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Where should these Satyam hopefuls go?

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Where should these Satyam hopefuls go?
Hyderabad: G Srikanth, a young engineer from Siddipet village, has decided to go village to take up his father's profession, agriculture. Srikanth is one of the many students, who got the offer letter by the pre-scam Satyam Computer Services (now Mahindra Satyam), but is still waiting to get the joining letter.

Till few days ago, Srikanth used to work as an assistant professor in an engineering college at Siddipet, which paid him Rs 8,000 per month, just enough to repay the EMI on his education loan from SBI. "After repaying that debt, I quit teaching. If I can't pursue the career I aspired to, I'd rather help my parents on the farm," said he to Sunitha Natti of The New Indian Express.

Another Satyam hopeful, K Shiva Prasad is reluctant to visit his village Vakadu in Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. The situation for both Prasad and his father is grimy, as they are thinking how will they pay the loan amount of 1.5 lakh. Prasad had got the offer letter by Satyam Computer Services in November 2007. That time he had thought that his family's days of hardship had finally ended, but two years later, he's still waiting to get the joining letter.

Both Prasad and Srikanth were students of Jawahar Knowledge Centre (JKC), the state government's soft-skills training programme. They were to be invited to join the company's payrolls after course completion in May 2008. But they are still unemployed, caught in a twilight zone.

During November 2007 and September 2008, over 6,000 from Andhra Pradesh were given offers. Before the scam, Mahindra Satyam, led by Ramalinga Raju, was one of the top recruiters. However, that equation has now changed under the Mahindras' management. During 2009-10, Infosys replaced Satyam as the largest recruiter hiring 504, while Mahindra Satyam BPO took just 12. In contrast, the pre-scam Satyam hired 517 (and Infosys 277) the previous year.

Currently, Mahindra Satyam is planning to hire freshers for its 4,000-seat IT SEZ in Gachibowli. The company also said that students with offer letters will be given first preference.

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Reader's comments(50)
1: Tech Mahindra is marathi and kannada brahmin dominated company. it is crystal clear Tech Mahindra mahindra satyam doesnt care for people of Andhra pradesh. It wont honour the old offer made for STP as it has to show new recruitment being done for SEZ which gives lot of tax benefits.

Be aware that during recession most of the people who were put in the infamous exit process (a method of layoff where the person is blamed for not getting any project work and made to leave TechM) are telugu people. Be happy that you lost something that is not good in long run.

Even the HR and resourcing groups are highly biased in pune

The Work culture and work environment and management at Techmahindra is not healthy. Technical training opportunities are almost nil for lateral entrants.

Already the culture in mahindra satyam is showing lot of degradation and soon it will become notorious.

People who joined Techmahidra are leaving with in one month.

Just get some traning and searh for new avenues. i do not receomment IT as career for newbies. Due the falling billing rates the work hours are being doubled. On certaing project (low price) TechM expects people to work 15 hours daily for months together and work on weekends and holidays.

After the project is finsihed people will be fired with remark work too hard doesn't know how to work smart

Posted by:bpsingh - 03 May, 2010
2: Hi this is shrikanth from BVB college,Hubli. I hav been recruited in Tech Mahindra this year. Is this the same case with Tech Mahindra? Even v get the offer letters so late? Do anyone know abt this?
Posted by:shrikanth - 28 Apr, 2010
3: This is so wiered, I have seen more number of people who never got placed in campus and found job for themselves by searching, I'm one of those.
If any body is still waiting they are getting what they deserve.
Posted by:Vijay - 25 Apr, 2010
4: Do not expect Satyam will call you again.
Try for jobs.
I did not get any job in campus but I am working and getting paid .
So why are you waiting for Satyam . There are number of companies . Just Try it out . You will be successful . Don't wait for any one to come . Success will be with you .
Posted by:dipanjan ghosh - 25 Apr, 2010
5: I go with below comment from my friend Santhosh
Posted by:Shaji - 25 Apr, 2010
6: HI Guys....I feel there is no point in reading all comments given by our g8t friends. Pain will only thing which one will have when he is having real problem.

