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Nextlegal Services

Nextlegal Services

About the Company

Nextlegal Services was incorporated in 2009 by Adv Beena Pillai, who has above 18 years of experience in legal field. Nextlegal Services, which is located in Indiranagar, has an excellent team of lawyers and legal researchers who are well-versed in their subject matter and area.

Current Market Landscape

In any organization/ firm/ company its legal team is the most important in decision making. New start-ups are very keen on legal aspects including new ventures, intellectual property rights as well as for any new product they may develop in future. During recession and difficult economic times lawyers were/are the only surviving business/professional group in all parts of the world.

Addressing the Challenges

Pending cases before the courts which results in delayed hearings and judgements is the biggest challenge that is seen in the Indian Legal System. This may lead to unsatisfied clients who are looking for timely closers of their cases. Nextlegal Services ensure that there are no delays from its end and helps the client and system speed up the process as much it can by ensuring proper documentation and filling and following procedures.


Nextlegal practices corporate, property, Employment and Intellectual property law. The firm does both civil and criminal litigation, Corporate/Individual Legal Consultancy.

Differentiating Factors

Nexlegal has a very efficient and dedicated team of lawyers and research team who keep themselves up-to-date with the changing laws and various legal matters. The firm believes in quality over quantity and provides time bound services to its clients.


Nextlegal Services has individuals, corporates, Public Sector Undertakings included in its client list.

Organizational Culture

Nextlegal maintains a very good relation with its clients. The firm believes in working together as a team with where interaction and partnership is key point. It provides an open office culture. The members of the organization share its core beliefs and values of Attention to details, Professionalism and Efficiency.

Harboring Innovation

Nextlegal Services motivate its employees for continues devolvement and hold debates and discussions to help them evolve and innovate.