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10 Young Politicians of India

By SiliconIndia  |   Sunday, 04 September 2011, 20:04 Hrs   |    58 Comments
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Bangalore: A unanimous voice among the Indian youths of today is to enter active politics, to bring a change, freshness and flow of new ideas in Indian politics. Youth wings are present in all parties but they are used only for the promotion and advertising of the party. They play a very crucial role in major political parties but their role in National politics is hindered and inadequate. Britain, the country from which we derived much of our political framework, boasts of a 43-year-old PM, David Cameron.

But back home, the story is quite different; we have to make do with the likes of Manmohan Singh. Youngsters have still made to the first level of Indian politics with most of them bagging the tag of Member of Parliament (MP), but they have a long way to go to become minister to carry the burden of an important ministry. For now, they are behind the screens and play the role of junior ministers.

Here is the list of the 10 prominent young politicians of India who hold a promising future in Indian politics:

1. Agatha K. Sangam (born July 24, 1980):

Agatha Sangma debuted in Indian politics in the 15th Lok Sabha

Agatha Sangma debuted in Indian politics in the 15th Lok Sabha by elections after her father P.A. Sangam resigned from his seat to join state politics. She became the youngest Indian MP at the age of 29. She represents the Tura constituency of Meghalaya on the ticket of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). She heads the ministry of Rural development for the state. Agatha has a LLB degree from Pune University and also a Masters in Environmental Management from Nottingham University, UK.

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Reader's comments(58)
1: i can't understand you why not add this list mr.varun gandhi.jitin prsas anurag thakur ?
Posted by:Manish sri - 30 Nov, 2013
2: All politicians should be beaten black n blue and shot dead once they are into corruption, this has to be included in Lokpal bill.
Posted by:savitha - 13 Sep, 2011
3: There are many other names which are missing from this list like Jitin Prasad, Sandeep Dixit,Ankur Singh who have done much significant works as compared to these guys.
Posted by:Prateek S - 11 Sep, 2011
4: It is unfortunate that most of the ten, except Naveen Jindal and Priya Dutt are sons or daughters of politicians themselves. Well it looks like even Priya Dutt is, considering Sunil Dutt was a politician of sorts.

Whatever little is written here about Naveen Jindal is impressive. All power to him.

Posted by:Krishna - 07 Sep, 2011
5: None of them are self made, all came from dynasty only....
Posted by:Sandeep - 07 Sep, 2011
6: The young made the big leap to become an MP but after that they are just taking home their perks and funds. It is high time such young people are given Portfolios according to their qualification. IT, Telecom, Industries, Rural Development, Urban development, Environment, Sports, Civil aviation, Education and Welfare of Children and Women should definitely go to these you MPs who are below 40-45 yrs of age.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 06 Sep, 2011
7: Top 10 young politicians - simple ques is WHAT IS THE USE?
This generation made any good change to our system though
we are so advanced.wasting talent & energy.
Posted by:parikshit - 06 Sep, 2011
8: interesting.....I can see only the names of the sons and daughters of great political leaders....it reflects politics is a private business in India......It is something to worry about the largest democracy of the world.
Posted by:saurabh yashraj shukla - 05 Sep, 2011
9: Except one Navin Jindal all other names in the list have inherited their plitical constituencies. Don't understand why do they feature here. Beconming MP and ministers by legacy is the only their qualification. Due this attitude ofmedia other young people who are other wise quite active in public life are not able to enter the politics.
Posted by:Awadh - 05 Sep, 2011
10: I do not know why you people forgot about MR.YS.Jagan? He is very powerful politician from A.P and had won MP seat with 5 lacks majority and solely daring against Soniya
Posted by:Rajesh Bathala - 05 Sep, 2011
and a mighty corrupt one at that!

Is he still being investigated?
Krishna Replied to: Rajesh Bathala - 07 Sep, 2011
Who said he is powerful politician, powerful moneyician,he won the seat with his own money he bought the vote, if money is u can buy like this vote as long as KADAPPA people there, the who love's the money, Rajesh how much he gave you for write about him in FB and all other net work site.
Bimal Roy Replied to: Rajesh Bathala - 05 Sep, 2011
how much chandrababu gave to you mr roy to write like this
prathap Replied to: Bimal Roy - 07 Sep, 2011
14: I have a lot of respect for Rajiv Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. I believe in him and also believe that he will make a very good prime minister.
Posted by:Sid - 05 Sep, 2011
15: We need more people like Dr. Subramanian Swamy.
Posted by:Aviral Mittal - 05 Sep, 2011
I endorse Aviral Mittal
Mahen Replied to: Aviral Mittal - 05 Sep, 2011
I fully endorse mr.AM.It is a pity that the list of 10 young politicians of India has very purposely omitted the most important young MP Mr.Varun Gandhi and also most of these people are the offsprings of rotten politicians.Again family rule ?
NPNAIR Replied to: Mahen - 05 Sep, 2011
18: She is daughter of Biggest corrupt leader (so called) Sharad Pawar who has on taught corruption and malpractices only so PL delete this old looking inexperienced lady.
Posted by:Bharat - 05 Sep, 2011
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Posted by:bjlkfd8sa9 - 05 Sep, 2011
20: These politicians will make Hi-Tech corruption and create "Loot Lo India" picture in 3D/Animation version.
Posted by:Manoj - 05 Sep, 2011
21: None of the ten are first generation Politicians. Its the family tradition that has got the ten into the Politics
Fresh faces with fresh ideas are needed to change politics. Not the same type who grow up and get trained in the traditional politics.
Posted by:Prof K.K.Pande - 05 Sep, 2011
True, this is what Indian politics. No more, common man like me or you never become MP.
Whatever reasons, India never going to change, unless there is big revolution. I think, we need common man, who has vision for the country- not for selfish. Hoping for those days and those people---do we have answer?
Sid Replied to: Prof K.K.Pande - 05 Sep, 2011
23: how the hell wrote this,,,,,,,,,,,,these all peoples listed above are corrupt ,,they all history wrong deeds and character ,,,,like,,,, In gujarat bharat solanki son of Madhavsingh solanki .... he has several wives he wants a new lady ever month ... he drinks a lot even though there is prohibition in Gujarat ,he and his family is involved in all sortrs of illegal trades ,he is involved in some worst quality politics dividing society into several segments, IN FACT IT SHOULD BE SAID THAT MAN LIKE MODI IS SUCCESS AND CONGRESS IS AT LOSS BECAUSE OF SUCH PEOPLE IN CONGRESS , PEOPLE SEE THAT MODI IS BETTER AS COMPARED TO PEOPLE LIKE BHARATSINGH IN KANGRES what about pawars daughter .... karunanidhis daughter ,kanimozi.....Rahulbaba above all... arrested at American airport with a daughter of drug mafia and illegal money, rape of sukanya... false degree certificates... list and their deeds are endless
Posted by:anil - 05 Sep, 2011
24: Dear Frend He does not want that the loan should waived off .. but denied that the loan or something else persist . The corrupt Govn had Rounded him .. it seems you do not watch even news or you are son of a corrupt politicians who heated by Mr. Kejriwal
Posted by:vineet - 05 Sep, 2011
25: what is the intergrity of Kejriwal?
he wants the loan to be waived off as he was working for the public good
Posted by:Victor - 05 Sep, 2011
Victor integrity of Kejriwal is he took study leave for studying RTI acts implemented in the better democracies compared to ours. His loan would not have been a loan if he had completed service of three years after returning from the study leave. Unfortunately he realised after one year of service after returning that the work on RTI act was not going anywhere and hence to devote time for compiling a version of the act that can be brought as a bill in the parliament, he took unpaid leave. Because he could not fulfill bonded three years service, he has become a bonded labour to Govt to return the money and thus that money has become a loan for which he is asking for a waiver because he was working on the same subject for which he took the study leave. Ultimately the RTI act was passed again because of the dedication and Anna Hazare's fast in Mumbai. Surely you have a twisted sense of an irrational brain.
Mahen Replied to: Victor - 05 Sep, 2011
It is observed that Mr. Mahen has heard clarification given by Mr. Kejriwal. He has stated that after his study leave, he has served the I.T.Deptt. for about 3 and half years. Regarding leave salary, he has stated that he has donation for social cause. Besides this, he has stated that any dues outstanding, may please adjusdted against his G.P.Fund. You must his zeal for assisdting make draft for anty corruption and efforts done in this regard. You are requested to introspect your self.
