Game designer as career and its future prospects

By Arijit Bhattacharya
Arijit Bhattacharya
C.E.O & Founder - Virtualinfocom
To be a game designer one must have knowledge on Drawing and he must have a thinking process which is unnatural. To learn how to develop games one must be well versed with game development along with game design, game design is not about multimedia software like 3D software or 2D software , it's a skill-set .

Gaming in a flat view this field is divided into four parts :-

Game Development (Requires Logic and Art )
Game Design (Requires Art and Skill-set of visualization)
Game Art ( Need excellent visualization and Drawing Skill set as well as color concepts )
Game Testing ( need logic and efforts )

So to make a career in gaming Industry one has to have :-

Drawing skill set
Strong interpersonal and written communication ability
Organization teamwork
Analytical mind
leadership skills
Time-management skills
Updated knowledge of the history and trends of video game

What are its prospects in the next five years :-

The prospects are huge, now-a-days gaming is coming like anything .There are lot of scope over here like Gaming is now used at Bank’s, for marketing, for education, to improve the IQ etc .Mobile gaming, i-Phone Gaming and Social Gaming is the next gen future .One can start his or her career as a gaming artist, game developer, game taster, game de-coder, porting etc. Another type of gaming is coming with lot of scope, X-Box, Nintendo and Simulation Games.

What kind of qualifications and experience do aspirants require to enter the sphere?

Age is no bar to start a career in games but for qualifications, one may start learning game designing after 10th Exam .I know a game developer how is just 14 years of age.

Why is gaming gaining so much popularity amongst the youth?

Not only youth gaming is popular to old age people too. People fell relaxed when they play games , the game is a kind of challenge to them as well as they become addicted to the games as it improves the IQ level of any person .It's a proven fact .It show's the inner beauty of a person , while playing games like cityville or firmville you shall see the kind of person you are , how you develop your own firm or city .Can you manage the fund or can you manage the Strategy .

Why Individual shall go for it ?

Lot of scope is there, regarding entrepreneurship the opportunity is huge , one can start from anywhere in the world on game development .There are lot of scope for freelancing also but these people are very few .
  Regarding the jobs, there are lot of gaming companies in India , specially in Mobile gaming and social media gaming , and the gap is huge as there is a Darth in game designers or developers .In next few years there will be lot of demand for game developers , game art people and proper game designers There are institutes who only teaches multimedia and modeling not gaming or related things . Only virtualinfocom do provide the industry related training as we do have our own game development production unit.
People who have the passion for art and gaming they can take this as a profession.
The good and bad points of being in this career according to me:
Good Point :-

Passion and Profession are same
Good payment
Easily you can get name and fame
Gives you 360 degree knowledge on IT and Arts both

Bad Point :-

Tight Schedule
Longer time of work 

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1: hello everyone,
Dear apologies if i am wasting your time but like everyone is saying they want to become a game designer, i have the same feelings, i just got promoted and am currently in 12th standard, i have taken computer applications i have a little knowledge about java, c, programming, but need to polish them which i am doing, i have a good teamwork quality, i am good at drawing and also a quick learner, may i have some information or suggestion for becoming a game designer and how if i improve i can work abroad? Qualifications, requirements, courses which i should take. thank you and my name is Saurav Subba from Darjeeling hope you will reply me soon if possible and Mr.Bhattacharya's opinion was very inspiring, Have a good day sir.
Posted by: saurav subba - 11:26 PM Feb 19, ' 15
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2: hi i am Tej .i want to be a game developer.i am still in class 10th[2014-2015] & after 10th. i think i should take diploma in computer what do you think
Posted by: tej pratap - 12:28 AM Feb 19, ' 15
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3: hi sir i am sanket. I am completing my 10th. I want to do job in game testing or game what I can do after 10th. plz reply.
Posted by: sanket more - 09:42 PM Feb 17, ' 15
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4: Hello sir,
I am Mridul Baid and I am in 10th standard. I wanted to know that which stream I should select so that after 12th I can pursue the course for game designing or developing.
Posted by: Mridul - 06:41 PM Feb 06, ' 15
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5: Hello sir,
I'm rishwanth from cuddalore,tamil nadu. I'm well intrested in playing games also i'm intersted in developing games. I offen used to develop some games features like vice city,wwe,etc,.Now i'm studying 11th std in cuddalore.I have the ambition to become a game designer from childhood age. suggest me the courses needed to achieve it. suggest me some tips to achieve it.It may be a very good help for me. Game designing is not a bed of roses.
Posted by: Rishwanth.j - 02:27 PM Jan 03, ' 15
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6: sir,(just read it once)
My name is Abhishek I am from New Delhi,I am interested in computer games, I don't know much about software's but had experienced every type of games, my drawing skill is perfect(characters,scene) and thinking as well which is unnatural according to u.
so sir what do i start preparing from now and which stream/course i choose in 11th please suggest me.
Posted by: Abhishek kumar - 10:30 AM Jan 03, ' 15
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7: Sir i am a class 12 th student and i want to persue a career in game development.Everyone is suggesting me to to Bachelor in Technology with computer science but is it really worth it?Are there proffesional bachelor degrees for gaming in india?I found an institute which offers that-Backstage game development,Hyedarabad.Please let me know
Posted by: Ishan Srivastava - 09:53 PM Dec 29, ' 14
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8: hi sir I am mast sanket dhole from maharastra(wardha)I am going to complete my 10 what should i do which collage is best for me Becoz i want to start my career in gaming after 10 what should i do for that ................?
Posted by: sanket dhole - 08:44 PM Dec 22, ' 14
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9: Hi sir ..iam sai from chennai...I hav completed my 12th doing my be degree..cse..1st yr...I play a lot of games ...but im nt so good at drawing...I played all the latest games...uptodate...nd understand the game concepts...though I hate programming...wat shud I do to earn a gaming career..
Posted by: sai - 03:36 PM Dec 20, ' 14
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10: hyy sir, i am btech IT student.i am very much interested in gaming. i hav a basic knowledge of c,java,html. i am not that much gud at drawing.what courses shud i persue?what are the best institutes?
Posted by: malathi - 04:23 PM Dec 14, ' 14
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11: hello sir,
i am akshay ,i am currently doing from electrical and electronics engineering and i want to go in game designing so what i have to do?plzz suggest something
Posted by: akshay - 09:41 AM Nov 19, ' 14
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12: hello sir,
i am abhishek, i have passed my 12 and want to do game designing can you suggest me some respected institutes in india who provide this course
Posted by: abhishek - 03:23 PM Oct 20, ' 14
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13:Hello, Abhishek
First of all I wanted to know that what you have done till now in this gaming field means have you created some games like 2-D & 3-D ?
If you wanted to make carrier in the gaming stream then you should first learn about animation & art.
To make an creative and awesomeness game you should go for 3Dx Max and MAYA, Mudbox and Z-brush.
first be professional in this field then go to make your carrier in gaming field. these software are most important to make a game.
Now go for your carrier GOD BLESS YOU
 Himanshu Verma replied to: abhishek 
 post - 03:55 PM Nov 08, ' 14
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14: sir i am ankit from jalgaon in maharashtra sir i am in 12 now and i like games very much and animes.vfx too but i do have any special skill like drawings but i can imagine things very fast i have a dream to get a job in marvel studios in america or in tv tokyo japan so i have a request for u to tell me wat should i do after 12th
Posted by: ankit  - 06:49 PM Oct 19, ' 14
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15: hello,im shreyash from ngp and now im in 12th.and after 12th i decided to ba a game designer because iwould like to create an unimaginable game for the world ever play so can someone help me.after 12th what can i do for GD such courses......
Posted by: shreyash shahu - 09:06 PM Sep 28, ' 14
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16: Hello, iam Rahul, and i am a diploma in computer software holder. I would like to joining in game making section. is that a good option? what is the scop of game designer? please help me..
Posted by: Rahul c - 02:42 PM Sep 20, ' 14
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17: hi this is sathyaraj from banglore. i completed my IT ...just now..i hate coding ...but i love cartoons and animation i like to change my field to gaming design...what can i do now ....plz advice me and then i am a creative person .....plz plz reply soon.....
