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Community > Rajdip C Gupta
Rajdip C Gupta

Rajdip C Gupta

Founder RouteSms

RouteSms Solutions Limited

Rajdip C Gupta is a member of:

Current work profile
I’m the founder of RouteSms Solutions limited ( ) and designated as Managing Director. I’m more involved in defining strategy towards Sales and Operator relation. Being Managing Director of company I play multiple role starting from Planning, Reviewing, Operator relation and motivating our team to overcome competitive and price sensitive Messaging industry. Develop and deliver on the company’s strategic plan in the most effective and efficient
Manner .Accountable for the overall performance of the company and for the day-to-day running
and management of the company’s business.

Achieving Success and ensuring growth
I really don’t need to do anything to grow and develop as a leader I just need to trust my people and have faith in them. Give enough opportunity to others so that they can also grow themselves in organisation.

To ensure that you continue to grow as leader you need to have FEAR OF FAILURE.
A fear of failure will always put you on toes and let you work harder and harder.
Remember one thing that there is no short cut for success you need to earn it only by hard work.
Leadership qualities
Well yes you are right being leader it’s not an easy task. Essential leadership skill cannot be gained or learn from books it’s the quality someone can inherit form there past experience or someone can be god gifted.

You can be successful leader if your audience or your employees can listen to you for hours without getting bored. To be a successful leader you need to

1. Listen to everyone and do appreciate their opinion
2. Giving respect to each and every Employee of the organisation do interact with maximum people do not just get surrounded with group of people.
3. Be supportive with team even in case crises.
4. Motivate and show confidence in employees who are non performer in your organisation.

I don’t think that any kind charisma is needed to be a leader; I think charisma automatically comes when you become a leader. If person start enjoying your words and get motivated by those for my terms that person is the successful leader.

Last but not the least I think a Good business leader should be good human being but same time very focused and visionary individual.

Handling Grievances
Well grievance of an employee is a part of any organisation. As leader I think one needs to identify the cause of grievance. You must take a action as soon as it arises and resolve it. Discuss with your employee and show your full confidence in him or her during this discussion.

Managing personal and professional life
After all we all are human and we do make mistakes but to realize those mistake by keeping your personal egos or issue aside I think it’s easy to connect right dots.

Important decision
Leaving set career in UK in 2004 and coming back to India and starting RouteSms Solutions limited. Being from middle class family the decision was a very risky and uncertain.
Advice to managers
Some of the simple advice I would like to give to upcoming management leader is

1. Trust in yourself
2. Dream big life but dream only when you awake
3. Do not get carried away by success remember one thing what goes up comes down too.
4. Take risk but calculative
5. Be optimistic about your thought
6. Do not show panic in front of your team
7. Even in case of crises keep smiling.
8. Lead by example let your employees follow you.

My views on India Technical development
You right, we Indian are more of family and career oriented people we need to finish our study then have good job and then get married.

We do not like to take risk in life once we are married and we get marry at age of 24-28. Thanks to Institution like IIT or IIM they have started incubation or invoation zone in there exiting campus where young talent can explore or furnish their dream to be Entrepreneur.

Things are changing now and bigger corporate houses should take initiative to support future talent.
Inspired by
Well there are few who really influenced me a lot in my life and they are my parents who really worked very hard to give us good Education. Second I would say my Friends Mahesh Kaniah and Mojo who really helped me a lot during our start-up days. Mahesh is a great mentor and Mojo is tech guru without these 2 guys I think I would never ever reached to a level where I’m today thanks guys.
More about me
I am a Computer Science Graduate from Mumbai University with over 16 years of industrial experience in the Software and Telecommunications domain. I am among the few early mobile and telecom enthusiasts, who pioneered in exploration and implementation of Handled Device application in late 90's. With an extensive knowledge in software life cycle and implementation strategy, and brought a set of immense technical and management skill on board. Prior to co-founding RouteSms Solutions Limited, I have worked with a number of renowned multinational organizations in India and Abroad, which include MBT, AIS-Comp-USA, Gurukul Online and IBM-UK.
My family background
We are 2 bothers my brother is Chartered accountant and my father is retired mother is housewife. We both brothers are married and have 2 children each.
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