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About us

SandRiver is a Software Solutions and Services company based in Mumbai and Pune, catering to needs of our customers across the globe. At SandRiver we value our relationships with our customers more than any other aspect. SandRiver was incepted with a vision to develop innovative products which are simple but yet to be rolled out for mass.

Besides other software tools and processes for compliances, At SandRiver we have developed our innovative solutionPatrolWatch, which can ensure proactive security compliance tracking and threat analysis ensuring any physical security compliances violated are taken up proactively and not wait for things to fail and then respond.

2005:- Incepted as a Partnership Company
2008:- Transformedbusiness to Private Limited Company
2009:- Best Marketing Company awarded at ITEXPO Pune
2010:- Launched Mumbai Meter and Pune Meter applications for social benefits
2012:- Certified as ISO 9001-2008, Rated as SE3A by Onicra, NSIC, SSI and DUNS registration
2013:- Initiated products division and our product PatrolWatch for one of the security compliance
2014:- Certified as CMMi Level 3 company

Lack of Tools, Equipments,Systems, Awareness and Adaptability, have been major pain points when dealing with compliances for our customers. Besides this the human element of the ecosystem is one of the most important vulnerable to compliances.

Our products focus more on proactive angle for compliances rather than reactive or periodic compliances.PatrolWatchsolution ensures no changes impact in your existing infrastructure and very cost effective solution to have security compliance and tracking in place. It enables customers to have their Process IP maintained and yet use a configurable solution that sets international standards for security and tracking compliances. The results can be accessed anywhere in the world over SmartPhones/Website. The Equipments to be used are so simple to use that even an uneducated person can use it with ease and without any training overheads.

In years to come we see ourselves focusing on
1) Products space catering to compliances in Hospitality, ATM's and Plants
2) Mobility and Cloud
3) IOT and Analytics