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Leadership Lessons from Ramayana

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 14 July 2011, 12:32 Hrs   |    40 Comments
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Bangalore: What are the primary qualities of leadership? What are the effective management skills? How many of us can answer these questions? Although we have theoretical definitions for these concepts, where did the concept of leadership and management evolve is a billion dollar question?

The field of business and leadership has been enriched by learnings from various disciplines of knowledge. It is said that the corporate learnings are driven from our great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata.
So here are a few lessons that we can comprehend from Ramayana and how it can be applied in the corporate world.

Lessons of Hindu epics Ramayana have formed part of teaching on leadership, management and governance at prestigious institutions like the Wharton Business School of the USA, the Indian Business School of Hyderabad and many Indian Institutes of Management.

Vivek Man Singh, President VTG at Cisco Systems mentions in his book. 'Leading the Ramayana way' that Leadership begins where logic ends, it surely gets lonely out there, but you show the valor, walk the talk, and your teammates are sure to follow you.

Leading the Ramayana way

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Reader's comments(40)
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8: @vamsi
Vamsi, If you dont believe in God. Why do you want to argue. actually you fear God which is why you talk so much. Why should I believe you exist? What is the evidence that you exist? Have you ever seen your father's father's father's father? No right dont you believe that he existed? It's not a matter of your belief. You believe it or not God exists. There's not reason not to believe in God. but there's every reason to believe in Him.

God is not your servant to appear Himself in front of your eyes to make you believe. If you have cataract in your eyes you cannot see anyone. Likewise,with our limited brain we cannot understand to His full extent, He is unlimited. No creation exists without the creator. From your words, it is to be inferred that you accept nature to be more powerful than us. Nature cannot act so wonderfully without someone controlling that. There's a big hand behind that. Logically it can be proved. How can any machine come into existence without anyone creating it? Same way how can nature came into existence without anyone creating it? Think about it!!!
Thanks for your comment!!!
I am not believing in God blindly but scientifically.

If you like to talk further, mail me at
Posted by:dinesh - 03 Aug, 2011
you can also explore a lot about science of the self, Nature and God in my blog
dinesh Replied to: dinesh - 26 Aug, 2011
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Posted by:chetan - 17 Jul, 2011
I have not read the original Ramayana, so cant talk with authority. As to Indian management, it is based on feudal words of ‘respect’ to higher ups, and pejoratives to the lower guys. Nothing great in it. A great percentage of the population remain soiled, even if the nation looks outwardly great.
As to Ramayana story, it is a tragic one. Of a man, who married a princess, but who really was not one. In Indian languages, it can deeply affect a man’s stature.
He lost his position and wandered all over the place. His wife had to be restrained with words of ‘Lakshmana reka’ but still she was taken away by another man. How many years she was with him is not known to me, but the agony Rama may have experienced has to be personally felt to see its gravity. If one sees Rama as a man, as another person who lived in this land, well, he really suffered. Maybe his greatness may be in that. For who knows what the divine designs that connected to our earthly experiences?
Posted by:Ved from Victoria Institutions - 16 Jul, 2011
12: Quite interesting post.

Here are leadership tips from another Epic,Bhagavad Gita:

Leadership Lessons from
Bhagavad-Gita, A Commentary on Chapter One of Bhagavad-gita by Sita-pati das (Joshua JWulf)(

Sanjaya was the charioteer of Dhritarastra, who was a King. There are four primary leadership roles:

1. Strategic Leadership
2. Directive Leadership
3. Team-building Leadership
4. Operational Leadership

You have a unique character, with particular strengths and weaknesses.When you understand and play to your strengths you can develop your natural leadership ability, and you'll find that you are suited to a particular leadership role. Effective leadership necessitates a leadership team with the right mix of aptitudes. One is too small a number for greatness, as the saying goes. Getting the right mix of people on the leadership team is crucial. Too many of one aptitude and there will be dysfunction of the organization or of the leadership team itself.Wrong mixes may manifest as a harmonious but ineffective leadership team, or a volatile leadership team characterized by internal strife. All of the four roles are necessary for a complete leadership team – in areas where one person is weak, another person is strong. It is not ordinarily possible for one person to embody all types, and especially not to be good at all of them, because they have contradictory psychological characteristics. Such a personality is exceedingly rare. A person is generally strong in a primary leadership role, accompanied by a weaker predominant secondary role. Very rarely will a person by strong in three.Wherever there are strengths there are corresponding weaknesses. These weaknesses can become strengths when they are acknowledged and understood, and a team is built around them. "Know Yourself", and your area of contribution, is the beginning of individual effectiveness, leading to team effectiveness.Persons who are suited to Strategic Leadership are thinkers. They lead out of a strategic strength. Their primary concern is why to do things. They love the challenge of understanding and planning. They value knowing over doing. This gives them a detachment which enables them to more accurately and objectively analyze the
situation. They value knowledge and wisdom, and admire perceptive and wise people.

