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Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd

Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd

About the Company

Unistal is a venture started by Mr. Alok Gupta (Managing Director) & Pankaj Mathur (Director) in 1994. As a startup in 1994, Unistal had released solutions for preventing data loss (Crash Proof) when the industry was worrying about ways and means of removing viruses. Since then and 45 products later, Unistal is still innovating the data care process so as to better the user satisfaction and experience. Unistal’s robust data recovery software tools rose in popularity and “Quick Recovery” has retained among top 3 world rankings for 10 years now.

Current Market Landscape

 Data is the most crucial and critical part of any computer system. No individual or organization can ever risk with their critical data. But sometimes things don’t go like as planned. In those cases, Unistal has the most qualifies professionals who have sorted out more than 125K data recovery cases and counting. Companies (small or big) are very concerned about their confidential & critical data and they are very quick in getting data recovery services in case of any failure.

Unistal better understand that for an individual, the images which people keep in their computer system are not just data but memories which they never want to lose in any case. The firm makes sure that in case of any hardware failure (Logical or physical), the memories which are kept in system are fully recovered.

Addressing the Challenges

 When Unistal was in its initial stage of data recovery services, there was not much awareness among the companies & individual people of the concept of data recovery services for in India. The company took up this challenge and with the help of experienced data recovery professional built up good reputation in the field of data recovery in India. Their marketing efforts and strong customer support helped them to overcome that challenge.

The biggest challenge foreseen in India is that people approach non-organized sector for their data recovery needs. The consequence of this is further damage to the storage hardware that when they approach us for data recovery, the storage usually reaches the condition of permanent data loss and we are unable to help them out. Unisstal is trying to educate the individuals that they should approach organized sectors like Unistal for their data recovery needs.


 Unistal’s Quick Recovery has the world’s largest Range of products which includes data recovery, Server Recovery including Raid servers, File Repairing, email repairing/ recovery, email conversion/ migration and data recovery software for other media like CD’s, Data Card etc. Quick Recovery products cover operating systems like Windows, Linux, Novell, UNIX and Macintosh with email recovery/repairing solutions for MS Outlook, MS exchange, Lotus Dominos, Outlook Express etc. Unistal is amongst the top that provide such a big range of quick recovery products.

Differentiating Factors

Unistal understands the fact that challenges are likely to grow in near future with more complexity coming up. But they are ready as always and committed to upstage anything that is categorized as data recovery. The company is dedicated to enhance its performance by implementing itsexpertise of this phenomenal field to deliver unparalleled value and innovation all around the world.

Unistal is among the few companies who provide RAID server data recovery and with 45+ products including data recovery, file recovery, database recovery & Email recovery.  Unistal has a world class data recovery lab and experienced data recovery & research specialists who personally recover data from any kind of media, desktop, laptop and servers.


Unistal’s client in government sector includes Prime Minister’s Office, ISRO, NIC, etc. Our Corporate clients include ADANI, TATA, Hero Motocorp, KPMG, etc. Unistal’s OEM clients include HCL, Dell, Wipro, ACER India, amongst others.

Organizational Culture

Unistal’s culture is a mixture of transparency, meritocracy, open environment and flexibility. The firm involves its employees in decision making. As a company, Unistal follow the “motto of work with fun”. Unistal is against micro management policy and have given enough space to them to enjoy their work. Productivity can come only when employees are motivated and happy.

Harboring Innovation

  • Friday fun activity
  • Talent hunt
  • Bring your kids to office for one day
  • Decorate your work station
  • Potluck, Outing, Sponsoring Annual holiday
  • Celebrating every festival
  • Wish Box-for employees to put their wish in the box about the change they want to see.
  • Go green-by placing small plants in work station
  • Bakery and cooking competition

Global Strategy

Unistal has branches of data recovery centers in Delhi & Mumbai. But Unistal has setup various data recovery centers with various partners around the country. The company is trying to provide strong customer support to the individuals and organization in the country. Talking about global strategy, Unistal has authorized data recovery partners around the globe apart from Middle East countries.

Quick Facts

·         Year of founding: 1994

·         Funding information: Self-Funding

·         Founding members: 

ALOK GUPTA - Managing Director

·          Office locations:

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.                                                               

408 Siddharth Building,

96 Nehru Place,

New Delhi - 110 019, India.

Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd.

C-20 Sector-65,

Noida 201301,


·         Company strength: 200+( Group Strength)

·         Website: