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Compliance Infotech

Compliance Infotech
About us

Compliance Infotech is a leading provider of legal & regulatory compliance management Software, named Comply49© to monitor and update compliance data to meet ever changing compliance requirements and to keep its clients up to date with legal and regulatory compliance with continually increasing compliance requirements and thus keeps its clients safe and secure from substantial fines, penal actions, negative publicity and business restrictions.

The clients of the firm include leading industries and Public Sector Undertakings including Maharatna and Navaratna companies.

  • Legal Compliance Management system of Comply49© ensures compliance of all the applicable laws and regulations which results in high level of compliance across the organization and results in good governance with a proactive approach and a sense of responsibility and accountability within the organization.
  • Comply49© is essential for Corporate Governance which protects the interest of the directors, officers of the company, customers, employees and investors. It also helps in eliminating risk of unwarranted legal actions by the law-enforcing agencies and ensures better risk management, avoids prosecution for late filing of returns, de-listing, increased public disclosures an

Compliance Infotech is a pioneer legal & regulatory compliance management software solution provider in India. Providing unparalleled experience, comprehensive legal and regulatory solutions across multiple industries and business functions, and extensive research on the Indian laws and regulations. The Compliance Infotech collaborates with most successful companies to help them become compliant with laws and regulations in India.

  • Number of applicable rules/laws is becoming more complex and technical.
  • New laws are continually increasing and thus, the numbers of rules/laws we need to test continuously expand.
  • Increased scrutiny of industries by regulators and law enforcement agencies.
  • Substantial fines, enforcement actions, negative publicity, business restrictions and/or suspensions are commonplace.
  • Business and regulatory conditions require increased Compliance activity and focus on reputational risk issues.
  • Global business conditions require products must meet a variety of regulatory requirements to ensure that they are Legally Compliant.
  • International retail chains that source from India insist that vendors produce a certificate of compliance.
Compliance Infotech has reached greater heights in providing legal and regulatory compliance management solutions and designed Comply49©, a comprehensive Web based Compliance Management System with online data and regular updates with advanced facilities for e-filling, e-reporting, auto updating of laws, compliance calendar, pop-up reminders, status updates with references to all the applicable Acts/Rules/Regulations/Guidelines, Forms and Checklists developed by a highly qualified, skilled and experienced team of legal and technical experts for the first time in India.
Helping companies to attain and sustain legal and regulatory compliance year after year
by providing a solid foundation to support to streamline compliance process to smoothly manage industry through legal compliance and detecting lapse and latches in the compliance process and thus runs as a background risk surveillant.