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12 Best Online Shopping Sites In India

By SiliconIndia  |   Monday, 17 December 2012, 06:03 Hrs   |    37 Comments
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#11 was founded by Vishal Mehta in 2007. It is an e-commerce company headquartered in Ahmedabad and is an online retailer for books, electronics, and automobiles in the country. The company has offices in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

According to Alexa, Search engines refer approximately 9 percent of visits to this site; about 36 percent of visits to are bounces (one pageview only). Its Alexa global ranking is 1,966, India ranking is 135 and has 5,465 sites linking in.


Sandeep Aggarwal and Sanjay Sethi co-founded in July 2011 in Silicon Valley. It is a fully managed marketplace that connects buyers and sellers online and offers a trusted and safe online shopping experience.

According to Alexa, the site's visitors view 7.0 unique pages each day on average. The site has a bounce rate of about 32 percent (one pageview only). is particularly highly ranked in the city of Gurgaon. The Alexa global ranking is 2,050, Indian ranking is 129 and it has 775 site linking in.

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Reader's comments(37)
1: SNAPDEAL Order Nbr. 2569404318 / Request #8484439

TV Not working on delivery and NO Refund/Exchange despite innumerable calls to customer service. Had paid money online & since then there's been No response whatsover except a couple of robotic emails/ customer rep saying 'we are looking into this'. This is UNacceptable and the company must be punished for malpractises and utter incompetence. How can they take the customers money and then NOT deliver the right product and keep delaying on 'purpose', which I am 100% sure is the case looking at the attitude/robotic replies of customer reps. I am sure that

1.SNAPDEAL does NOT have a working product available on short notice due to their network of SHADY/SUBstandard sellers and merchandisers who sell fake/used/defective/stolen products.
2. They take customer's money today and promise to deliver a product within say 2-5 days, and then keep delaying for months until customer is fed up of calling again and again and cancels and demands refund as per their immoral TrustPay guarantee. They then take another month to return the money which they have to legally anyways someday or the customer can actually sue. Now by this stage, they have kept your money for couple months and earned INTEREST on it; while you tear your hair apart.

I have shopped online extensively in the US in the past 7-8 years and now here in India in the past year. Its safe to say THIS HAS BEEN MY WORST ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER.

The Number of online complaints and pleas for help I see is something I havent seen before for a company that is supposedly One of India's recent times internet success stories. I think Its easy to ride the wave of increasing internet reach in India currently and quicky rise as a company, but very difficult to sustain it in the longer run with these kind of operations and unethical behavior.

I refuse to believe that someone senior in the company hasnt seen or is not aware of the sheer number of complaints and the kind that would figure in peoples 'most horrible experience' lists. And if they have seen it, then why do these complaints keep getting more and more as each day passes. Arent corporations supposed to atleast make an effort to better themselves. What kind of business are you running? Is the company moto ONLY to earn money at customers expense. To hell with return customers huh?

I have been doing some online research specifically on snapdeal reviews and the kind of complaints compared to other sites such as amazon india, flipkart..and I see the difference. Its quite an eye opener. And kind of a scam.

Dear Snapdeal - Yes, you are one of India's recent internet success stories. But you are also operating a scam. Making a quick buck and fooling customers.
Remember the Internet is forever. Whatever's written on here is your history and legacy. And the lakhs (maybe millions) of rants and complaints and desperate pleas for help plastered all over the internet by cheated customers will come back to bite you someday when it really matters. You made a joke out of something as simple as online shopping.
Posted by:TMathews - 28 Aug, 2014
2: SNAPDEAL FRAUD AND SCAM FOR Order Nbr. 2569404318

Biggest online purchasing mistake of my life was ordering a television through Snapdeal. I really repent not going into a store and paying few thousands extra and buying the television. I wouldnt have to go through this hellish and super stressful ordeal which has taught me a lesson to not shop online for electronic goods anymore (and even if i do i will stick to some trusted brand like amazon..lesson learnt). Thanks Snapdeal..

1. You send me a faulty tv first for order number 2569404318

2. The remote you sent alongwith the tv is also for a different model which is just great attention to detail

3. I call customer support (which is by far hell bent on screwing up whatever brand name snapdeal has. I dont understand why) for exchange and then my real ordeal starts. I would've made atleast 30-40 calls to your amazingly incompetent customer service in this period to follow up for return pickup. It's pretty shocking to see this kind of customer service and utter demotivation to really do anything for the customer. This is basically telling the customer 'you ordered the product and paid already; now we dont give a f@$k)

4.Now, the faulty product had originally arrived on 10th August. Today is 27th. I am still awaiting exchange for a faulty product that I already paid money for.

