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Ipsaa Day Care

Ipsaa Day Care: The apt replacement to the Extended Family

Ipsaa is an initiative of Shri Ram new Horizons with Max Healthcare as our healthcare partner and Katha, Katkatha as our knowledge partners.
Day care abates the urban change that is taking place by filling in the shoes of the grandparents and other family members: "The time spent in Pre School in younger years is not a time to begin formal education. It is not a time for literacy; it is a time to deepen the emotional experiences and connections to life. It is the time to soak in habits for tomorrow," says Dr. Anju Khanna, Chief Mentor, ipsaa Day Care. Ipsaa Day Care, located in Gurgaon, is a joint venture with Shriram New Horizons Ltd. "At ipsaa we offer validated and expertise-driven programme followed by global standards of care giver ratio, health & hygiene. We have collaborated with leaders."
Family structures have sociologically evolved specially in the urban context and two income homes with both parents being working professionals seem to have become the norm this changing social fabric has raised questions about needs of children which still are for love - attention, care and family time, yet the dilemmas that one faces are: Who gives this much needed nurturance to children? Who takes care of children? Who are these people who are caregivers of a particular standard and how does society put a larger context to the very meaning of child care in a organized manner, where the child experiences their inner calm as it would be in a large family home as the older generation experienced andwithfondness reminiscences about, the memories of the ties when within the great joint family where one could share and cherish special moments that would stay within forever seem to be bygone and somewhere have only become part of our collective wish list , in these emerging realities and societal needs sensitive , caring and developmentally correct Day care centers can play a vital role in a child's development.
Day care centers need to be focused on the fundamental belief that the initial years of a child's growth are of the most significance period of growth - Ipsaa in this context follows its chief mentor Dr. Khannabelief that "Early childcare is a time for listening to children, not making them listen to adults. It is a time to hear and share with children instead of putting them infront of the television to eat the food or to watch cartoons, we need to allow young minds to engage, or experience growth".
She as a researcher lays emphasis that "if you give your child any sensorial exposure maybe soft instrumental music at early ages then his/her mathematical abilities improve greatly as the base is of calm for logical reasoning."
It is important to understand how a Day care functions before sending your child there to spend the major portion of the week. "An average day at ipsaa can vary from a child coming in for two hours to a child staying there from morning 8 to evening 8. At Ipsaa the first month is critical for transference of faith from the home to the care givers and they have a judicial system to understand what the child has done at home. "We have a system to understand the body cycle and timings of the child. The child cannot simply come and conform to another schedule. ipsaa Care givers are Mentor Mums, not maids and the average experience a Mentor Mums holds is 15 years. We focus on child enrichment, not just child care," says Dr. Khanna. Ipsaaunderstands the needs of the children and works around them. The parents are asked to fill out a form that helps them understand the daily life of the child being admitted. "The child may have a sleep need of 8 – 10 hours and we try to bring it closer to the patterns of the sun rise and sun set as ultimately the younger child has to be empowered to go to school and the older child has to be alert and mindful for school " explains Dr. Khanna.
The children call carefully selected mentors at ipsaa Mentor mums. The mentor mums –are child caregivers with integral education as a base along with skills of Montessoriand knowledge of child psychology they nurture each child to experience and grow in a secure environment .
For children age 6 months to 5 years "Our prepared environment is sensitive to the sensorial needs of children and each child is exposed to a rhythm that is based on all five windows of the senses for learning, there are opportunities for tactile, auditory, olfactory, gustatory and visual learning as part of the soothing environment this makes the child experience calm explore and get more enriched -this allows the magic within, to come out," says Dr. Khanna.
"For older children age 6 to 12 years the Habbas are -our spaces which are magic pots of offering skill development with community engagement and exploration with a group of playmates and adults where offerings of the Hubba are in areas of classical dance, art, theater, puppetry, pottery,baking, book reading, film viewing on special weekends-These engagements provide opportunities for self-growth, joyful engagement and scope for creativity through which the magic of the self unfolds.
Ipsaa places a lot of emphasis on the child learning through experiencing,as this is how most of the developments take place at the early stages. "We do not tell children what to do, we show it to them, we participate with them" says Dr Khanna. "We do not have one glove fit all policy we observe children for the first few weeks and gradually build in an individual program for them. We also have an optional pick up and drop facility under the care and supervision of our mentor mums."
IPSAA is also a knowledge partner for Katha, to encourage children to read more and write their own stories; Kat Katha, which facilitates the magical world of puppets and the day care, is also associated with Shri ram new horizons brand which manages prestigious brands of institutions. The day care is also tied up with Max Healthcare which enables them to meet global standards pertaining to safety and healthcare. Ipsaa truly is a safe haven for kids and the apt replacement for the extended joint family.
Ipsaa empowers you as a parent to get back to a productive work life while taking care of your children just the way you would, by operating from 8 am to 8 pm and are open 6 days a week, 365 days a year, even during the holiday seasons.


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