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We have more than 5 million members in siliconindia community. Some of the members are :
Yadu Kulkarni
Manager - Inside Sales,
Dad:Mech Engg from COEP. Started career at Telco, Set up own factory at 23 yrs. Now retired, does day tradi... more>>
Garima  Saxena
System Analyst,
I am a System Analyst in Infosys Technologies Limited. My work is totally related with sofware. I am workin... more>>
Satyadarshini Sharma
I have enjoyed my time in the corporate world constantly focusing on personal and ... more>>
Sumana Khan
Brought up in a nuclear family, I am the only daughter of my parents. I have a you... more>>
Prinsa Verma
• Planning, scheduling and execution of propellant formulation trials, with quality and safety bench marks, w.r.t critical ingredients. • Study by assorted t... more>>
Yasmin Elias
Employed as a teacher full time and an aspiring writer,
i come from a conservative, educated and strong Islamic background. I am a single parent blessed ... more>>
Deepali Bagati
Senior Advisor, Catalyst Inc. India Human Resources,
I was born and raised in India, and completed my Masters in Social Work from Delhi University bef... more>>
Dr Payal Keswarpu
Principal Scientist, Philips
Payal currently works as Principal Scientist in the Corporate Research division of Philips in Ban... more>>
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