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About Us

Cumulations was founded in 2012 with the vision of providing quality mobile apps development services worldwide which categorized into Android & iOS.

The company believes in assured product delivery. Since its inception, Cumulations hasa track record of 100 percent delivery of their assignments. This continues to be at the core of Cumulations Technologies, driving them to develop market ready deliverable for the clients. Founders Madhu, Pradeep & Praveen have had immense experience in mobile app development ecosystem previously.

During the early 2015, Cumulations recognized IoT as the technology boom in the industry. Identifying this, the company took a smart move by embracing IoT mobile apps development as a new service. It was not so easy to adapt to new technology, since it demanded lots of hard work learning and deploying the same.

Current Market Landscape

Mobile app revolution began long ago and it seems to continue for many years.

A study reveals that 52 percent people use smartphones over desktop/laptops, out of that 89 percent user spend their mobile time on mobile apps. These stats indicate that businesses need to be there on mobile to satisfy their customers, retain them & grow the customer base.

When it comes to IoT, it is nothing but connecting objects or things via internet to make lives simpler. Mobile apps are an essential part of IoT which establishes a connection between hardware and software. More demand and less expertise in the area give birth to more ventures.

Addressing the Challenges

1. Cumulations started with identifying quality as the biggest challenge. Immediately, it digged more into what causes the bad quality apps and found out that it was the lack of passion towards app development. Cumulations is a team of experienced, smart, young & passionate developers who breathe coding.

2. There are many ventures working on mobile app development, but they are not expertise in IoT mobile apps development. Cumulations look forward to help them by providing IoT mobile apps development as a service. Since it has already worked on more than 10 IoT mobile apps, the company is thorough with the in and outs of IoT mobile app development ecosystem. It is also well‐versed with technologies like NFC, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth smart, Zigbee, Beacons/iBeacons and others.


·         Android apps development

·         iOS apps development

·         IoT apps development

·         Backend development for mobile apps

Differentiating Factors

Cumulations is a center of excellence for IoT Mobile apps development. This is the team of passionate, experienced developers and designers who love what they do. The team has lot of expertise in working with mobile apps which have external hardware interaction over different communication mediums and protocols. Cumulations’ understanding of the hardware world and building apps for those hardwares has been the biggest differentiating factor. The same has been reflected in its portfolio apps.


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·         Puma India

·         Macnica Americas

·         Libre Wireless

·         CommonFloor

·         Saranyu Technologies

·         BabaJobs

·         Davek NewYork

·         CarIO

·         Sensight Technologies

·         Brillance home automation

·         ToneTag

Organizational Culture

Cumulations has an open work culture with no restrictions. The company hires only the best in the class who have high problem solving and programming skills. It believes in flat model where each person is responsible for what he/she does. Hence the team has lot of ownership on what they do and this has given it better results. The employees are also free to explore new ideas and implement the same in their day to day work to bring in efficiency. Apart from this, the company also has flexible working hours which will increases employee productivity.

Harboring Innovation

Cumulations encourages employees to think independently in day‐to‐day job. This in turn transforms a developer into a leader. Cumulations is all about a team of people who are self motivated and the company leaves no stone unturned to boost their confidence by mentoring them with right thoughts. It conducts workshops on recent technologies and trending technologies to train their employees. CuTech Talks is an event by the company which aims to bring entrepreneurs, decision makers, techies, analysts, sales & marketing professions from different firms under one roof, where people talk and share their knowledge. This kind of initiatives make employees aware of new technologies, industry standards and an opportunity to improve themselves overall(professional and personal development).

The Roadmap Ahead

Cumulations is looking forward to make partnerships with OEMs, ODMs and IoT solution providers as their affiliated software partner for IoT apps and cloud. The company is currently focusing on Indian, Chinese OEMs and multinational companies in India. Also, it is expanding its marketing reach for mobile apps development to product owners and SMEs in North America.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2012

2) Funding information: Confidential

3) Founding members: Madhu V Swamy, Pradeep VR, Praveena

4) Office locations: Cumulations Technologies Pvt Ltd. No. 301, 3rd Floor, “Premier

Presidency”, 35/17-17, Langford Road, Bangalore- 560025, India

5) Company strength: Mobile App development for IoT & Wearables

6) Website: