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Redwood Associates

Redwood Associates

Redwood Associates

About the Company

Redwood Associates is an Analytics firm, committed to developing intellectual property that helps Individuals and organizations to make smarter decisions, effortlessly. Analytics Training Institute (ATI), the educational arm of Redwood Associates, is a pioneer in personal analytics education and has trained more than 20,000 individuals and over 300 organizations since its inception in 2007. Aiming to demystify the world of numbers & analytics, ATI brings together industry experts and analytics enthusiasts to create a set of world class programs that empower individuals and organizations at large.

Redwood Associates envisages that the demand for Analytics education is going to increase significantly. The reason for this is a no brainer.. The scope of data analytics and its growth rate are already at unprecedented levels, far surpassing even aggressive estimates. Also, it’s not a fad or a bubble that can get busted because analytics is now a part of life be it professional, technological or even personal.

Addressing the Challenges

One of the main challenges in India, which has been persistent for a while, is not analyzing and incorporating data for decision making. In other words, a data driven culture is still in its infancy in India. Fortunately, the reversal of this trend is gaining momentum and that is where the company plans to establish their traction.

Another major issue is that organizations, especially SMEs, face a dearth of analytics solutions which are accessible and achievable. Redwood Associates offers Analytics Training to inculcate an analytical mindset in the organization and highly customized course content, along with real life case studies across myriad domains that will enable them to deploy analytics in every possible scenario.

Redwood staunchly believes that Analytics is a continuous journey, not a one stop destination that is the hallmark of other courses. The company covers the entire gamut of beginner to advanced lessons that anybody can benefit from and students, once enrolled, become students for life, allowing them to retake any course any number of times.

Through their consulting business, the company offers Digital Analytics Solutions that will catalyze growth by reducing cost of acquisition of customers, especially for SMEs that don’t have the bandwidth to engage with analytics.


Redwood Associates offers Digital Analytics Solutions by partnering with organizations to help them grow their business. With expertise in marketing analytics, it covers the entire gamut of services required, from UI/UX to Social Media Marketing to Dashboards and more, to help businesses, specifically in the SME segment, grow their customer base and augment revenues.

Through its learning initiative (ATI), it disseminates analytics knowledge under various formats like classroom training, corporate training, online courses through Udemy ( and their newly launched revolutionary venture ATI Live, which is a real-time interactive analytics course that anyone across the globe can enroll in and learn from the comfort of his or her home.

In keeping with their vision to make Analytics work for everyone, Redwood works on creating products that help simplify decision making. The company’s first product,, is in the space of hiring, wherein they have developed algorithms that can help organizations find the right people for them, from factors that are not found in a typical resume. Since inception, the company has been fortunate to have partnered with some amazing organizations and people, in the areas of education, team support, algorithm and product design.

Differentiating Factors

Redwoods’ biggest strength lies in the fact that it engages in Analytics only and all the services are built upon a robust analytical foundation. Apart from this, there are some significant attributes that also make its services one of a kind.

The company’s Digital Analytics Solution has been developed in-house after months of extensive tweaking in order to create a product that works across varied domains. Its strong but flexible framework can be customized to an organization’s needs, yielding insights that are unique to it.

All the training content has been conceptualized and created in house. Redwood relies on research and feedback from experts in analytics and those who have taken their courses to devise the type of language, presentation, exercises and case studies that works best. Based on conceptual understanding, the teaching methodology that Redwood follows is TEPT or Theory, Exercise, Practice, Test. The company has also introduced different modes of

Instruction, from Classroom Training to Online to their newly launched Real Time training, ATI Live, which is unique and right at the cutting edge of technology.

Over the years, Redwood has created a unique eco structure where analytics enchanted people engage and network in both real and virtual space. Networking today is of paramount importance and Redwood’s LinkedIn group, Analytics For All  has around 4500 followers which always keeps the action alive.


Till date, Redwood has partnered with numerous Fortune 500 organizations and in just few years the company has transformed itself from merely being a Training Provider to Strategic Value Enhancer.

Organizational Culture

The work, relationships and culture at Redwood is centered around the Redwood Code. The company is not just passionate about simplifying decision making but also is active in creating an ethical organization that is sincere to both its clients and its people.  The Redwood team comprises of bright & dedicated Analysts, Trainers, Designers, Economists, Marketers & Developers, all driven to educate, innovate and empower.

As a diverse group of individuals working together to build analytics solutions which influence and impact the world together, team Redwood is capable of bringing the power of analytics to the mind space of every individual. The company invests heavily not just in technology, design and research but also in its people.

Harboring Innovation

The organization’s recruitment strategy ensures that employees have disparate backgrounds and each one brings something new to the table, engendering innovation.

Redwood looks beyond the confines of a CV. Instead the company looks for shared vision, ambition, drive, passion, interesting quirks, interests, courage and a desire for excellence.

The team at Redwood is tech savvy, has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and are never shy of experimenting, improvising or innovating.

The Roadmap Ahead

In the years to come, Redwood plans to bring out Analytics out of an exclusive realm and make it affordable, accessible and effective for any individual or organization. The company’s training solutions are geared towards instilling a Data Analytics mindset while the Analytics Consultancy solutions are focused on helping organizations realize the true potential of Analytics, by applying their proprietary Digital Analytics solutions that reduce cost of acquisition and fuel growth.

On a global scenario, Redwood disseminates their knowledge by means of their cutting edge online courses on Udemy as well as their newly launched venture, ATI Live that offers a unique, real time & interactive course that anybody across the globe can subscribe to and learn Analytics right from their couch while experiencing all the benefits of a real classroom session.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 2007

2) Funding information: Internal accruals.

3) Founding members: Gautam Munshi

4) Office locations: 88, 1st Floor, KK Centre, Jyothi Nivas College Road Industrial Layout, 5th Block,

Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 095

5) Company strength: Pioneers & leaders of Analytics Training in the country with a large &

loyal client base. Engages only with Analytics and provides digital analytics & consultancy to a plethora of organizations across various domains. Has created a large analytics ecosystem encompassing both real & virtual media where analytics professionals, students and organizations participate, network and grow, propelled by their shared interest in Analytics.

6) Website: