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Mithun Ekbote

Mithun Ekbote

General Manager


Mithun Ekbote is a member of:

Current Job description
General Manager, Marketing & Sales. For (Absolute sports pvt ltd).

Sportskeeda has the largest digital sports footprint in India, covering 50+ sports powered through content publication, social amplification, direct engagement and transaction. Having grown exponentially, the footprint now reaches 1 million+ ‘fans’/’consumers’ through immersive engagements exceeding 7 minutes.

I am responsible for Financial Planning and Strategy, Marketing Concepts, Positioning, People Management, Territory Management, Sales Planning, Competitive Analysis, Understanding brand requirements, Product Development, Client Relationships, Creative Services.

Ensuring Success
It is very easy to start taking things for granted in today’s time, its true with respect to your people as well. Very consciously I work towards the points that I mentioned above and I am continuously learning new ways to engage with my team/people.
Doing things right
Before being a leader I am a human, as human as every one else, I am bound to make mistakes, however being a leader it is important to acknowledge and realize a mistake before it may become an issue or a problem. Once you realize and accept reality and have a clear road map, it is easy to connect dots. Again I would like to reiterate as a leader it is paramount I listen to every suggestion, every concern and every detail before taking the next step. I don’t treat professional and personal life very differently, though I try not to mix 2.
Important decision
I started my career in ITES, understanding customer service and getting an opportunity to interact with customers directly. Moving on from CS, I made a choice to learn and get in to digital advertising. Advertising world eventually helped me grow as a leader and as a person.

9.We have so much technical talent in our country, Then also we don't see any single tech product coming out. Where are we lacking and how can we make significant effort to improve our countries technical aspect.

India has a lot of talent. Every corner there is an aspiring entrepreneur and a new product been developed. Unfortunately lack of financial support at an early stage is where most of the products never see the light of the day and the entrepreneur out of family and peer and society pressures gives up dream and chooses to go along as an employee. Unlike a lot of foreign governments who help entrepreneurs grow their product and business by assisting them with financial and other infrastructure requirements, GOI has been giving a blind eye to the start up sector. Even angel investments and other VC funds are very difficult to get unless you have an influential advisor or you have some very strong academic back ground. As a country we need to start evaluating start ups based on their business and not just on people. We need to create infrastructure where a new product is created, tested and launched to test the market.
With all the challenges Indians face in business, India is still immerging as the next best destination for technical start ups. And soon we will see googles and FB stories from Indian entrepreneurs.

Essential skills required for leaders
Not everyone is a leader or possesses leadership skills, and its ok. However one can always acquire few skills to be a successful leader.

1. Be prepared to dirty your hands, unless you “Lead” by example you aren’t a leader.
2. As a leader, you will have followers and good “Communication” will help gain respect among them. At the same time it is paramount you acknowledge their work, appreciate good job and help them improve to grow in their career.
3. “Enthusiasm” is what attracts in a leader, doing, what you believe and what company believes, passionately, inspires everyone around.
4. Listening to your team patiently and attentively is very important. Communication is not just about talking but it’s also about listening. A good listener always gets to the heart of things.
5. Delegate, own and be responsible. Leaders need to delegate work effectively, give ownership but ensure you are responsible for a bigger cause. Don’t wash hands off anything, let the team know, you are always there to help and guide them, even though they own the project/job.
6. Being brave is also being honest. A good leader is honest with his team, he is brave enough to let team know in a balanced manner, without sugarcoating they did a bad job, but he will be there to help them rectify.
7. Knowing your team/people and being a good follower is very essential. This may sound contradicting, however without following and knowing your people it is very difficult to touch their heart. A good leader touches the heart of his people and that’s what differentiates him from being an autocrat.

My advice
Believe in your abilities and remain true to yourself. Revenues and profits and all such things are important, however its people you work with who form a real asset. Don’t lose your assets cause they can multiply your finances.

Handling Grievances
Everyone needs someone to listen to their issues, it is very important for me to hear employee actively and let him feel light by letting him express. Once the issue is spoken out clearly, most often than not a solution and a consensual agreements are reached. The solution may not be an ideal one, however if explained nicely, everyone understands limitations.

My family background
I come from a military background. My father served in Indian Army for 25 years. Mother was a school teacher. Army teaches a lot and army men don’t hesitate to pass that learning to their family. I feel blessed to have grown in an open and liberal environment where I got to learn and chose my path. Because of my father serving in the Army, I also got to stay and live in different cultures and societies helping learn and unlearn from them.

Influenced by
I do not hesitate to say I am a self made man. I have my own beliefs and way of living. Though I am greatly influenced by thoughts of few, Scott Adams, M K Gandhi, peter joseph and a few more, most of these leaders had the courage to carve a new path for them and help masses understand reality and act upon with self realization.

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