Don't take all unwanted things from this experienced g8t world. Its your life and you should take your life as it comes. If one offer got rejected something is waiting more than that ... just keep hope in you and what you are and face the life as it comes.
Hard work gives everything what you want if you really put your heart in whatever you do.

I have seen people who are PMs , Leaders and many many more friends who lost their jobs with many dependents and responsibilities still life has not stopped them what they want to do they are doing.

Only one thing I want to tell is believe in you and go on with your life.

Posted by:santosh - 25 Apr, 2010
7: dear guys
its defiantly i think when india will leave the bhade chall,believe in your self start on your on again , regardless of what you are doing but be sincere to your self every profession has its own value you do not know when to realize it
Posted by:anurag - 25 Apr, 2010
8: dear guys,
i can't believe people are still waiting for satyam's.
it does'nt make any sense.guys i am also one of ur professions.we are educated people and we have to explore beyond the limits for achievements.don't lose your hope and apply for any company,it doesn't matter whether it is a multi-national or not.All you need is experience.
guys we will rock.And all the best.
Posted by:Sreekanth - 24 Apr, 2010
9: Hi Guys,

There is no point in sticking to one offer letter or company, if you are capable, have confidence in yourself there hundreads of IT companies which is looking for young and talented freshers, just you have to beleive in yourself and have go and get kind of attitude. Thats how you lead in this competative corporate envoirnment and never expect someone will come and offer you a job, if that happens it will be something like satyam's offer.
Posted by:Devraj - 24 Apr, 2010
10: I think , aspirants who aspire to be software engineers , and who are determined to make a career in an IT firm, should start looking at mid size or start-up's rather than looking forward for offer-letter's and Joining dates from big IT firms......It is not necessary to start a career in a big Multinational , rather start somewhere and grow with the organization , what, is required at the end of the day in today's growing IT needs is Experience , by which an lucrative package follows.
Posted by:Bharath S - 24 Apr, 2010
11: Writer does not have any idea about how IT industry works. He just want to write some thing so put over here, Because there are so many such examples are there and there is no point in making this a big issue just because of satyam scandal.
Posted by:chandramohan - 24 Apr, 2010
12: Dear Friends,

We can understand your emotions. But, why do you forget your qualifications. Many companies hiring in upcoming months of this year(2010).
Please, Dont Loose your Hope and Try to find another job.
Remember, Its not you who's losing things.
It's that firm which is losing such a hardworker like you.

Keep Yourself POSITIVE and Never lose HOPES !
Posted by:anil chander - 20 Apr, 2010
You people are speaking only about the Satyam, Atleast Satyam have a reason that it was in a very bad situation to respond to the commitment made to freshers, but what about Keane, India. They recruited over 4000 in 2007. But still more than 70% are waiting for the call. I am one of the victims of Keane. who cares about individuals like me. Media and forums just concentrate on these Satyam and Infosys alone.
Anbu Replied to: anil chander - 20 Apr, 2010
14: Dear Both,

Dont worry about ur jobs... Try in another companies and U can reach out to some of the leading consultancies for your career counselliung and you can go to better place in ur carreer
Posted by:srinath - 19 Apr, 2010
Can you get us some information about any such consultancies which dont ask for a lump sum amount and a so called course and then offer a 5000 job. If you know any please let us know.
Sagnik Replied to: srinath - 21 Apr, 2010
16: Dear srikanth... there are many companies. satym is one of
them. u no need to wait for satyam's call. y dont u applied
for more companies. there is no meening for waiting to satyam's call, anyway is this not a govt job that could hire u permanently.
Posted by:suresh - 19 Apr, 2010
17: who will write code freshers or experienced ?
Posted by:siv m - 19 Apr, 2010
18: Dear Friends,
This is always true when we work for somebody where our fate is with our boss/company.

I am not saying starting a business to become your own boss is very easy, but certainly a thought which everybody will/must have after some years of job carrier. Why work for something which we never own?