To assess your strength in this leadership role score one point for each of the
following characteristics of the Strategic Leader that you possess:

1. Analyst of reality
2. Create practical ways of converting vision into action
3. View emotions and sensitivity as detrimental to the cause
4. Do not hesitate to ask the hard questions
5. Do not mind creating controversy
6. Content to remain in the background
7. More loyal to the vision than to the people
8. Take great pride in being knowledgable in their area of focus

The corresponding weaknesses of this type are the following:

1. Useful but generally not popular
2. Usually portrayed as insensitive and robotic
3. Usually happier working with ideas than people
4. Often take a long time to arrive at decisions
5. Lean toward perfectionism
The extreme archetype of this leader is Spock from Star Trek.
Persons who are suited to Directive Leadership, also known as Executive Leadership, are initiators. In the hazy smoke of battle (literal or metaphorical), while others are stumbling around in shock and confusion, looking for guidance, the Directive Leader is the one whose response is to charge forward boldly, and inspire others to follow them. They love to direct, and are able to initiate action, and to sustain action. They value doing over knowing. A person with a reduced strength in this area may be able to intiate, but unable to sustain action. In terms of Myers-Briggs or Keirsey personality typing, this person is often an NT. They value competence and effectiveness, and admire competent and effective people. In order to get an idea of how strong in this leadership role you are, score one point for each of the following characteristics that apply:

The Directive Leader:

1. Casts a compelling vision
2. Does not spend time or energy in the details of the process
3. High motivational capacity
4. Effective speaker
5. Good listener
6. Make people feel important
7. Intuitive decision maker
8. Air of confidence
9. Makes tough calls
10.Seldom compromises

The corollary weaknesses of this type are the following:

1. Disinterest in the minutiae of the process
2. Little patience in discussion about detail
3. Great with large groups but not especially warm with individuals
4. Restless
5. Have short attention span
6. Favour action over reflection
7. May ignore financial limitations and realities
8. Have a high interest in making good things happen now

In the language of Stephen Covey, the Directive Leader is all about efficiency –
getting people moving up the hill. The Strategic Leader is all about effectiveness,
making sure that the team is moving up the right hill.

The Directive Leader is about engagement – engaging himself or herself, and
engaging others in the task at hand. The Visionary Leader is about detachment –
stepping back and looking at the bigger picture. The two are generally complementary roles, and a person is generally better at one or the other.
The Strategic Leader enables the Directive Leader by providing him or her with
strategic vision and direction. This is very valuable to the Directive leader as it
ultimately makes him or her more effective.

The Team Building Leader is all about people. They are natural people persons, and generate cohesion in any group that they are part of.

Their characteristics are as follows:

1. Enjoy organising people around a common cause
2. Rely heavily on their relational network
3. Charismatic
4. Generate high morale
5. Place high value on people
6. Ability to interact with a high variety of people
7. Receives loyalty and respect from the team

Their weaknesses are:

1. Hate paperwork
2. Waffle on detail
3. Tendency to ignore agendas, action plans, and budgets
4. Allow relationships to hinder progress
5. Get hurt by people
The Operational Leader is the final leadership role. This is a very practical, on-the ground leadership role.

The characteristics of an Operational Leader are as follows:

1. Provide stability to the organisation
2. Devise systems to make things run smoothly
3. They act as a hub through which people go in the organization
4. Often reports bad news, but is seldom responsible
5. Create new solutions to old problems
6. Often complement the other three aptitudes

Their weaknesses:

1. Easily slips from leader to manager
2. Dislike conflict
3. Fail to see the big picture
4. Lack motivational skills
5. Can be viewed as a hindrance to progress
6. Often lack the influence of the other three aptitudes

Sanjaya is part of Dhrtarastra's leadership team, and his formal position is that of an operational leader, in charge of the King's transport. However, his actual role is revealed in this verse. The King has approached him for guidance and for vision. Formal roles are one thing, but the real substance of leadership is influence, and as we have seen here, this depends on the personal qualities of a person.”

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 16 Jul, 2011
This is really a nice one.

My Article in similar lines.

Madhavarao Kulkarni
S/W engineer Cisco Systems
Madhavarao Replied to: Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 16 Jul, 2011
14: HA ha ha ha hahahahahahaahahaha .strange ! viewing like comedy visuals .thanks all. ha ha
Posted by:littleguyme - 15 Jul, 2011
15: Very pertinent topic, but the article doesn't even cover a little of what Ramayana can teach by way of example. It skims so much on the surface one would wonder if it is purely religious faith that makes the jurno write this. A few examples would be good.

