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Syed Habeeb

Syed Habeeb

Director HR

Syed Habeeb is a member of:

Achieving Success and ensuring growth
I acknowledge my profile being the outcome of many superior human beings who have invested their goodness, values and principles in contribution to my life. All of the above strength and skills wouldn’t have been realized, had it not been for the noble team members I had the good fortune to work with.

I have a few practices listed below;

-Continue to have a core mentor who guides me on important decisions where values and principles matter

-Have other mentors who are experts in the respective fields and who are approachable

-Keep learning and upgrading

-Continue to be a part of a huge social cause I am currently leading

-Continue to engage with the teens and youth of the nation to inspire them towards bigger goals

-Have trained over 31000 people till date. Wish to complete 5000 more by the year end

-Complete my book currently being penned
Current Job description
a)Director on Board, mPower [regd as: Trans IT mPower Labs Pvt. Ltd.] – (2006 to date).Role : Director HR & Chief Coach from 2006. My primary responsibility is to lead the HR division closely working with the CEO. My KRA includes Recruitment, Training, Appraisals, R&R, Policies, attrition management and Events. I also worked on supporting Technical Training, Campus Recruitment, Head Hunting and training the employees on self development. Along with the team we have been instrumental in keeping attrition below 5%.

b)International Trainer & Chief Coach M/s Breakthrough 360-(2001 to date). Founded Breakthrough in the year 2001 and merged with mPower in 2006. Developed trainings namely “Jack In Your Box”, “Power Selling”,“Giant Leap”,“Ants To Giants”,“YES…I Can” & “Dude…Get Your Examitude”. Conduct trainings & consultations in India, Malaysia, Dubai & Brunei. Have presented programs on FM Malaysia & e-TV SAUDI. Covered by "The Economic Times". Trained over 31000 people till date.
Handling Grievances
I would always give a good ear and note points to be addressed immediately and on the long run. If the issue is small it can be addressed immediately but if it represents a larger matter, I open it to our Executing Committee and the leadership team to seek a solution. On majority of occasions the solution is out of the box and comprehensive.
Leadership skills
The world believes that leaders are born than evolved. Leaders have been traditionally viewed as “mythological creatures”, empowered by some mysterious quality that produces inevitable success. However, the modern view is that through patience, perseverance, smart skills like specialization, exceptional communication skills and rapport building, anyone can become a highly effective leader. That is the reason Leadership Training is so highly sought after by all successful companies and institutions.

Apart from thee above listed pointers, I believe that the most critical aspect of Leadership, usually missed out by the society today is “Values Based Leadership”. I emphasize this very essential ingredient of Leadership through Leadership Training seminars and programs across the globe. The primary outcome intended through these trainings is to inspire “True and Honest Leadership” in our professional and personal life.
Important decision
I have moved from a proprietorship model to a corporate structure in 2006. This is one of the best decisions I have taken. To complement I have moved from a commodity based trade to managing people as this is my strength.

Advice to managers
I am all the way a people’s person or so they say. I do believe very strongly that people are the greatest resource and when empowered can create miracles. It is a recorded fact that Winston Churchill knew every person in his constituency by name. To add a leader must develop the quality of Emotional Intelligence, effective listening and far-sightedness.

Leaders don't do all the work themselves, they have this unique art of getting the work done by others while inspiring them to enjoy what they are doing.
Doing things right
Quality time is the key. I am not so much of a believer in "time management" per say. I believe in "focus and attention". The human mind is designed to wander. Keeping thoughts in control is the most toughest challenge. We take up a task and mid-way we move to another. This is detrimental to both our professional and personal front. Hence deriving focus of thoughts and attention is key to invest quality time.
My inspiration
Prophet's Muhammad, Prophet Jesus, Prophet Moses, Prophet Abraham [peace be on all of them] as they are true role models for the entire human race. They always led selflessly and for the betterment of society.

The other role models are my Mother for the leadership in empowering beggars and household labourers. My dad for his risk taking nature and tough persona. My wife Sabeha for her unconditional support and commitment. She has been a source of motivation and encouragement through thick and thin. Anthony Robbins for his inspiring capacities. Robin Sharma for his extraordinary writing skills. My cousins for their team work and excellence. My brother in law for his business leadership and unconditional help to the needy. I am highly inspired by all my friends from college, my team mates from mPower, Breakthrough360 and Ants2GiAnts for the goodness they have in their being.
My outlook on India technological development
Loads of orientation must be conducted and facilitated to break the culture of playing safe. We have been traditionally conditioned to the concept of "safe jobs" earlier termed as "govt. jobs" syndrome. Innovative thinking has eroded over the past few hundred years. Encouraging and rewarding "crazy ideas" and "tangent thoughts" could be a good beginning.

Family background
My dad hails from Bijapur and mom from Belgaum. Being the first born, I came into this world in 1970 in Belgaum. Studied in Bangalore and graduated in mech. Engg from Bangalore University. Lived with my parents and a younger brother and a sister in a humble and middle class home.

Presently live in Bangalore with my wife Sabeha, 3 Sons & a Daughter. If you wish to see an extraordinary family with an ordinary way of life you are welcome to visit us.
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