I know this isnt matter isnt finished yet. I still have to make 30-40 calls to your customer service and followup about return of faulty product, and then hassle again for exchange when your customer service pushes for repair. And after this, i still have to wait for the new product (for which i paid and havent been able to even use once) and then innumerable calls to follow up on delivery. And after all this, I will need to pray that the product works the second time around.

I just wish I had seen online complaints about your site before ordering. It's a shame really the experience I have had..They are just trying to delay exchange or refund to earn free interest on customers money. This has to be investigated for the innumerable complaints happening each and strict action should be taken against the company for cheating and fraudulent practises.
Posted by:T Mathews - 28 Aug, 2014
3: Hai

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Posted by:Niharika - 20 Apr, 2014
10: Flipkart offers the worst customer service and even the quality of the products sold are bad..

My personal experience, i bought wedges from a seller on flipkart who had a good rating. I wore it twice and the shoe has started to come off the heel. When I contacted them within the return policy about a wrong color pant I received, they never responded and later when I contacted them again, they denied recieving any email and refused to help me with anything.
They expect customer to use products within 30 days, as they know that the products would last longer than that.
Posted by:Rajani - 07 Apr, 2014
11: Always is the best……
I bought 20 items, all were at free shipping cost.
Incredible…..They delivered the products within three days of ordering….The website also have excellent product tracking facility…..
Posted by:Rahul - 27 Mar, 2014
12: Shopclues ??/ You must be kidding. They are just con artists out to fleece naive customers. I have had very bad experiences with them and thereafter learnt that a lot of customers who had transacted with them got burnt their fingers. No wonder, after all it was started by the infamous Sandeep Aggarwal who has been arrested by the FBI for fraud in the US.
Posted by:Ajith - 20 Mar, 2014
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Posted by:palika - 26 Feb, 2014
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15: Hi

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Posted by:sony - 27 Jan, 2014
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Posted by:laasya - 16 Jan, 2014
17: Friends beware of Rediff Shopping, its a pure cheat company. The item I ordered was shown on website was far different and cheap,what I received. They refused to refund & suggested me to purchase something else from them, later they even denied to respond my emails & phone calls.
Posted by:M J Singh - 17 Nov, 2013
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Posted by:laasya - 06 Sep, 2013
20: I am from a small village. No site can serve the people of small villages as they do not have courier service at these places. But infibeam and adexmart are delivering at our area whereas flipkart or homeshop18 or others were unable to do so.
Posted by:VINOD - 17 Aug, 2013
21: I am from a small village. No site can serve the people of small villages as they do not have courier service at these places. But infibeam and adexmart are delivering at our area whereas flipkart or homeshop18 or others were unable to do so.
Posted by:VINOD - 17 Aug, 2013
Posted by:PRASANYA - 16 Aug, 2013
23: Naaptol is a cheat.I ordered for a car cleaner and related kit. I gave Rs 3000/ for a V.P parcel from them. When I opened, I saw some plastic toys in the parcel. They are not ready to take it back and give my money. You and you never be cheated by them .
Posted by:P V Zachariah - 11 Aug, 2013
24: For a smooth shopping experience I would recommend Indiplum. It's like a super-set of Myntra,jabong,flipkart and a lot more Indian as well as foreign websites that deliver in India. A much needed respite from checking out multiple sites to shop where all the amazing products across the web can be discovered at jaw dropping prices!
And you could also earn by the "plum & earn" feature. I too did :)
Posted by:Divisha - 14 Jul, 2013
25: I found the best prices at MyDeals247 - nothing can beat that.
they create competition among the sellers real-time.
Posted by:nikhil - 10 May, 2013
right nikhil i agree on your views.but there is one more website name indiandailydeals one of the most popular and low price online shopping site a leading competitor.
Brak Replied to: nikhil - 06 Sep, 2013
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Posted by:laasya - 25 Apr, 2013
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Posted by:Michael Braganza - 04 Apr, 2013
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35: best site.............i like it
Posted by:anil - 27 Feb, 2013
36: alert("dhjd or hii");
Posted by:ggfggf - 19 Feb, 2013
Posted by:ALPESH PATEL - 19 Dec, 2012
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