If anybody is seriously putting a thought about this and want to create a Plan B in their life which can certainly help in these situations, you must visit the url -

All the best
Posted by:Rangaswamy - 19 Apr, 2010
19: hii, guys .... u know what the real thing is. The real thing is that we have more engineers now, but we dont have that much of jobs.
And in coming years we will have more engineers, but rate of increase in job will be less, so bad days ahead for freshers
Posted by:andy - 19 Apr, 2010
Not Really...The Fresher would always remain in limelight because the exp staff are highly paid whereas the fresher will never negotiate. A fresher with excellent academic scores is high potential candidate then the experience hands with high sal package
Dhee Replied to: andy - 19 Apr, 2010
21: Everyone should sympathize with not only tainted Satyam offered students but also the ones ditched by many companies out there which really not came out to the press like Mphasis, Virtusa, Sierra Atlantic and many more who took advantage of situation and layed off so many fresh guys like IBM, Wipro etc.

Leaving that a side I would say there are plenty of opportunities across if people come out of IT hang over. Someone who have to repay a loan and prefers to go to farm can also opt for some respectable white collar professions that are out there.

The moment Satyam scam blown out, everyone know that this career option will not work out. And becasue of some good measure the Government of India took to reshape the company Mahindra Satyam is now back a little.

There were 16,000 people with offers from 2008 and 2009 batches and current employee base of Mahindra Satyam is 25,000. Can this company absorb 70% of freshers. A healthy ratio will be 15% at max.

It is in fact boon for several thousands of them as Satyam considered to look at them and in fact conducted assessment for all and absorbing what it can batch after batch. So don't blame Satyam too much as it is doing what it can, you can't expect a privately owned firm to do social service and ruin its prospects of competing with other business world and provide more opportunities back to the society.

There were some opportunities that Government provided for the Satyam offered candidates with other companies and some could grab those opportunities, I am fortunately one of them got into IBM and some of my friend got into Avaya, Yash and others.
Posted by:Wishey - 19 Apr, 2010
Satyam offered jobs for freshers is good thing but those who lived in Satyam as a family are out of job and considered over qualified in market.
Karthik Replied to: Wishey - 19 Apr, 2010
Hey may be Silicon India could think of some kind of training for them in PHP/ Java and many more it can actually become a good platform instead of just posting "Where should these Satyam hopefuls go?" kind headlines. Doing yellow journalism.
Veer Replied to: Wishey - 19 Apr, 2010
24: I am surprised people are still waiting for the offer made by pre-scam satyam..Many companies,not just software, do this kinda thing(In bangalore keane is very very popular to attend campus recruitment and later not call a single one of them),just because it is Satyam its becoming news. I am a 2009 passout and 2 of my friends were also placed in it.They too dint get any offer letter. 1 went to MBA and another found some other job..No point in cribbing over the issue, just move on. Lots of jobs are available.
Posted by:Aditya - 19 Apr, 2010
Aditya I am agree with you... there are lots of jobs available for engineers.. there are lots of companies in market.. few of ma college friends were selected in Campus Placement in Satyam, but after fall down they got better job in different companies... this is wasting of time still looking for single comp... there are lots of options available in market...
amit sharma Replied to: Aditya - 19 Apr, 2010
26: yes its true company is playing safe in front of the media telling that they will cal all the stud they ve recruited but they r conducting written test for the selected stud n selecting only 15% n rest are discarded. These HR people r really cunning, they r playing with our lives./.
Posted by:Idontwantto say - 19 Apr, 2010
27: there is ample opportunities for engineer. so try to find it rather than backward looking. friends you all are very good student, don't demolished your ability. be come with more enthusiasm and make your own success path. it is rightly said by some one that

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we took so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened up for us”
Posted by:Bivash Singh - 19 Apr, 2010
28: The candidate might stop expecting order from satyam and should start trying in other companies in same industry on knowing the fate of satyam . They should not blame without seeking other doors.
Posted by:Venkatesan m - 18 Apr, 2010
Seeking other doors..this is the WORST answer i got from many people..where is no oppurtunity given at any time..any place in the period where industry is down.But still the suggestion is same...look for other oppurtunities..better before saying that word plz refer to a oppurtunity n then talk wht ever u wanted.