One the other hand, try "Attitude Shift - Sanskrit Maxims for Contemporary Life and Leadership", which bring to life many Sanskrit saying with relevance to modern times. It draws from various sources, and even without reaching upto the great epic, we find many useful practical wisdom. The preface of the book sets the background for the importance of Indian wisdom. Check out on Amazon ebook version at or at
Posted by:shashi j - 15 Jul, 2011
16: Rama's biggest sacrifice was his wife Sita.He disowned her just because of Laundry man's bad word for him.Abandoning Sita was necessary for a King who wants to rule the country by command and not demand respect from his each countryman.
Posted by:R T Sah - 15 Jul, 2011
17: It is quite true that there is so much to learn from our great epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. Rama in ramayana has shown the qualities of a leader. Despite many problem he had never escaped from his responsibility. He saved Sugriva the emperor of Monkey kingdom from his brother a greater valorous king the then Vali. Similarly he had done many things.This is a true quality of a leader. A leader will never escape from his responsibility say at any time.He still has many such qualities which made him a true leader.To share few Valorous,
Continuous learning, respect for elders,morals and ethics in life, trustfulness are few among many of them.
Posted by:B.Ramakrishna - 15 Jul, 2011
18: Some fools dont believe even if God comes in front of them and they cannot understand even if He is present before. Because He doesnt have the eyes to see. These athiestic people do not know how their own body functions and what it is all about. How the cosmic manifestation is happening. Everything comes from something. Not that everything bursted out of something. Life comes from Life, not from mere matter.

If these athiestic people dont want to believe why are they talking about the existence of God and the religion. An ant in the corner of room cannot understand the existence of American president and even if you try to provide evidence to them, they cannot understand. People actually became like animals. Only animals are incapable of understanding God. Instead of serving God they are serving God and becoming Dog and finally again saying bow bow boww..Dog only exists and God doesnt exist. God is not affected by these Dogs.
Religion is a science of knowing our relation with God, the nature and our real self(soul.

Hogs will not accept even if you give Halwa. They can eat only stool and relish, because thats their whole mentality.

For more details you can visit
Posted by:dinesh - 15 Jul, 2011
Hi Dinesh,

You are very emotional , Please be cool . I read RAMAYANA and MAHABHARATHA completely. both are just Mythologies (imaginations never happened on this earth)

You are not supposed to hurt other feelings by using these kind of language. :)

we atheists never said that "we dont believe in GOD if some one shows" , If some one really shows the GOD then we ca believe

But now one can show.

You seem to have very huge belief on GOD. Any How I am a pure atheist who respects this Nature

If you are believing GOD then Are you in a position to answer this questions?

- Did Ramayana and Mahabharata happened on this earth?
- How does a Human Being like Rama can stop the SUN and MOON when they are part of this nature before Human existance?
- Why early Humans did not have any religion castes etc and also how only in INDIA have lots of castes?
- There are some standard principles for any living being in this nature , as we all know so then how Monkeys were speaking in Ramayana and Mahabharatha time and why not now?
- Where are these "Milk Ocean" (Paala Samudram) in this nature?
- According to Ramayana and Bhararatha and some other Indian books (BIBLE and QURAN also) , HELL and HEAVEN exists, What is the LOGICAL EVIDENCE in that.

Who wil judge GOOD or BAD, why becazuse If some thing you believe is GOOD the same thing is Look BAD for others.

still I have lot more questions.

my email ID is

If you are real devotee in GOD then you can email me in the above email addres

vamsi Replied to: dinesh - 21 Jul, 2011
"Some fools dont believe even if God comes in front of them and they cannot understand even if He is present before."
That fool would be you..however you may believe any strange thing as GOD.

"These athiestic people do not know how their own body functions and what it is all about. How the cosmic manifestation is happening. "
I think you don't understand how your body functions. Your lack of knowledge(and lack of interest in obtaining it) causes you to turn to some super being as answers to all unexplained questions for far. People like you considered earth to be flat, sun revolved around earth, all natural disasters as wrath of god. Since now they are clearly explained, you will look for next unexplained thing as god.

