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TeamLease Services Private Limited.

TeamLease Services Private Limited.
About us

Established in 2002, TeamLease Services Private Ltd is India's largest and foremost people supply chain and HR Services CompanyTeamLease providing its corporate clients a one stop solution for all their staffing and HR requirements. Headquartered in Bangalore with a national footprint, TeamLease has deployed more than 95,000 employees across more than 1200 locations between 2200 Corporate Clients in BFSI, FMCG and Consumer Durables, Retail, Telecom, IT, BPO and ITES, Automobiles, Services, Manufacturing, Engineering and several other sectors. TeamLease has presence in 8 cities across the country, namely, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune.

Our USP is 100% compliance which is a tough ask in flexi-staffing business. We achieved this by building a national team capable of ensuring compliance at any location throughout India. Impressed by our single minded focus on Compliance, our Client's demanded that we take care of their Labor Compliances as well. TeamLease Regulatory Consulting Practice Group evolved from the trust our Clients placed on our ability to ensure 100% compliance.

TeamLease Regulatory Consulting Group ensures that organizations can focus their entire resources into building their core business without worrying they may fall foul of labor regulations. We provide end-to-end labor compliance solutions designed to ensure that your organization is adequately licensed and registered, displays all relevant extracts, maintains the data in the format required, remittances and returns are paid/filed on time and assist you during inspections. We also our Clients in obtaining specialized permissions like Electronic Record Maintenance, 365 days Opening and Women Working Night permissions depending on the location of your business.
1200 Core

From humble beginnings, we are today servicing nearly 100 large compliance clients. In the years 2008, 2009 and 2011, the focus was majorly on Education & Employability and applied for NETAP (National Employability through Apprenticeship Program), acquired IIJT and signed the MoU for TeamLease Skills University (TLSU) in Gujarat respectively. This set in motion the larger mission of the company of 'Putting India to Work' by focusing on its vision of the 3 Es – Employment, Employability and Education. 2014 – NETAP has been rolled out and TLSU is operational in Vadodara. The company currently has 95,000 associates across the country and has till date hired 1.5 million kids with an aim to hire millions more. As one of the largest remitters of statutory dues in the country, we contribute nearly 2% of India's ESI and have been given twice a Samman Patra by the Finance Ministry for maintaining the highest levels of compliance levels with regard to Direct and Indirect Taxes. TeamLease is also the first Staffing Company allowed by the RPFC to have its own PF trust. Our PF trust has more than 2 lakh subscribers; making it one of the largest in the private sector. In addition to this, the Regulatory Insider our Monthly compliance bulletin is another feather in our cap with a base of around 20,000 happy readers.

Depending on the Sector and Industry type, pain points can be broadly categorized into four:
  • Licensing/ registrations: Organizations need to ensure that appropriate licenses and registrations (eg. Shops & Commercial Establishment or Factory License, ESIC, PF, PT, Contract Labor Registrations etc.) are obtained within legally mandated time-lines at inception and duly renewed during the course of business.
  • Displays/Registers/remittances:
    • In today's connected world it may be hard to believe, but if an organization is not displaying certain acts and extracts in a 'prominent location', it is non-compliant. This is one compliance cogs unwittingly missed by most organizations – while authorities frequently issue notices for this non-compliance, it is one of the easiest to quickly comply with.
    • Different states have different register format and the number of registers required to be maintained by each organization under various labor regulations in India boggles the mind.
    • Many regulations, for e.g., those relating to ESIC, PF and PT mandate payment of statutory dues to respective authority within specific time-frames. Delay in payment is sure to result in penal action like fines, interest, penalties and in some cases even jail time!
  • Returns: Various acts prescribe quarterly, bi-annual or annual returns (where specific data is required to be submitted to Authorities). Again, delay or deficiency means penal action
  • Inspections: It's never a happy occasion when a Labor, ESIC or PF Inspector walks into one's office and demand that you show documents unless one are prepared with the data, have an effective plan in place to deal with such situations in a calm and graceful manner. Needless to add, if the Inspector issues a Visit Report or a show cause notice, it is important to ensure that requested data or documents are produced before the authority on time and the matter is recorded as closed.
Fast growing organizations concentrating on business growth will certainly look at our labor compliance regime as a laborious, onerous task with zero return.

a) National Footprint: TeamLease Regulatory Consulting Group operates from 12 cities and can provide you services wherever you are located in India. For a geographically spread business, we offer you a consolidated Monthly MIS – for a time-strapped executive, our face-sheet with give you a snap-shot executive level summary of your organization's degree of compliance across the Country, with granular details captured separately in the report;

b) Regulatory Life Cycle System: Our proprietary end-to-end Labor Compliance Management software that will create, maintain, track and update each and every facet and detail of your organizations compliance activities. Each Client is provided with a password protected Client Portal for real time update on compliance activities as well as a repository of the documents and data.

c) Cost: Our products are designed to be fully customizable which helps you in ensuring that you get what you paid for, and that you don't pay for bloat-ware.

We strongly believe in our tagline 'Putting India to work' and have always worked towards it. The major handicap of Indian job market is employability and the archaic labour laws. At TeamLease we are trying to resolve unemployability and employment issue through various initiatives like the setting of an exclusive University focused on vocational Education- TeamLease Skill University, active PPP model partnerships under with different state governments to revamp the employment exchanges and so on. Further, on the regulatory front we are working very closely with State as well as central governments in and have been proposing for changes in public policy. In a nutshell, we hold our principles strong and intend to make India 100% job ready over the years to come.

We also believe that technology plays an important role in ensuring scalability, consistency and national operations. Therefore our focus is as much on improvement of business processes, employee training and re-skilling; and ensuring continuous and cutting edge technology enhancements. This enables us to achieve greater levels of business efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.