Posted by: sathyaraj - 08:59 PM Jul 03, ' 14
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18: Hi this is Ankit from Banglore. I want to know that i can learn game designing even if i turn 28 years or 25 years old.
Posted by: Ankit  - 03:08 PM Jun 16, ' 14
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19:hey Education doesn't require age.
my self lokesh
and am of 18 right now..
you can just go online get some tutrials..
 lokesh replied to: Ankit  
 post - 12:15 PM Jun 19, ' 14
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20:Sorry my email id is Posted mistakely the wrong email. Id.
 Ankit  replied to: Ankit  
 post - 03:11 PM Jun 16, ' 14
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21: Hello Sir,
I have just completed my 10 with good marks and I am willing to be a game designer in the future. I can make small animations, 3d models, and also I can do editing in Photoshop, I am also good in drawings and I have got a lot of ideas.
So Sir for being a game designer what should I do.
Please guide me sir.
Posted by: Aihasas Yadu - 03:59 PM Jun 06, ' 14
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22:Hey I was searching for someone like you and like me so I also whish to be a game developer pls send me your information of ur age class board and knowledge on games and next i will be guieding you and some Images of your simple 3d modles.
 Kuldeep Sharma replied to: Aihasas Yadu 
 post - 01:11 PM Jul 25, ' 14
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23: Hello sir.. I am studying in std 11th currently and was thinking that after i complete my 12th i should either choose Bsc.Animation or Computer science. I have ideas about games but my drawing is limited but i believe i can improve that. All ever i wanted was to make games.I am good with computers though. I don't wanna sound naive or anything :P just i want someone to guide me. I really wanna do this.
So what do you think should i choose ? Animation or comp.Sci ? and later after graduation what course should i do ? Thanks for your help :)
Posted by: Darpan - 04:37 PM May 31, ' 14
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24: i want to know whether i can do this course because ,i unfortunately failed in my 12 th exams this year,but i have a great interest in this course .as i saw that 10 is enough for this course ,please guide me with the required details for this course.
Posted by: rishi - 11:40 PM May 26, ' 14
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25: hi I successfully finished my 10th exams with really good results and interested only in games and game designing what should I do or learn to enter this field? Please help me 'cause I beieve I can shine in this field with interest and hard work.
Posted by: Sheshanth - 07:51 PM May 24, ' 14
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26: hi sir,i am studying in 12th.i wish to be game designer.for this what should i do after completing 12th.
Posted by: robin louis - 09:08 PM May 08, ' 14
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27: Hi,
my son has completed his icse 10th exam and waiting for results i wud like to know about game designing courses availbale in mumbai near bhandup
Posted by: santhosh - 04:05 PM May 05, ' 14
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28: Hi Arijit Sir,
i have just completed 12th and have scored 85% in cbse boards , i have opted engineering but my inner part dies for gaming only . i am much skilled in drawings and arts, have a great knowledge about most of the world-leading series of games.. so my wish is to work in a world leading gaming company .. so can u guide meh?
Posted by: Aditya Vikram - 10:49 AM May 05, ' 14
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29: m a 12 th pass .. good comunication skill in art :) .. wana go for it...
Posted by: manish - 01:56 PM Apr 28, ' 14
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30: sir,just i am going to pass my 10 standed sir, what crouse i should take plese tell sir, iam well in art and animation course plese tell sir.
Posted by: nishankh - 05:27 PM Apr 23, ' 14
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31: sir i want to make game developer but i do not in which language i can make game please suggest me for best side and language.............. i want to learn and make game developer
Posted by: Rohit Gujar - 12:27 PM Apr 22, ' 14
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32: Hello Mr. Bhattacharya I am Ashish I just complete 12th from arts stream and I know that I can't do video game programing. Can you suggest me best institute for game designing which also provide international placements and what cources in it.
Posted by: Ashish - 09:13 PM Apr 10, ' 14
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33: Hello Mr. Bhattacharya I am Ashish I just complete 12th from arts stream and I know that I can't do video game programing. Can you suggest me best institute for game designing which also provide international placements and what cources in it.
Posted by: Ashish - 09:11 PM Apr 10, ' 14
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34: Hello Mr. Bhattacharya I am Ashish I just complete 12th from arts stream and I know that I can't do video game programing. Can you suggest me best institute for game designing which also provide international placements and what cources in it.
Posted by: Ashish - 08:35 PM Apr 10, ' 14
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35: Hi Arijit,
I have a PG degree in MBA (marketing) and a Graduate degree in BE (mechanical). I am very much interested in changing my career path and becoming a Game Designer. Can I still learn this course? Could you suggest any good institutes?
Posted by: Ashish Shah - 03:15 PM Apr 02, ' 14
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36: Hi this is Hritik from Udaipur . I want to ask is it necessary to take science stream to become a game designer or commerce will do ?
Posted by: Hritik - 07:07 PM Mar 24, ' 14
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37: Hello , my name is vasanth . I'm just studying 11th std . I have great knowledge in computer . I'm a good artist since childhood and I was playing games from 3rd std . which made me to get addict to it . Then my mind said better choose game designing courses because I can become more successful in this field . My drawing is quite innovative .. I don't draw something by seeing .. I draw whatever I think . it may be a character or a symbol or something . My friends said I can ask what type of courses I can study after completing 12th . hope you reply .
Posted by: vasanth - 10:16 PM Mar 23, ' 14
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38:Hi Vasanth,

