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Murthy Immigration Services

Murthy Immigration Services

About us

Murthy Immigration Services, Pvt. Ltd. (MISPL) was incepted in 2004 to help those in India with their dream of visiting, studying, working or living in the US by guiding them through the legal process and to provide assistance in consular matters relating to U.S. Immigration Law and US Citizenship services. MISPL is the only law firm / immigration service in India that is affiliated with the renowned and highly respected Murthy Law Firm in the USA. MISPL is headed by attorney Senthil Kumar and joined by two other knowledgeable and capable attorneys – Gnanamookan K.S. and Veena Vijay Ananth with full support staff. The company caters to both corporates and individuals.

MISPL thoroughly understands the requirements of each company / individual and offers advice on the most appropriate category of visa. They also educate the applicant on the nuances of the application process, what the law expects and rights and obligations of each applicant once visa is issued. Erroneous response to a simple "Yes" or "No" question on the visa application form or interview could lead to a permanent ineligibility. MISPL ensures that the applicants provides honest and accurate information and maximize possibility of a successful application. For B1, H1B and L cases, the company helps applicants to present the facts clearly and unambiguously to help in the issuance of visa.

What makes MISPL stand out in the crowd is their direct access to the very knowledgeable attorneys at the prestigious Murthy Law Firm in the USA. Attorney Senthil has been exclusively practicing U.S. Immigration law for over 14 years now. The firm focuses only on consular matters relating to U.S. immigration law. MISPL believes that the combined and focused knowledge their attorneys have, along with the high professional ethics, honesty and empathy with clients and providing out of the box solution sets them apart.

MISPL's business has grown by word-of-mouth. Most of their new clients are through referrals from old clients. A majority of the cases they handle would have several prior visa refusals or complication. The "Clients' Speak" section on MISPL'S website is a testimony to their commitment to work and high ethical practice they follow. As for the growth, the firm has added more attorneys, paralegals and office staff. They have also moved into handling cases from the satellite offices in Hyderabad and Mumbai.

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MISPL assists U.S. visa applicants through their offices in Chennai, Hyderabad and Mumbai with consular matters relating to U.S. Immigration law. In the near future, the company looks forward to establish their satellite presence in all the metros which house U.S. Embassy / Consulate(s) in India.