"Only animals are incapable of understanding God. "
Yes, because they don't need a world of illusion to live without fear.

susanta Replied to: dinesh - 15 Jul, 2011
Dinesh, Thank you for your interest in Hindu philososhy or god But you need to learn little more from Gita and Agams.(Not Puran Kathas) It's not difficult for you at all.
Hasubhai Replied to: dinesh - 15 Jul, 2011
22: Ramayana is the greatest piece of literature ever written. It has never been surpassed any where in the world. The entire philosophy of Mahabharata is incomplete in even describing a single shloka of the Ramayana.
Posted by:Ani - 14 Jul, 2011
23: Its Good, but inadequate information Provided, So requesting you to provide complete detail

Hasanwala Zahirabbas
Posted by:Hasanwala Zahirabbas - 14 Jul, 2011
24: The important lesson from Ramamyana:

Killing bad people is the real ahimsa because by their death you can protect a lot of innocent people.

Our government is totally on the wrong side because they think they have given fair trial to a terrorist like Kasab. Was him shooting people mercilessly fair? then why take him to a court and try to defend him and play games with him? So, it means that our whole constitution is evil, this is why democracy fails sometimes. The criminals get away happily because when leaders itself are evil how can you expect them to counter evil?
Posted by:Fulltoss - 14 Jul, 2011
I understand your reason and with you on your thought. But however as a democratic country we should give everyone a fair trial before condemning. That can be painful sometimes.
However the only issue is, some malicious people in our country take advantage of this for their own benefit.
susanta Replied to: Fulltoss - 15 Jul, 2011
Read chanakya neethi, what he says about ahimsa and law, even lord Krishna in Mahabharata talked with kauravas, then tried to befriend them but in vain then he declared war against kauravas. Even lord declared war against evil. Democracy is useful only if people have democratic mindset inculcated in them, you can't use the law for barbarians. That's why India had king's rule from times Immemorial, they never used to spare traitors and detractors. Why my dear bro, do people like you have soft attitude towards invaders? It's because of that attitude Hindus today are threatened from all sides. Shed off you feebleness, be a man!
Fulltoss Replied to: susanta - 15 Jul, 2011
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fitflops Replied to: Fulltoss - 06 Sep, 2013
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custom nfl jerseys blog Replied to: Fulltoss - 05 Sep, 2013
Hello, you used to write magnificent, but the last several posts have been kinda boringSI miss your tremendous writings. Past several posts are just a little out of track! come on!
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custom jerseys blog Replied to: Fulltoss - 04 Sep, 2013
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Louis Vuitton Outlet Replied to: Fulltoss - 12 Aug, 2013
rolex daytona gold replica Replied to: Fulltoss - 18 Jun, 2013
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rolex daytona paul newman replica Replied to: Fulltoss - 17 Jun, 2013
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??? Replied to: Fulltoss - 04 Jun, 2013
Completely agree with chanakya neethi.
A Must read for all students.
Abhash Kumar Replied to: Fulltoss - 16 Jul, 2011
nagesh Kumar likes this......
nag Replied to: Fulltoss - 14 Jul, 2011
36: Sub: Higher Dimensional Knowledge
Sub: Utthista
India needs to wake-up to dimensional Knowledge that helps Science, Philosophy and Religion to integration.Both Ramayana and Maha-Bharata needs to be deciphered through Cosmology Vedas interlinks. A three Tier Knowledge base is introduced in my lectures-Technology Management Developing Countries-1989-96.Vidyardhi nanduri
Posted by:Vidyardhi Nanduri - 14 Jul, 2011
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soccer shoes Replied to: Vidyardhi Nanduri - 16 Feb, 2012
38: It is true that the Ramayana has its own lessons. However the Mahabharata is beyond any comparison. It explains even greater concepts, and the shrewd diplomatic activities of Sri Krishna are mind-blowing! It would be good if such an analysis is carried on the Mahabharata too...
Posted by:Balaji - 14 Jul, 2011
39: That is true.In Balkand, when Tulsidas describes the birth of Lord RAM, the GOD SUPREME on taking birth appears in HIS divine form & the scared mother Kaushalya requests HIM to downsize,take the human form by doing 'Shishu Lila'.RAM's life journey in the human form as the Maryada Purushottam starts from here.RAM has been a super strategist & master tactician,a great leader & motivator & an impeccable embodiment of truthfulness,integrity,credibility,empathy & devotion.HE is also seen as a great Visionary,Planner,Coordinator & last word in harnessing not only Human Resources but animals & birds.Cool & composed,HE led from the front giving personal example & had the passion to win with the much needed killer instinct.HE knew the art of gathering actionable intelligence & using it to reach logical ends.There are innumerable such management examples associated with HIM.Today, on the occasion of Guru Purnima, I bow in reverence to HIM & pray that we follow the path & direction shown by him.
Posted by:Lt Gen Dr Mohan Bhandari - 14 Jul, 2011
Well said sir. Lord Rama is the true example of how one human should be in his life. Giving respect to all even to Ravanan by giving him some chance to survive.
sathish Replied to: Lt Gen Dr Mohan Bhandari - 14 Jul, 2011