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Grid Logic Software

Grid Logic Software
About us

Grid Logic Software provides products and services for businesses in gaming. Games, Technology, Marketing, Operations along with ePayments are the key areas of experience which have got us success.

We developour own games, platforms and also outsource other development. Some games are long-term favorites of our audience in different parts of the world and we are always working hard to make them available on different channels. Our success comes from a lot of commitment, dedication and innovation.

I always had a passion for online gaming. After my engineering degree in Information Technology, Idid an internship with a gaming company in the UK. Then I set up this company which provides services to online gaming companies. The vision and the plans were to be a one stop solution for all your gaming needs. I started this singlehandedly; then my friend Harish Beeram joined me. Today we have more than 25 people working with us from 3 different facilities in India."

Grid Logic's platform eGame Control System supports online games like bingo, poker, rummy, casino and others. As we have hands on experience on the marketing and the operations front, it made our lives easier to design and develop all our products.

The most important factor is that our assets and games are loved by players and they return to take their next dose of entertainment. That's the key factor on which our success stood.


The first milestone was when we launched our product and games real time in 2010 and then we had many in every stage of the company. Another remarkable milestone which we are proud of is launching on our home turf and becoming India's first ever platform powered by Artificial Intelligence.

This was a much needed and highly appreciated innovation, which got us a decent market share even after being a late entrant, it set us as a premium brand.

We did have some difficulties, however I have always worked with experts who have guided us properly. This wasn't a hard phase actually, this stage contributed to our learnings.

We have always focused on "Innovation, Security & Automation" which happens to be our tag line, and have done proper research to implement them.

May it be games, platforms or services, we made sure innovation was added to it and hence our user interface and user experience is rated the best across the industry.

The future vision aligns with the roadmap and we are committed to become a one stop solution for all gaming needs. In the next 3 years we hope to take our footprints to different countries with a greater variety of games and services on our platform.