Phani Replied to: Venkatesan m - 18 Apr, 2010
hey venkatesan... be control boss, why should any guy to show oppurtunigy to you.. your engineer u can search, just think alwas positive only...may be finacial crises will happen in future..why u blaming the society
Srini Replied to: Phani - 19 Apr, 2010
Dear Phani,
I respect your emotions. But better you accept the reality. I know It is not easy time for you but You need to try for other comps. Think positive and think about those who don't get placemnet and come to open market. They try thier best and I can say most of them gets good job.
I too did not got placed by campus and after 6-8 months I got my very first job. As time passed...I am with world leading IT giant..

so my words are only to say that this is Private ..IT insusty and you need to be ready for such situation. try some other comp market is good now. I believe you will find better.

Do not stay home and sleep. This will be very tough otherwise.
Vishal Sachan Replied to: Phani - 19 Apr, 2010
Hi Phani

If you knew very well that you won't get , then go for other door
don't stay/sleep in your dream world , come to reality.
pokkiri Replied to: Phani - 18 Apr, 2010
33: Its really sad to know that a student doesnt have hope even after completing his education with lot of struggle.Its pathetic if the student doesnt get a pay that won't be enough to repay the EMI on his education loan. Where are we heading towards? what will be the future of the upcoming generation.
Posted by:Ashish Gupta - 18 Apr, 2010
I think this generation doesn't have the patient.... even though they didn't get offer letters, they should have tried some where else to get the job... Life will not be over until its over....
Shanmukh Replied to: Ashish Gupta - 18 Apr, 2010
Education system in india required changes, currently education become a high profile business and lot of tax benefit for the education organization. No educationists in india treated education as service. Government should do some thing for the students, who comes from the poor families. Even students are thinking about job, making money rather than quest for knowledge.
Shajith Kunnmbrath Replied to: Ashish Gupta - 18 Apr, 2010
Dear jobseekers, out of the 220 million school children in India the gross enrollment ratio to higher education is a meagre 13% only. Out of this, less than 0.4% or 7 lakh students get admitted in 2200 engineering colleges in this country, hoping to earn Rs.25,000 pm in IT companies (90% of engineers prefer to join only IT industry). Do all these 7 lakh guys possess the necessary technical and softskills to enter in to industry ? No, hardly 10% have these skills. Engg colleges do not produce good quality engineers who lack employability skills. As an Engg and IT industry veteran with 25 years exp, I have been travelling to colleges and give free seminars to thousands of engg students about the expectations of hiring companies, where they need to build skills, how to and so on. I also give my contact number to provide free counselling over phone and email ID. But in the past 3 years of my service, not even a single student has contacted me or sent any mail. Who is to be blamed for this ? You guys, you don't take this engineering education seriously as we did 25 years ago. Eveybody wants to be an engineer without knowing whether you will be able to cope-up and sincerely interested to pursue a career in Engg. 90% is attracted towards the salary that IT companies are offering today. But they can't take 7 lakh and they take 60% freshers and that includes degree students also.

In Tamilnadu alone, there is no campus placement happening in 250 engg colleges as companies say they won't get even 5 from each of these college who would pass their evaluation. It is time to overhaul the higher education system in India and introduce career focussed education and it has to be done from schools.
Mohan Replied to: Shajith Kunnmbrath - 19 Apr, 2010
Hi Mohan, please forward me your contact details...even i need some guidance in shaping my career
prakruthi Replied to: Mohan - 24 Jul, 2010
Hi Mohan, please forward me you contact details. Have tried a lot to get my career a decent shape. However, it seems I need some guidance in doing so.
My Contact details are as follows:
Sayan Chakraborty
Sayan Replied to: Mohan - 21 Apr, 2010
Dear Mohan,