I suggest you first finish you +2 and your graduation before taking up a game design course.Making games is not easy and as simple as playing them.I know because I am a game developer and it's not like how you think it is during your childhood days.I've seen a lot of people quitting the industry during the first 2-3 years itself.

Let me warn you, the game industry is very volatile.You can lose your job anytime without any notice and there are not many companies in India and it's very tough to grow in this industry.

My suggestion would be finish your +2, finish your graduation(not some gaming degree, get a generalized degree like computer science or something), join some game designing course at a good institute, prepare a good portfolio, make some simple games on your own, apply for an internship...But before all that--GROW UP
 Prathik replied to: vasanth 
 post - 01:14 PM Mar 29, ' 14
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39: Sir, i have completed my btech from SRM in cse engg, and i was thinking of doing a course in game art from AIGA.
I wanted to join ARENA animation to do game design after my 12th but i chose engg as everyone suggested that it wont earn me enough. Now im not pleased with the salaries offered to me and was thinking of doing game design after all.
Regarding my skills i am very passionate about gaming, thats all i do, im good in drawing too, anime and manga is my style of art and character design. So i think i can do ok.
But with respect to the industry now and salaries offered, should i do it? I would mean simply dumping my time and money spent in engg. Im very confused, can you give me some examples. I need to convinced and 100% sure before i take this decision. Id be very grateful, thank you.
 Rahul replied to:  Prathik 
 post - 05:42 AM Nov 06, ' 14
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40: hia iam venkat ihad my b-tech in electronics strem how can i enter into game design course
Posted by: venkat - 08:32 PM Feb 16, ' 14
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41:Hello Venkat, you already have an IT background which is positive point for you. you can do a diploma from a good and reputed institute in game designing and rest the field is all about your imagination and on how creatively you think. if you are really passionate about this industry you should certainly reach heights after gaining a basic knowledge of gaming.
 Ashna  replied to: venkat 
 post - 10:53 AM Mar 19, ' 14
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42: Hi...i'm aprameya from bangalore i love playing games and intrested to work in game field i finishes my 10th in 2013 and have taken science in puc and i m gonna finish it in this feb do i have to continue or can i quit this puc and go to some game designing schools and get a job in some company please reply as fast as you can i will need your suggestion before this feb 2014 thanks for the advice in advance
Posted by: Aprameya - 10:32 PM Feb 15, ' 14
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43:Plz Plz Plz..Don't ever think of quitting your PUC. Finish you're PUC and then get a degree before getting into the game industry...Indian game industry is not all that great, you need to have a backup option.
 Prathik replied to: Aprameya 
 post - 10:05 AM Mar 30, ' 14
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44:Hi Aprameya,
I don't know what made you think of quitting puc. Continue with that as well and after that you can do a diploma in game designing from institutes like MAAC which offers the best course in game designing and you can easily get a job based on your skills and how well you work. The scope is really high in this industry and is growing at a rapid rate. Hope this answer helps, any queries revert to me at
 Ashna  replied to: Aprameya 
 post - 10:58 AM Mar 19, ' 14
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45:if you get any response please let me know.
I have the same doubt as you
Mail me at
 Aniruddha replied to: Aprameya 
 post - 11:28 AM Feb 26, ' 14
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46: I don't know what made you think of quitting puc. Continue with that as well and after that you can do a diploma in game designing from institutes like MAAC which offers the best course in game designing and you can easily get a job based on your skills and how well you work. The scope is really high in this industry and is growing at a rapid rate. Hope this answer helps, any queries revert to me at
 Ashna  replied to:  Aniruddha 
 post - 11:00 AM Mar 19, ' 14
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47: Hello. I'm Harshit Sharma from Delhi. I'm currently pursuing my Post Graduation in Mass communication and Ive done my graduation in BBA. I'm a hardcore gamming freak and I would love to work in a gamming company. Can someone please point me in the right direction that still exists for me? Thanks in advance!
Posted by: Harshit Sharma - 11:41 AM Feb 13, ' 14
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48:Hi Harshit,
Yaa there are pretty good options that are for you. Your background does not matter much as far as gaming is concerned. its just you should think unnaturally and different from the rest of the world. and you are all set to enter the virtual world.Hope this answer helps, any queries revert to me at
 Ashna  replied to: Harshit Sharma 
 post - 11:56 AM Mar 19, ' 14
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49: Hi Mr.Bhattacharya i m in the final year of engg.(Electronic) and need to pursue career in game designing.So,guide me with the details of institutes for the same.Also let me know what are the pay scale for game designer.
Posted by: Darshan Patil - 03:14 AM Feb 05, ' 14
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50:Hi Darshan,
There are institutes which offer great deal of courses but if you ask me the best. I would suggest you MAAC which offers the best course of game designing. Pay scale again depends upon the work you do and the skill set you possess. Still an average starting salary would start somewhere from 20k and may go as higher as 30k. But the good thing in this industry is the growth which you get which is rapid in terms of salary as well as the post.Hope this answer helps, any queries revert to me at
 Ashna  replied to: Darshan Patil 
 post - 12:02 PM Mar 19, ' 14
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51: Ashna, please don't fool people..I believe you are from animation institute trying to promote it(I'm guessing MAAC)..

