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Dinesh Srinivasan

Dinesh Srinivasan

Project Manager

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Current work profile
I'm working as a Project Manager at iWave Systems Technologies Pvt Ltd. My job profile consist of Managing multiple projects and driving them to successful deliveries, keep the Top Management informed of the projects status through project dashboards, etcetera...

I've recently joined iWave and the journey is very exciting and challenging so far as I get opportunities to get involved from the early stage of project till the completion. I also belong to iWave's Senior Management group which helps me to contribute to decision making at the organization level.
Ensuring Growth
Leadership is a perfect blend of professional skills and soft skills (including behavioural/interpersonal skills). One has to balance both and keep upgrading as well. To further enhance my understanding on the corporate world I've enrolled myself in the Senior Management Program offered by IIM Calcutta. Through this course, I believe, I'll be able to contribute to the decision making in my organization. Apart from this, I keep expanding my professional network, be part of online leadership groups and exchange ideas as I do it now for Silicon India.
Tackling Grievances
First quality for a leader to handle human issues and criticism is that he should be open-minded and non-judgemental. This will earn the people’s trust and they’ll be comfortable to discuss the issues openly. Also a leader should look at a problem from different angles and step in shoes of others to get a complete understanding of the issue. More often than not, the root cause of an issue would be completely a different issue. A leader should have an uncanny ability to bring out that hidden issue and address it.

I’ve always dealt the human issues in my organization by being fair and non-judgemental.
Balancing personal and professional life
i) Look at the big picture

ii) Try to connect the events from the past and try to identify a pattern

iii) You can future-forward using this pattern to see where the dots to be connected.

As from my experience, I learnt the following to avoid mistakes

· Be your own critic

· Being open and non-judgemental with others

· Active Listening

· Learn from not only your mistakes but also from others mistakes
Advice to upcoming leaders
i) Enable your people
ii) Protect your people
iii) Nurture your people

Because without people a leader can't exist. So, take care of your people.

Also dare to dream big. Recently I read somewhere that the Facebook India’s head has made a statement “if your dreams don’t scare you, I don’t think you are looking at realising on your full potential.”

According to me, “your dreams must inspire you not scare you and every morning when you wake up you go with that inspiration to give your best”
Essential skills required for leaders
More than anything, I believe the one quality a leader should absolutely possess is to bring the best out of people. A leader should be an enabler. He should possess the Magic Key to unlock the hidden talents that the team has got.

But to do that, to bring the best out of people, a leader must gain his people's trust, which is not easy-to-come-by.
Taking Important career decision
During my first 8 years of work experience, I’d worked with top Semiconductor/product companies like ST microelectronics, Austriamicrosystems, Creative and I was used to a particular type of work culture. So, when I decided to move from a Product company to Service Industry it was personally a big move for me. I’d to trade-off relaxed work environment and friendly atmosphere of product companies to a leadership position with increased responsibilities and short turnaround time in service industry. Looking back, I’m extremely happy that I made that big and significant career decision, as now I’ve the opportunity to groom my people to leaders.
My family background
I'm married to Amogha and have a son Arya aged 7. These are the people who fill my void and keep me going.

My inspiration
My parents. They gave me a solid foundation and a great start to life. As a child, I never had any pressure. I was allowed to play as much as I wanted and never got pressurized to study. This freedom instilled a sense of responsibility and also helped me to dream big.
My outlook on India technological development
The big players from India are mostly into services. I’m sure there’s no dearth of technical talents in this country but what’s lacking is the support system.

The entrepreneurial eco-system in India at present is less conducive than in Western countries. But I see a lot of activities happening recently to improve on in this aspect. There are lot of entrepreneurial groups which helps the first time entrepreneurs and support among themselves. Of course, Government also has a role to play here.

The other thing which needs to change is the people’s mind set. In India, people look down on entrepreneurship and think this is only for the people who could not find a job in the corporate world. Also Indians fear failure. In the US, many start-ups fail every year but they take it as learning curve and move on to build successful companies later on. We need to build that mind-set, we need to accept failure is essential for the success eventually.

I’m very optimistic about thes
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