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Best Tips to Deal with Stress

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 17 August 2011, 11:50 Hrs
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Best Tips to Deal with Stress
Bangalore: Busy schedule and late hours work has made new generation's life more stressful than ever before. Don't consider stress as a part of life, you can beat it by making a few changes in your lifestyle. Here are some simple tips to remain stress-free even in the most demanding situations.

Do one thing at a time

Focus on doing one thing at a time. Don't try to mix up tasks and finish it fast, you will end up doing nothing. Multitasking creates stress and is the cause of average results. If you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and feel that you are getting stressed, take your mind off the subject and return when the stress is gone. Always remember that the journey of thousand miles begins with one step.

Know your limits

Understand your capability before taking up a commitment. Whether in your personal or professional life, refuse added responsibilities when you are not able to reach them. If you find yourself constantly failing to meet someone's unrealistic standards it is better to stop being a people pleaser. Start learning the art of saying no and cut down that list of to-do.

Exercise daily

Taking frequent effective exercise is probably one of the best physical stress-reduction techniques. Studies showed that individuals who exercise daily have significant benefits when compared with individuals who are inactive. Exercise not only improves your health but also relaxes tense muscles and helps you to sleep well. Nothing beats aerobic exercise for releasing pent-up stress and tension.

Practice Yoga and Meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation has many long term benefits. It creates awareness of your mind, body and spirit, and brings happiness and health. It will provide you with many ways to keep your emotions in balance. Over all, practicing yoga and meditation techniques provide some of the easiest ways to become happier and lead a fuller life.

Effective planning

Effective time management will help you to control stressful situations. Always try to use a calendar or planner, and check it faithfully before committing to anything. You can also learn to identify time-wasting tasks by keeping a diary or notebook. Move things over to that list after having completed them. You will be happy to realize how productive you are at the end of the day.

practice cleanliness

Removing unwanted elements from your surrounding will give you a control over your life. Go through your room, get rid of stuffs that you don't use or need anymore, and look around at anything that clutter your room, get rid of it or find a better place for it. Creating a more inviting social atmosphere is another result of cleanliness and it will contribute to stress relief and relaxation.

Keep an eye on your spending

Financial stress is a widespread phenomenon. The proportion of people stressed about money is going up. To avoid financial stress, keep an eye on your spending. Unwanted expenditure can drain your energy and become a major stress factor. Do not spend before you have enough money or don't buy something useless because it is cheap.

Chill out and Have fun!

Always have fun and blast out with friends. Find time to spend with kids they will take your mind off everything and are really hilarious. According to studies, laughter is the best medicine, physical fitness as well as emotional health. In short, having fun should be a priority in the life of anyone who wants more health and happiness and less stress

Be creative

Boost your creativity and spend time for favorite hobbies. Get involved in activities like painting, writing, playing music, gardening etc. It could be physical or mental creativity, big or small, possibly anything. After all give yourself a pat on the back once you've finished and be proud of your hard work.

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