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My Advice to students and first job seekers: Narayan Murthy, Chief Mentor, Infosys

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 16 July 2010, 07:48 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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An Exclusive Interview: Mr Murthy, I want you to give advice to first job seekers and students.

1) They should be very disciplined in the process
2) They should be hard working
3) Committed towards their work
4) They should do their assignments properly
5) They should try and understand whatever is thought in the class
6) They should try and apply it to the real life situations
7) They should work out for every problem that was there at the end of the chapter.
8) They should learn to ask more questions

I think if they do all of these things, they would be wonderful What do you think about the availability of resource in market and what are the challenges Infosys faced while hiring fresher in this recession?

Mr. NR Narayana Murthy: I think whenever there is a recession, whenever the economy slows down, the opportunity for job creation in this IT- industry so as against about 500,000 jobs created in the last year it must have been hardly 100,000. Infosys was one of the very few companies that honored every one of them the commitment. Most of the company, they postponed their joining period and I think the youngsters have put into difficulty, there was lot of uncertainty and therefore I would say that whenever there is a slowing down of growth of the economy then job creation automatically slows down. We have heard you in various platforms where you discussed about employability among fresher. I see that Infosys has also taken an initiative called campus connect to address this issue. Can you tell us something more about it?

Mr. NR Narayana Murthy: Well what we found seven years ago that the graduates that came out of the various engineering colleges in the country perhaps from few IITs and few engineering colleges were mostly not well equipped to handle our requirement. Also the fact that we recruited civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers to become software engineers, we had to do two things: One we had to mount a three to four months programme for training these engineers the basics of computer science. Now that programme has become an 8 months programme. Second we have to work closely with the engineering colleges so that non qualifying students could be better equipped to handle the requirement of IT Company. Campus connect is upgrading the knowledge of students coming out from the engineering colleges. Making sure that they understand what's happening in the IT industry, to understand the basics of the IT industry, making sure that they have knowledge of the latest tools and technologies. This is the purpose of campus connect. We have been receiving queries that why employers emphasize so much on certain threshold like percentages. DO you think that students with lesser percentage are not that bright?

Mr. NR Narayana Murthy: NO!! See our education system does not really test learning ability. However it test one important thing that is how disciplined the youngster have been. How hardworking the youngster have been, How committed the youngster have been. How much they hear to the teacher. These are all important quality for success even in a company. That is why we have to go by the criteria of marks because otherwise we will have to manage huge number of applications which we will not be able to do. So we felt that let us look at the criteria that clearly tells us that the person is hard working, disciplined, committed etc. and out of that we will see who are smart because if you are a smart one and disciplined you will definitely do very well. So however there may be some cases where you are not that smart, you are hard working and disciplined and you have done well, there may be even few cases where you are very smart but you are not disciplined and hardworking obviously you don't made the grade so we are looking at the combination of smartness, hard work, discipline and commitment and that certainly come from the set of people who have done education with good marks. : Lets go a few years back. How did you get your first job?

Mr NR Narayana Murthy: When I did my masters from electrical engineering specialization from IIT Kanpur. There were about 8 students who passed where probably there were 50 jobs for us so each of us got 3 to 4 jobs. And it was not difficult at all. There were more jobs for people who are trained and have skills and our case was of that kind only.

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Reader's comments(11)
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2: This content seems copied from the website
Posted by:Ajeet - 21 Sep, 2010
3: Do what you love guyz...If u do not feel like studying dont study.. and do only what interests you... God has given u enough freedom to decide what is wrong and what is wright.. All must be losers infront of Narayana Murthy may be because we are yet to prove our capabilities.. Every body has a different destiny..some may start a company..but the hardest part is finding happiness in what u do, and you get control of ur life... Only try for that....!
Posted by:dkjbfd - 29 Jul, 2010
4: Ye..As murthy said..u will have to work very hard all ur life.. sit in front of the computer all ur life and spoil ur life...and finally get into Infosys.. Then some dick who dosent even know anything about software will come and boss you.. u should have lot of patience to face all those obstacles and be calm and work for infosys with all ur mind body and soul..and finally when recession comes Infosys will be send u out or reduce ur salary.. nor they wouldn't take any people who are quitting satyam saying these satyam employees did not support their company at times of stress... Narayana Murthy is a very good example of early bird catches the worm... and infosys is one of best schools out there..Guys why the hell do u want to get into infosys..? Atleast if u want to get into some software companies it is better that u dont get into companies like infosys, wipro and HCL...the worst three of the whole lot...!
Posted by:Narayana Murthy - 29 Jul, 2010
5: My question/ suggestion to INFOSYS & Mr. Murthy!
INFOSYS is a great company I must say from National as well as Global perspective and I know its a great employer as well($).
But also a big hypocrite when it comes to placements:
1) The placement papers are always bloody repeated and anyone who has a good network (Web-SN) can get a pile of paper once during placements in B.Tech and there they have the key to clear first round. The funny part is even the puzzles asked in the interview are same with expectations of a standard answer (go to any site ull get one).
2) All this percentage mess, I wonder if they are giving equal opportunity coz if 6 years back in 10th standard you messed up and get 59.3% they won't take you :), I mean yeah you can be an engineering topper or a Robotics champ but they don't bother. As Mr. Murthy has said u can not be HARDWORKING, DISCPIPLINED, COMMITTED bla bla bla coz he has defined it with your 6 years old record. I wonder if they do employee appraisals like that, i.e., based on ur 3 years old project as u might not be COMMITTED to any project now :).

NE which ways INFOSYS/ Mr. Murthi, No offenses I still believe infy is a great company from Global footprint,SQ & Delivery perspective but yeah pls take a look at your hiring process. Coz luking at your balance sheet I can see big bucks going on MANPOWER. :)

-Rohit (I am the one who thank fully had 58% in 10th so got saved from Infy and working in a Larger MNC :))
Posted by:Rohit - 18 Jul, 2010
6: as murty sir said for percentage critaria.but why they include 12th or 10th class percentage in placement, may be possible he has less % in 12th but after 12th he studied well.
Posted by:gaurav - 17 Jul, 2010
7: very good says Mt. Murthy
Posted by:Hem - 16 Jul, 2010
8: Mr Murthy said things correct, study well and look for a good Job, why IT?
Did he mentioned to join IT?
Posted by:Hari - 16 Jul, 2010
9: What Mr.Narayan Murthy Sir has told is the truth, Criteria's mentioned by him are of donkey's which earns better revenue to INFOSYS. In india we have lot of donkeys production units which serves their requirements.. thats it. Nothing wrong with that. Now they have come up with campus connect which will actually act as catalyst and yield them advanced donkeys.
Posted by:sandeep - 16 Jul, 2010
10: What a hypocrisy.

First get them right from the campus just on the basis how fluent they are in English language and and other mundane things (computer knowledge wise) then preach that they should be good in their academics. These days most of the engineering students has this funda "who the f--- cares to study these things they don't even bother ask during the recruitment"

I agree with Amit. These companies are just changing the trend of recruitment to ensure cheap labour (not engineering) for themselves. I think AICTE and other bodies should look into it otherwise our country will remain a service provider middle class nation for ever (or until there's competition from other developing nations).
Posted by:amar - 16 Jul, 2010
11: Hi ,
I think if anybody have these skills why he/she would go to the job industry and do job for pennies and live on the mercy of team leaders,The company here in India ,they just screw students and new comers ..They just give pennies and take a huge work from him .The one company name is INFOSYS
Posted by:Amit - 16 Jul, 2010