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Indian techie builds low cost robot for household chores

Tuesday, 13 April 2010, 09:35 Hrs   |    40 Comments
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Indian techie builds low cost robot for household chores
Bangalore: A Bangalore based Microsoft techie, Ramaprasad has built robots that can cook, keep the house safe when he is away and help him spend his leisure the way he likes it best. Also, these robots tell him news that interests him, and show him ads of products he would like to buy.

Talking to Bangalore Mirror on the sideline of Microsoft Tech Ed being organized in Bangalore, Ramaprasad said that it is awesome letting smart robots do all the humdrum work at home. What thrills him even more is that he made all the robots, which he calls Buddyhomes. The software, hardware, design and implementation are all his.

For the past 15 day, Buddyhomes do every work for Ramaprasad. They wake him up with an alarm. If he does not wake up, they pour some water over his head! He goes for his breakfast. He puts the noodles into a pan on the stove. Then he leaves because he wants to read the newspaper. Meanwhile, a buddyhome stirs the noodles. In two minutes, he gets the message that noodles is ready. He scans the newspapers. He is interested in Lalu Prasad Yadav. He smiles. Immediately, the screen on the wall before him shows the latest available news about Lalu.

Building these robots with software including cloud computing, Microsoft.Net, Visual Studio 2010 and Open Computer Vision, Ramaprasad said that the technology to build the robots is 'very simple'. It has three webcams and a screen, gesture-recognising software, and hardware from SP Road near Town Hall. "It costs me just 16,000. It is so reasonable because most parts are from SP Road. The motors, chips, atmega, and H bridges are all from SP Road."

Now Ramaprasad is trying to finetune the robots to do wet mops of the floor, and do more sophisticated cooking. In particular, he wants to pursue gesture-reading robots because he sees great potential in it for the hearing- and speech-impaired. "I think it is possible to interpret gestures, and turn that into voice. Think how it can help those who cannot speak," said Ramaprasad, who studied in College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai, and has a BE in computer science and engineering from Anna University.

(Reported by: Renuka Phadnis of Bangalore Mirror)

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Reader's comments(40)
1: sir please do reply... it would be a great email id is
Posted by:avi - 27 May, 2010
2: hello sir....
first n foremost want to congratulate u for ur work....
i also have a plan to make such robot but i m confused where to start with...can u please guide me..
Posted by:avi - 27 May, 2010
3: Hi Ram,

Great job, this is very impressive. I had also conceived an idea of a robot specific to cleaning floors last year, but could not give any time to it after initial ideation.
Hats off to you that you could excute your ideas and build it. I am based out of Bangalore and would like to meet you and have a look at it.
Wish you all the best.
Posted by:Jivendu - 01 May, 2010
4: Rams, Youd did a gr work.In coming days it will be helpful to techi guys, who are always busy with thier works.
i wish you all the best Ram.
Posted by:Prathap - 21 Apr, 2010
5: Glad to read this article. Hope in future working women can really take some rest at home after a tough day at work. Wish u all the best Sir.
Posted by:Sujata - 19 Apr, 2010
6: CEGian rocks always :-)
- a CEGian
Posted by:nizam - 18 Apr, 2010
7: Hello Mr.Ramaprasad .First I would like to congratulate you for your great work.I am a computer science student but robots always attracted me.I just want to know some more programming details that u hv done in building ur robot. If u r willing to send some details please send it to my email id which is
Posted by:deep - 15 Apr, 2010
8: Gr work dude. I donot have words to congratulate you. Its an incredible achievement. As others I too want you to sell and develop more such intelligent robots. I will be among the first to buy. You can drive a revolution in India helping people at home.
Posted by:Mukul - 15 Apr, 2010
9: Need of the hour is a wet and dry floor cleaner robot at reasonable cost. Many models available else where. In India, the pionior in vacuum cleaner just introduced the dry floor cleaning system. We need them in many upgrades.
Posted by:Gopalakrishnan.H - 14 Apr, 2010
10: Its brilliant. i think this should be used in many more areas, can we meet and discuss. well i would like to buy one.
Posted by:robin boun - 14 Apr, 2010
11: Its really awesome and interesting very useful for working womens
Posted by:snehalatha - 14 Apr, 2010
12: Hi Ramaprasad Congratulations
Brilliant work keep it up. Wish u all the best for many such developemnts. You made all Indians especially Bangalorean feel proud. Hats of to you...

hey please do let me know if you are planning to sell them as I would like to have one for myself.

