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Wipro to honor job offers, with a rider

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 13 April 2009, 03:27 Hrs   |    16 Comments
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Bangalore: India's third largest IT company Wipro has said that it would honor all the remaining 6000 offers it made to the engineering graduates during 2008-09 fiscal. But if the new recruits, that would come onboard between May and December 2009, are not engaged in any billable project, they will be paid only a stipend of Rs 6,000 per month, Wipro said in a letter to the remaining fresh engineering graduates. These students would undergo training for two months.

Wipro had made offers to 14,000 engineering graduates to join the company during 2008-09 fiscal with salaries in the range of Rs 2.75-3.25 lakh per annum and the induction of 40 percent has been delayed by six months.

Pradeep Bahirwani, Vice-President of talent acquisition, Wipro Technologies, said that this step was taken due to the changed business environment. He further said that if these fresh hires are not put onto any billable project, they would be given further training through the web.

Of the 14,000 offers made by Wipro Technologies, it is estimated that around 6,000 have already joined the company. This changed offer status will apply to those who are joining in the next six months or so.

Bahirwani said that it has also waived the Rs 75,000 bond requirement which was placed upon these students, if they leave the company within 15 months. During the training period of two months, these fresh employees are paid a stipend of Rs 15,000.

The Wipro official claimed that they have received positive response from the remaining students of the revised offer as they are being absorbed by an IT major and they would be put on a project, depending on the orders they receive.

Wipro Technologies, at the same time has already made offers to 8,000 engineering graduates for joining them during the 2009-10 fiscal.

This is the second time in the recent past, that Wipro Technologies has tweaked the hiring policies of fresh engineering graduates. Earlier, it had made a one time offer to students with the option of joining the BPO division of the company and later getting back into the IT services segment.

The process of giving offer letters to engineering graduates one year in advance by the IT companies in India has undergone a change with Nasscom saying that firms would approach colleges only during the last two months before the academic graduation.

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Reader's comments(16)
1: It is not fair to make them wait for almost an year and then give them such a lame choice. A promise made should be held because its not the students fault. We have companies like Infosys and TCS who hire all the offers made and we also have lame companies like wipro and cognizant which make stutends wait long with out a clue and dump them. Shame! I think that is why Infosys remains the preferred choice of most freshers
Posted by:Rahul - 13 Apr, 2009
2: Guys,
Please be think wipro's prospective they're ready to give the job but due to recession they don't have enough prjoect to give the new joinees. Already lot of employees are in bench they would have to move another projects which is running currently. Don't blame any company without knowing full details.

Will see a clear sky soon
Posted by:sunoj - 13 Apr, 2009
This is a damn reply that you have given..... Onece they offer one job and they claiming that we dont have enough project and you should sit idle in home. You should think about the future of these students..they almost lost one year and still they are not getting job just because of the fault of the company.. If it is some European countries they would have taken action against companies like this for cheating... Dont never ever try to justify the actions of such fraud companies...
Sandeep Replied to: sunoj - 19 Jun, 2009
You are right Sandeep.. There should be legal actions against such companies...
sarath Replied to: Sandeep - 19 Jun, 2009
Hi to all. Ya you are right, but my doubt is that are they giving stipend of rs 6000 when we join the company. and this is for how many months. because 6000 is really very less amount. Can anyone clear my doubt.
anokhi Replied to: sunoj - 13 Apr, 2009
6: I know i will be tagged as a black sheep for my comments below. While I agree to most of the comments here, just a second thought. Reminder - Just a Second thought.

Wipro is not forcing anybody to join them. They are infact hiring a fresher, and ready to train them for two months (it counts) and pay a stipend (not salary) a security guard gets a salary. I guess folks should be thanking Wipro that the company is still ready to keep the offer to people rather than just discard the offer! W.r.t todays market condition having a job that pays itself is great. Understand that offers were made before the recession. But now projects are being taken back and shelved. How will a company survive then? Look at the transparency! They have told upfront what they will do rather than hiring and firing!

The CHOICE is always YOURS!

Posted by:Pranav - 13 Apr, 2009
Hei Mr.Pranav,

You are trying to justify the actions of this company.. You just see what Infosys and TCS has done.. Eventhough the markets are worst they honour their word.. they gave job to whome they offer..
Sandeep Replied to: Pranav - 23 Jun, 2009
8: yea the third worst IT company in the world.Azimjee aap bhi politics mein jaao
Posted by:vichoo - 13 Apr, 2009
Yes Right My Friend.
Azimjee ko koi haq nahi banata freshers ke career ke saath khelenka, Abe Agar tere pass kaam nahi hai fresher ko dene ke liye to hire kyon karta hai dub mar sale naale ke pani mein.
SomOne Replied to: vichoo - 13 Apr, 2009

Have some decency man..why blaming Azim Prem jee..
Wipro is not the only company firing or rejecting 2009 joining.
N moreover if you think you are that talented go and search another job for yourself.

You are nothing but just any another engineer among thousand of sitting unemployed.

And if you really think that this step of wipro is no good.
Then rather discouraging with you soft words look for some other option.
And do post here how many of you got a job with the package too.
Ankur Replied to: SomOne - 14 Apr, 2009
11: A security guard gets 7000/-per month as salary.Engineering graduates are not even worth that? How pathetic.IT again proves its pathetic condition.The standards are deteriorating or wat? And that too for projects by clients where they never give a clean chit.Who needsthe job? mediocre companies pay better.Get some pdc fail for such pay
Posted by:vichoo - 13 Apr, 2009
12: Friends...They have informed about waiving off bond for the candidates who join after april 2009....but even they have sent the joining info to the candidates and asking them to sign a 15 month Employment Contract Agreement with Wipro Technologies and 75000 security deposit...they are playing with good tricks...we are yet to follow that....great wipro!
Posted by:SAT - 12 Apr, 2009
13: First of all they recruited so many jsut for the sake of doing it.. if they ddnt need then they shouldn\'t have.. and on the top of that they are resorting to all kinds of clever tricks as its the downturn period and people wouldn't find any other job..
Posted by:shoma - 12 Apr, 2009
Yes I agree with you.. If they do not have sufficient billable projects, why should they hire so many resources and later pay them a lesser amount for no fault of theirs?
Ppl are left with no option during these dull times...
sandy Replied to: shoma - 12 Apr, 2009
Absolutely Yes! It is totally Business and nowhere it is people respect or whatever related to people. Associates of a company whether freshers or experienced have become Raw material for the companies rather than true Assets, the companies need you - YOU will be on top else no one cares. Companies are not even honouring their recruitment process in the name of Business downturn - Where has all the money gone which has been gained as profits all these years - cant a share be given back to the same people who brought in. There are companies who are even frustrating for experienced guys too - they do all the rounds of interviews and finally decide the package and send the letter of intent and finally say that they cant offer due to X Y Z reason. So Guys Its all only Business - and no People touch or emotional feeling - and thats it being Practical.
Anubhav Replied to: sandy - 14 Apr, 2009
hi help me..
i got selected in cts n wipro....i lyk 2 join cts ly but dey r makin late in mean
gap shal i join wipro..s dere any problem due to bond in wipro
ram Replied to: Anubhav - 31 Mar, 2011