The starting salary in the game industry will never be 20k or start of as an intern with 10k-12k salary and the increments are not all that great too..I know, trust me

I'm not trying to discourage anyone but I'm just keeping the facts in front of you and let you decide the course of action that you want to take.
 Prathik replied to:  Ashna  
 post - 10:11 AM Mar 30, ' 14
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52: I am in 10 class which stream I have to take for game designer. And which subjects are important. Please reply.
Posted by: deepak pawaria - 09:04 PM Jan 23, ' 14
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53:Good to see that you have interest in a field which is running on a real fast pace.Subjects don't really matter that much. you can opt for any field and do game designing side by side as well. what required is the real passion inside you and the creative quotient. All the best. Hope this answer helps, any queries revert to me at
 Ashna  replied to: deepak pawaria 
 post - 12:10 PM Mar 19, ' 14
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54: Hi Mr Arjit Bhattacharya i liked the way u discribed the pros and cons for this profeesion.Before talking of my passion and wasting ur time,I'd like to tell u about my achievments till now ,during my std 9 school project i made a game where our choice would decide how the story goes.During making it i liked it.I didn't find boring writing thousands of lines of coding.I m in 10 std now so m asking for ur expert advice on which institute to go for 11-12 for game developer.I would be very gald if u reply me.I can also show u my game made with just extreme u use of loops and class(which only i knew at that time)
Yash Patel( )
Posted by: Yash Patel - 10:56 PM Jan 21, ' 14
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55:Hello Yash,
Nice to hear about that and also happy that Indian kids are showing such an improvement. I would suggest you do your 12 grade and then go for a diploma from a good institute in India and if you are this talented you will certainly get a chance of traveling and making it abroad with big banners and names and then you can gain a masters degree as well from abroad itself. All the best for your future.Hope this answer helps, any queries revert to me at
 Ashna  replied to: Yash Patel 
 post - 12:07 PM Mar 19, ' 14
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56: Hi Mr. Arijit Bhattacharya. I liked your speech about the "Game designing" and it inspired me a little bit to give me strength to go forward to my aim. Your article sounds so interesting to me but I'll believe in it when I'll be a game designer. And after that I'm sure that I will beat you in this sort of competetion. All I just need is a good and perfect guidance to my motto.
Sahil Baniwal (9654338790)
Posted by: Sahil Baniwal - 11:34 PM Jan 12, ' 14
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57: hi this is hari from andhra pradesh now i am 12th standared from my childhood i am very very very very interested in playing games i will play all games in net but only some games are satisfied me and i want to become a game designer and game developer so please please give me details that what course should i take after my completion of 12th standared please send me details
Posted by: hari - 10:41 PM Dec 12, ' 13
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58:Hey HI. If you want to make a career in Video Game Design there's only one college in whole of India that offer's the required degree ie DSK Supinfocom, Pune. After 12th you can take their 5 yr's course and become a professional game designer. But its not cheap, for 5 yrs course you will have to invest around 35 - 40 Lakhs as it is a international college with the best facilities.
 Ninad Aundhkar replied to: hari 
 post - 06:22 PM Jan 20, ' 14
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59: hii there i m Biswajeet Misra,now days i m reading Diploma In Animation film making after 10th(High school),and i have a desire that i will be a game designer.can u plz suggest me a good institute?
Posted by: Biswajeet - 08:01 PM Nov 21, ' 13
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60: This is Shubham singh i am in 12 standard and i want to became a game designer show which course should i choose after 12
Posted by: shubham singh - 09:18 PM Oct 28, ' 13
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61: r Hey der, M Satya.. i am pursuing my 11th in Computer Science field from KiiT, Bhubaneswar. I am well versed with Java, C, Html and Php. I am much interested in gaming cz it has been my hobby since childhood. I have a well hand upon 3D graphics and animation too and hv created movies over softwares like Muvizu, etc. I have had experience over UDC too.. I am also a good artist on canvas and has good presentation skills. Please suggest what all do i need to do and where to pursue future education to get a job as a Game designer or Coder in reputed companies like EA/ Ubisoft/ Blackbox/ Codemasters, etc.