You r right none of the engineering college is providing a good engineer all are result oriented and none of them are employment oriented i just want to help my college juniors to get good quality training and job oriented awarness. Kinldy mail me your details and will fix up an appointment.. looking forward for your reply....
kayalvizhi Replied to: Mohan - 19 Apr, 2010
yes this is the situation of many students which were recruited from 2008,2009 batches..really what a pity on us..we were brought to see a dream to join satyam..but who knew that this dream will lead to nowhere..just the darkness of guilty why we were recruited in such a company..
all of my friends who have joined some other companies or others who were not recruited then are much happy with their lucks .. they were happy and thanking HIM ki bach gaye ....
Its really like a curse to have the name of satyamite ..
many a students are like they are still suffering from unemployment..many a students are like they have no other options instead to do such works which really they dont deserve ....

really WHAT A PITY ON US ..
payal Replied to: Ashish Gupta - 18 Apr, 2010
hello payal.., what you said was correct.., but plz don't blame the company.., do u know how many people and families had setteled their life with the help of satyam company (now mahindra satyam) it has given some many people lyf., it is not curse to hve the name of satyamite.., if the scam wasn't came into limelight u would be happy and also proud to be satyamite rite..., so juz think while you post on satyam.,

kiran Replied to: payal - 18 Apr, 2010
It is not only the story of Satyamite's various other companies have done the same. I was selected in MPhasis but still after 2 years I have not got any joining. Now they are hiring instead of calling us.Then if we do not blame companies then whom should be blammed?
Paras Shah Replied to: kiran - 18 Apr, 2010
Hey Guys,

wheather it is satyam or other company if your joining letter is not coming means u shld search for some other company. but stll waiting for satyam means it is so reputed. and if you are not going to search for other job then u are not skilled enough. u r affraid of attending the interview. so getr up be bold and search some other company. ok. done...
All the best...

Chalapati Replied to: Paras Shah - 21 Apr, 2010
Guys - Life dosent End at satyam. Its not the only company around. Never give up.
Abdul Replied to: Paras Shah - 18 Apr, 2010
I dont know why these guys are still waiting i got ffer from satyam and without waiting for joinin date ,I came to bangalore ,and in month i landed in a job which is offering higher package and beter carrer now i am working for A big IT giants,Guys market is good start hunting you will get a good deal,i can bet.:D
Shivam Replied to: Abdul - 19 Apr, 2010
It is very easy to ask people to look for jobs somewhere else or send them bits of motivational nothings. Try and put yourself in their shoes and then you will know what it feels like to wait eternally, hoping that a call someday might just change your fortunes.

It is very unfortunate that there are no rules or regulations in place for dealing with such issues. A promise of a job triggers a lot of other facts (which include someone chalking out his/her career and even life in general) that no one and I repeat no one has the right to revoke. If playing with people's careers and lives is not fraud, then murder should be reduced to the level of theft!

And as far as the experienced bourgeoise have explained themselves, they are right. The market is getting better for people with experience only. Maybe they somehow forget that at some point of time in their careers, they were freshers too! :)
badpoem Replied to: Shivam - 19 Apr, 2010
Listen guys...
I am really shocked to know that people are still waiting for that Satyam shit. I was a fresher once too and I did find a job off campus. So not wait and just keep blaming Satyam n stuff...

Start searching now. I can in fact help freshers get their first job in IT.
Call me at 09225650374

Take care!
Hussain Replied to: Shivam - 19 Apr, 2010
hey ppl who r blaming the satyam selected ppl who r still w8n...let me give u some info ab ourselves...
the selected 2008 passouts were sure of joining satyam till dec 2008,as everythin was fine...suddenly satyam scam and in addition the recession triggered..there were no IT jobs in the market...some fraud companies were asking a huge amount of money in return for a job...all the dates of selling forms for GATE or MBA entrances were we lost 1 yr,now when the markets improved all companies wanted only the 2009 batche selected now tell me where is the opportunity 4 this 2008 passouts...there were also instances where we were not given jobs just bcoz we had an offer 4m spk out....
lord Replied to: Hussain - 03 Jun, 2010
mphasis also did the same.....mphasis sucks...
kashif ali Replied to: Hussain - 19 Apr, 2010
Again a fraud has given his number
shivam Replied to: Hussain - 19 Apr, 2010