Ved Prakash T. Nagpal Replied to: Mahen - 05 Sep, 2011
Dear Frend He does not want that the loan should waived off .. but denied that the loan or something else persist . The corrupt Govn had Rounded him .. it seems you do not watch even news or you are son of a corrupt politicians who heated by Mr. Kejriwal
vineet Replied to: Victor - 05 Sep, 2011
Agreed... Rahul Gandhi is worst politician ever... He's a politician not a leader... Please kindly understand this..
Gaurav Replied to: Victor - 05 Sep, 2011
Posted by:Anand Aivalli - 05 Sep, 2011
You spelt my mind. The young politicians only there to safeguard the family assets looted from us. Nothing will change until a revolution exists.
S. A P Venkatesh Replied to: Anand Aivalli - 05 Sep, 2011
32: Dear Suhrud, I am very grateful to your mail. We want evidence to come out, that is transperancy. Unfortunately my comments were based on lack of knowledge about the ten young politicians, I went only by the information provided in this article. The 4th Estate, that is the media unfortunately is so scared to talk truth and call a spade a spade that their so called investigative reporting is half truths which can make more damage than no truth. We want the Kejriwals and Annas and Kiran Bedis of India to really bring the corrupt to book. The politicians are so savvy that even a Narayana Murthy who is simple soul can be taken by their soft spoken highly articulated political talk. Mr. Murthy is all praise for the Politicians. I see very little of that praise in his support to the Anna and team, most of his talk was guarded and with some conditionality in praise. Even he does not have the courage that a Narendra Mody, a Kejriwal, a Bedi or a Prashant Bhushan have. All the politicians, media and other comentators consider themselves the custodian of Indian thinking. Unfortunately it is only half truth or guarded comment and not the WHOLE TRUTH. Bravo Anna, Narendra Modi, Kejriwal, Bedi and the like.
Posted by:Mahen - 05 Sep, 2011
33: If you say junior scindhia and pilots, jindals are fresh and they want to bring about a change ... you are certainly wrong these guys are even more polluted than their fathers.... their lives if ivestigated may reveal some horrible truths...some bidy agatha sangma may be an exception.... In gujarat bharat solanki son of Madhavsingh solanki .... he has several wives he wants a new lady ever month ... he drinks a lot even though there is prohibition in Gujarat ,he and his family is involved in all sortrs of illegal trades ,he is involved in some worst quality politics dividing society into several segments, IN FACT IT SHOULD BE SAID THAT MAN LIKE MODI IS SUCCESS AND CONGRESS IS AT LOSS BECAUSE OF SUCH PEOPLE IN CONGRESS , PEOPLE SEE THAT MODI IS BETTER AS COMPARED TO PEOPLE LIKE BHARATSINGH IN KANGRES what about pawars daughter .... karunanidhis daughter ,kanimozi.....Rahulbaba above all... arrested at American airport with a daughter of drug mafia and illegal money, rape of sukanya... false degree certificates... list and their deeds are endless
Posted by:Suhrud Patel - 05 Sep, 2011
With regards, I don't agree with you. I am prepared to argue so that you may think in the right direction to see the scams done by the politicians, burocrats, corporate sector and NGOs. Crores of crores money earned on the cost of poor people, lying in the foreign banks. Do you justify that people in crores are below dthe poverty line and a few not more than 200 have to think that how to spend money for their aiso aaram, vilasta.
Ved Prakash T. Nagpal Replied to: Suhrud Patel - 05 Sep, 2011
35: I see comments which are very subjective and devoid of objectivity. The ten promising young politicians can have any heritage but they can rise above the heritage and be their original self and have the courage to find a path away from the path followed by their parents. Except one, the rest seem to have the makings of good politicians provided they show their education and experience means they are not necessarily clones of the political class of yesteryears but they have their own mind supported by rational and honest approach which can give them the courage to break the shackles of their elders.
Posted by:Mahen - 05 Sep, 2011
I dont agree with u
rkandadai Replied to: Mahen - 05 Sep, 2011
37: where ever these sons and daughters of Politicians study whether its Boston, Harvard or Cambridge but the blood they carry is of those corrupt politicians who have sold the nation not once but several times. These young lads grew up seeing all that therefore corruption might be something usual to them.
Where were these idiots when Anna Hazare was fasting for the nation. None of them came up to show courage.
No Indian can see any hope in these faces. They are just big names and nothing else.
Good For Nothing. They must remember than even INDIAN donkeys are earning something for the nation.
Posted by:Dawar - 05 Sep, 2011
38: It is a pity that you could not get ten politicians who are not the son or daughter of present lot of politicians. Poor research and survey. Regretful.
Posted by:Saji Abraham - 05 Sep, 2011