Posted by: Satya Subham Rout - 10:50 PM Sep 30, ' 13
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62: Hi m ashwini..m studying in 12 th ...and ma ambition is to become game designer ...
can u plz tell me what are the courses that I need to
do for game designing... so that I can get to kno abt it and can search for a best institute ...
Van anyone plz tell me ?
Posted by: ashwini - 11:22 PM Jul 12, ' 13
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63: hello, I am vidit Rawat and i am in class 10th. I want to become a game designer. so i want to know that what courses i have to do for it...
Posted by: Vidit Rawat  - 03:27 PM Jun 28, ' 13
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64:Hello! Vidit, if you have decided to become a game designer then welcome to feild, you are searching for institutes and courses so, after you pass 12th then you have to opt for B.Sc in Game Designing and animation. DSK Supinfocom in pune is the best institute for game lovers like, and other choices are Banglore ,Hyderabad and Mumbai.
 Elxirin  replied to: Vidit Rawat  
 post - 08:22 PM Jul 05, ' 13
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65: hello i am shashank mehra,i am currently in 12th standard and have taken up non medical....i have a great passion and dedication for games,i have played a lot of games and i have a ps3,xbox360,psp etc. which shows my passion for gaming....i am not only intrested in playing games but also on making and testing games.....till now i have not taken any classes or courses for gaming,i know im late but please can anyone provide me full information on what you have to do for gaming,how to come in gaming industry,its scopes and universities and other knowledge...please tell me my email adress is
Posted by: shashank - 09:47 PM Jun 22, ' 13
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66: I have very diffrent thinking skill.I always think new ideas that can be helpful in game.I have also made the storyline for MAX PAYNE 4 .I want to join big company but i am only a 12th pass what can i do? plz tell me.But i am bad at drawing.reply fast at my email id
Posted by: Sameer bhute - 05:31 PM Jun 21, ' 13
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67: hello i m akash sheokand i have just passed my 12th and i want to know the best institute to join the courses plz just give me some suggestions .
Posted by: akash sheokand - 12:49 PM May 31, ' 13
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68:Hey Akash this is Saurav.I am a student of academy of animationa and gaming,gurgaon.Of-cource im into game dev degree.If u want to make some career in game dev or know more about it please contact.
 saurav sikarwar replied to: akash sheokand 
 post - 10:59 PM Jun 20, ' 13
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69: hello i m gaurav bisht i m in 12th standard my interest is in game it my dream to become a game designer i need some tips about game designing
Posted by: Gaurav Bisht - 07:56 PM May 17, ' 13
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70:Hey Gaurav this is Saurav.I am a student of academy of animationa and gaming,gurgaon.Of-cource im into game dev degree.If u want to make some career in game dev or know more about it please contact.
 saurav sikarwar replied to: Gaurav Bisht 
 post - 11:00 PM Jun 20, ' 13
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71: iam nishant sharma iam of xth standard i want to a game designer i have huge interest in this carrer this is my dream and i like drawings and creating new ideas please guide me for game designing.
Posted by: nishant sharma - 06:50 PM May 13, ' 13
reply Reply
72:sorry for getting ur name u r nishant.
 saurav sikarwar replied to: nishant sharma 
 post - 11:07 PM Jun 20, ' 13
reply Reply
73:Hey Akash this is Saurav.I am a student of academy of animationa and gaming,gurgaon.Of-cource im into game dev degree.Its quite good you've started thinking to get into game development at the time.Try to get science in 11th and study to get a proper knowledge in physics and math.Contact me when u complete ur 12th.
 saurav sikarwar replied to: nishant sharma 
 post - 11:04 PM Jun 20, ' 13
reply Reply
74: Hi sir,i have selected science in 12th and i am goi to end my 2nd puc can you pls tell me what to do after this to get job in ea sports etc companies
 abdul adil replied to:  saurav sikarwar 
 post - 06:06 PM Jan 27, ' 15
reply Reply
75: hi i am hardik bhola
i have a lot interest in games,i am good in drawing and i have lots and lots of ideas of gaming.can i become a game designer?
its my dream
Posted by: hardik bhola - 02:44 PM May 13, ' 13
reply Reply
76: hey, Im just too gud in gaming

Can i be der in da gaming streamm
Posted by: Navkirat - 10:07 PM Apr 30, ' 13
reply Reply
77: hello i just gave my 10th board from army public school,pune cbse and i want to become a game designer are there any courses for game designing for summer vacations or after 10th
Posted by: Mayur - 09:25 AM Apr 05, ' 13
reply Reply
78:i am really good in drawing and i also write novels
do i have any chance in this stream
im also an good orator and am good in english literature, science and sst
 Mayur replied to: Mayur 
 post - 09:27 AM Apr 05, ' 13
reply Reply
79: Hi I'm Gagan
I'm doing be 2nd sem nd I don't knw abt game designing but I know little bit in c I can design program nd I've decided 2 become game designer can I
Posted by: Gagan - 03:00 PM Mar 20, ' 13
reply Reply
80: without knowing drawing skills i can become a desingner tell me
Posted by: bhargavkumar - 02:34 PM Feb 21, ' 13
reply Reply
81: hi dis is raghu i am a btech graduate in computer science
i would like to start gaming as my career can u tell me its scope and gaming colleges in india
Posted by: raghu - 11:15 AM Feb 05, ' 13
reply Reply
82:hey raghu,this is saurav.I too was doing b tech in ec but left it after an year.I am currently at academy of animation and gaming,gurgaon doing a game development me if u r really intrested.
 saurav sikarwar replied to: raghu 
 post - 11:10 PM Jun 20, ' 13
reply Reply
83: how can i contact you?
 Vishal replied to:  saurav sikarwar 
 post - 07:09 PM Feb 25, ' 14
reply Reply
84: hi sir i am pursuing BTech in Computer Science and i want to be a game designer what are the major languages i must know in this

kindly tell me or mail me
Posted by: Rishabh Kant Jha - 07:18 PM Jan 31, ' 13
reply Reply
85:hi name is rahul..i also develop games sitting at answer ur develop 3d games u shud know c-sharp or javascript. and for developing 2d games u shud have knowledge of flash 5 and above and action script 3.
 rahul replied to: Rishabh Kant Jha 
 post - 11:01 PM Feb 11, ' 13
reply Reply
86: hey im working as animation compositor...and i love game and all dis can i start gaming career...
Posted by: tommy - 11:20 AM Jan 27, ' 13
reply Reply
87: i want to be a game designer and i am 15 years old about to pass the 10th, madhyamik. i learnt drawing and i will do a cource on it again. tell me what i have to learn and process? what programming software i have to learn?
Posted by: indranil - 11:04 PM Sep 01, ' 12
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