Posted by:Vandana - 14 Apr, 2010
CEGian rocks always :-)
- a CEGian
nizam Replied to: Vandana - 18 Apr, 2010
14: hey ..immpresive. nd i apreciate that..goodluck
Posted by:akki - 14 Apr, 2010
15: Hi, Mr. Ramprasad, I would to know if there are any posibility that can you help in getting or making an replica of the honda walk assist device. If yes let me know.
Posted by:Rohith Shet G R - 14 Apr, 2010
16: hi.. its really awesome and interesting... i'm proud to be cegian...
Posted by:Aarthy - 14 Apr, 2010
17: Hey Ramprasad, really interesting, I have a suggestion. Here in my city(Ahmedabad) there is lot of heat (45 C) and due to that Traffic Police hide in shadow and creating traffic chaos. Why don`t you develop one traffic police robot and give it to Traffic Police department (It would also help them increase penalty revenues, as they wont take other money )
Posted by:Rajal Desai - 14 Apr, 2010
18: Hi Ramprasad,
Please start selling with more price to run the more developments, with some conditions as those are in pilot stage.
Malakonda Reddy
Posted by:Malakonda Reddy - 14 Apr, 2010
19: Mr.Ramprasad Excellent and heartiest congratulations. Keep it up.
Such developments needs money. I suggest you should sell few of them as it is at double your cost. Profit that you make you can use for your further development. Yes I would buy one. Send me a mail at
Once again all the best and keep up the good work.
Posted by:Nanda - 14 Apr, 2010
20: Thats realyy i say user of technology & 1st person of home.. supereb helper of busy womens..
Posted by:Anandkumar - 14 Apr, 2010
21: amazin work sir,, evn i want a one.. lol:)
Posted by:Hina - 14 Apr, 2010
22: Hello Sir, This is an awesome invention. Very badly needed in the fast and ransom holding world.
Posted by:Ivy Lobo - 14 Apr, 2010
23: The buddy homes are excellent. Indeed helpful for lonely old aged people, physically challenged persons and those who cannot do their jobs by their own.
Posted by:kalishetti srikanth - 14 Apr, 2010
24: Amazing work sir, keep this on...
Our best wishes r always wid u.
Posted by:Ujjwal - 14 Apr, 2010
25: Well done & keep it up. Try to productize it earliest so that people can truly benefit from it. I had tough time when away from family for 10 months as no maid wants to work for a single fellow.
Posted by:Ram Pandey - 13 Apr, 2010
26: Awesome invention! I too love to create some. . .
Posted by:Ali khan - 13 Apr, 2010
27: Mr.RamPrasad, Good work Sir, Can you tell me from where in Bangalore I can learn about Robot tech from scratch?
Posted by:Colin - 13 Apr, 2010
28: Awesome Mr.Ramprasad....
Posted by:kishore - 13 Apr, 2010
29: Hi Ramprasad
Great one Sir, when the world is going ga-ga over mobile technology and so on , you have tried to pioneer the cause of hearing impaired whose technology is not so advanced but the aids available in the market are so very costly not many can afford and in the melee lot of children loose thier right to become greats just because they are hearing impared.
Posted by:Sunil S - 13 Apr, 2010
30: Yeah! good invention and I found the photos here;§id=1&contentid=2010041320100413201513334712a6448
Posted by:Michael Dadona - 13 Apr, 2010
Hi Michael: The exact link is
prakashloy Replied to: Michael Dadona - 14 Apr, 2010
32: can i contact u?

i need to take some suggestions about robots.

really hats of to u
Posted by:rakesh - 13 Apr, 2010
33: That's called technology. Use the available items and build whatever you want.

Specially designed components would increase the cost and limit the service.

Really great.
Posted by:AK Sinha - 13 Apr, 2010
Its called a robot...Plus he was able to build a smart robot to do his chores for 300 usd. It costs about 700 usd to build your own personal computer. If the robot were to be mass produced I'm sure the cost would be even less.

Sir, I dont know if you realize it, but your sarcasm has no meat to it..

congrats to this kid who was able to build a robot though..
Truthbuster Replied to: AK Sinha - 13 Apr, 2010
You Moron, Did that sound like sarcasm to you! LOL
TruthBusterBusted Replied to: Truthbuster - 14 Apr, 2010
36: That's cool. Very innovative. And Ramaprasad, kudos to being aware of and taking care of the social responsibility too.
Posted by:citizen - 13 Apr, 2010
Great work Mr Ramprasad!
Ramachandran PR Replied to: citizen - 13 Apr, 2010
38: Proud of Ramaprasad's innovation
Posted by:sharad - 13 Apr, 2010
good work .valuable for house wives .
m shukla Replied to: sharad - 13 Apr, 2010
Excellent job you have done .Congrats and wish to do many more like these where our all kind of people like rural people will get benfited of these technology in their daily life
thulaseeram k.s Replied to: m shukla - 13 Apr, 2010