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About the Company

Aquevix is a go to company where startups and small businesses go to get a good application developed with proper design principles and with high quality.

a. Aquevix believes in simplifying software development to yield better results.

b. Aquevix  has successfully partnered with numerous SMEs and startups and helped them grow by leveraging its technical expertise.

c. From mobile, web and cloud to futuristic projects for augmented reality, and wearable tech, Aquevix has a wide range of capabilities.

d. As of today, Aquevix has delivered in seven different time zones, four different continents and have developed 200+ mobile apps and websites.

Current Market Landscape

The current market is simply the first wave of mobile applications. It is adhoc, nascent and simply emerging. This is what Aquevix would describe as first wave of mobile technology. The second wave of mobile apps is beginning to emerge where governance, services and ecommerce is completely overtaken by mobile devices. The mobile device would become the primary means of transaction with any external entity be it financial, medical or related to person’s identity.

Addressing the Challenges

A lot of small businesses and startups are still unsure and unclear of the right way to leverage technology to succeed. They simply see mobile as an extension of web. This is completely wrong. Google has proven that this is mobile first world. Aquevix has adopted a smarter strategy than most to counter this.  The company design systems that are API centric so that they can cater to both web and mobile in a secure, high performant way. It has also built systems that enable rapid development at lower cost. Especially for startups, who Aquevix take a keen interest in and help plan, scope, scale, monetize, design and build their concepts from scratch.  The company provides cost effective and robust solutions to small businesses as well that can power up their growth.


Aquevix is a custom software development company. It specializes in app development for both mobile and web but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as its services are concerned. The company loves experimenting with the latest technologies and stay ahead of the curve. From API development services and cloud computing solutions to apps development for wearable tech, AR, VR and Brain Computer Interfacing, Aquevix has immense capabilities and offer a lot of services to that effect. Essentially, Aquevix believes that it is capable of building what the clients’ need.

Differentiating Factors

The differentiating factor of Aquevix’ services are a byproduct of its nag to challenge the status quo.

● Ahead of the curve with bleeding edge technologies

● Focus on cutting costs with right technology

● Rapid application development

● Providing all stacks of software development: Concept, Design, Implementation, Deployment, Maintenance

● Technical leadership

● Adaptable to customer needs

● Unorthodox approach to problem solving

● Integrating simplicity with effectiveness


Indian Clients

Overnite Express Ltd.

Mega Group

Shrilakshmi Group of Industries

A World Alike

BreatheEasy Labs

International (Aquevix has done projects for)

Humana Corp.

KFC (Yum Brands)



Zeus Inc

Organizational Culture

At an organization level, Aquevix focuses on technical excellence, believing that it can build anything and challenging every individual to build something they never thought was possible. The company’s approach to rapid learning empowers employees to understand and build complex systems with ease and to be able to understand and utilize concepts alien to most companies.

Harboring Innovation

 Aquevix follows a well structured process for:

● Acquainting its team with the absolute leading edge technologies in the world

● Training its team to work with best tools and techniques in the industry

● Facilitating cross platform & cross disciplinary skills development

● Motivating and challenging our employees to employ and perfect the best development approaches

Roadmap Ahead

Aquevix is in processing of opening offices in USA, UK and Singapore. The company plans to directly cater to these markets as these have a strong startup ecosystem and it finds a good alignment of needs.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding:  2006

2) Funding information:  N/A                    

3) Founding members:  Amit Jindal, Anup Jindal

4) Office locations:  Suite 8D, A-8, Bigjos Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi - 34, INDIA

5) Company strength:  Ability to build complex systems and help startups build technologies around their wishes.

6) Website: