comes to Quality of apps

·         Out-of-the-box tools to enhance customer experience and reduction of development time


·         E-con Systems Private Limited

·         Peacock India

·         MediaPoint

·         Hash Management Services LLP

·         Var Infonet Services Limited

Organizational Culture

Employees are the primary asset for any organization. JKL thinks their employees as participants in the grand success of the company. The company hires people for their attitude & perseverance rather than skill. Skill is learnt, attitude is in the DNA. JKL provides a flexi hour work culture, where it recommends employees to find their own comfort time zone to work on.

Harboring Innovation

Team JKL is collaborative in nature. When someone enjoys getting cricket score updates, the others chime in. Similarly, when one learns a new technique which gives better productivity, they just immediately share it with others around them. The company normally tends to hire fresh minds, such that it can inculcate this culture in their DNA as soon as possible. JKL’s  experienced hires are all tuned very much towards the same.

Go-to-Market Strategy

JKL’s  global marketing strategy involves a three pronged approach:

·         Reseller Channel

·         SEO/SEM & Content Marketing

·         Working with 3rd Party Contractors/Websites such as ContractIQ

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2012

2) Funding information: Bootstrapped                  

3) Founding members: Jayavasanthan J, Helen Joshi Rajammal M.P, Issac Precious Stephen.H

4) Office locations: Chennai

5) Company strength: <10

6) Website:,,