Weel said sir, I feel sorry for silicon india Even it also sold out congress... In future how xan i belive the news from siliconindia. kitne paise mila tha from corrupt congress(CC).
raul vinci lutera Replied to: Saji Abraham - 05 Sep, 2011
well said sir
biswas Replied to: Saji Abraham - 05 Sep, 2011
41: This are all yougest politicians as per your information but true is not that these are all bade bap ki bigdi aulad jo khud ka bhala nahi kar sake ab chale desh ka bhala karne. aur sabse jaruri bat yah hain ki ye sabhi youngest politicen bade chore ke waris hain. there is not single common man. how they can do Better india actully they had not know about developement of india beacuse they his parents nothing done for nation.so that please dont make this picture on INDIAN socity.
Posted by:Pralhad Avhale - 05 Sep, 2011
42: Future of some part is in hand of this political leader, but they should not follow traditional way which tere family members has followed, there should be change as all the things r changing now adays,go to root cause,find best solutions,implement them strongly,then only future will be bright otherwise no use of this young politicians.so think and work as NAYAK
Posted by:Anil L Patil - 05 Sep, 2011
43: Useless promotion of sons, daughters of politicians. They have no views of their own, they failed as administrators and finally they achieved nothing, except tailing the senior leaders. A Citizens needs a manifesto
Posted by:mike rana - 05 Sep, 2011
44: mere "Politicians" not "Leaders", can't afford 2 waste comments here.
Posted by:POV - 05 Sep, 2011
45: All are 10 young disasters from the congress party!
Posted by:fulltoss - 05 Sep, 2011
you are correct man.
Remash ch Replied to: fulltoss - 05 Sep, 2011
47: how come this site forget the MP from Cudapa MR.YS.JAGANMOHAN REDDY? who shown his caliber to Central governamnt(Ms Sonia Gandhi) by won with huge mejority of 5 laks votes any other mp than in india?
He is 38 now.
Posted by:mahipal - 05 Sep, 2011
because this domain belongs to congress family only. Nobody is a raw face all are the MP,S AULAAD..
gagan Replied to: mahipal - 05 Sep, 2011
49: It is definitely not a sin to be a politician's son/daughter to be in politics. However, it is a sad commentary that among the ten young politicians the least educated one holds the most commanding prospects in politics. This confirms that unless you have connections, money and god knows what other LINKS, competence, knowledge as well as integrity takes a back seat in Indian politics when the world is struggling towards more transparent and knowledge based polity. India progresses, not because of the powerful politicians and bureaucracy but DESPITE the stranglehold of them.
Posted by:Mahen - 05 Sep, 2011
50: It's not the sin to be son or daughter of a politician once the integrity of the individual is unquestionable. So instead of getting knee jerk judgemnetal we should appreciate that only the best can survive anywhere.
Posted by:Robin Ray - 05 Sep, 2011
51: Almost all of them are sons/daughters of politicians. To bring effective transformation youth from ordinary apolitical families need get elected.
Posted by:V.K.Saini - 04 Sep, 2011
52: This is disgusting. We talk about merit for every job, from an attender to CEO. But see the list, it is slap on democracy. Not even an exception is possible where people with merit will enter into politics. We should ban family members of politicians enetring into politics. That is the only way where other well deserving people can get into politics. With this kind of inheritance Indian politics will not get the talented people it has for its service.
Posted by:Laxman M - 04 Sep, 2011
53: Very much true and agreed. when we talk about the young politician then how much of them is not relative of existing or former politicians.
What is the luck of the worlds biggest democracy is if you go for a job of peon then your minimum qualification required but for being a Parliamentary member no minimum qualification.
If you are a govt servant your minimum retired age is defined but if you are a politician then you can be parliamentary member till 100 years of age.
Posted by:vks - 04 Sep, 2011
54: Look at each and every young politicians, these all are son/daughter of passive/active politicians, no any other youngster without political background. It means politics is hereditary, we must change it.
They even don't know necessary needs of comman man.
We must change it by supporting young and honest youngster who know problem of Indian society.
We must change hereditary in politics.
Posted by:Power - 04 Sep, 2011
i am agreed that all are the daughter and son's India may not expect any thing from them as they are week from their parents too.
anandji Replied to: Power - 04 Sep, 2011
56: Born in 1966. How can you call them young .
Posted by:Pranav - 04 Sep, 2011
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sonya Replied to: Pranav - 05 Sep, 2011
well said
remash ch Replied to: Pranav - 05 Sep, 2011
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