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Top 10 Countries with Hottest Men

By SiliconIndia  |   Friday, 01 June 2012, 04:36 Hrs   |    49 Comments
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Bangalore:  Where can we find most number of hottest men? Or which are the countries that give most number of choices to women?  Obviously hottest men and women are seen in almost all countries in the world though the number varies in each country. It is really a tough job to find the countries with hottest men because the taste varies to each one. Still there are some countries which give a feast to the eyes to the most number of people who love muscular and sexy body of men. Here we list the top ten countries with the hottest men based on the report by expatify.com.

1. Italy:

The Italian men find the first place in the list of hottest men in the world. The men in Italy are very muscular, hot and good looking. They give a tough competition to the prettiest Italian women. The young Italian men with the smooth, bronzed skin and sparkling eyes have the ability to charm the women all over the world.

Interestingly the Italian men are good lovers too. A Russian news paper has ranked the Italians as third best lovers in the world. Don’t forget the fact that the famous Casanova is from this country. These Mediterranean macho men of Italy are also very famous for their gentleman nature. The helping mentality and the generosity of these men add grace to their beauty and handsomeness. The Italian men have a good attachment towards their family too.

The favorite game for the Italian men is foot ball. We have seen many handsome Italian men shining in the foot ball match. Basket ball and volleyball are the next two most popular games among Italians.

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Reader's comments(49)
1: I have been to the US, I have lived in England. Don't remember hot men over there at all! Why there are no Irish guys? Blue eyes with dark hair can't ask for more! Italians are gorgeous when they are young, since they get older they just get such nasty personalities and they just don't age well. Spanish boys are very hot and great lovers, yes. They look after themselves and work out. Many Arabian men are handsome, but I am just not into Arabian type of beauty. Still have to check South Africa and Israel...
Posted by:Judith - 19 Aug, 2014
2: Hahahaha! British guys in this list? HAHAHA!!! They look terrible. The same like Japaneese guys...
My list:
1. Turks
2. Arabs (Morocco, Syria and Iraq)
3. Kurds
4. Persians
5. Cypriots
6. Greeks
7. Serbs
8. Italians
9. Spanish
10. Brazilians
Posted by:PolishGirl - 18 Aug, 2014
3: What's with the amount of rugged dark guys here? Give me a fair skinned guy with a cute boyish face. I've never found the Mediterranean/Latin/Arabic type attractive at all. Eastern Asians are hot and have nice milky skin though.
Posted by:Gilraen - 05 Jul, 2014
4: Maybe because I'm not into the dark macho type, but I prefer Nordic and East European men. Most of male models are actually from countries like Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, etc...I'm glad they've included Asian men though because they're gorgeous too, but I personally find Korean men better looking than Japanese. I've met really hot (and tall) Japanese guys too but Koreans are just stunning.
Posted by:Laura - 05 Jul, 2014
5: ha japan is on the list? lol
Posted by:jenny - 23 Jun, 2014
6: Where the hell are Lebanese/Syrian men? Lebanese/Syrian men should be at least in the top 5. Come to Lebanon/Syria and see for yourself. Other than being handsome, Lebanese/Syrian men are funny, protective,friendly, and generous.
Posted by:Hala - 10 May, 2014
7: Philippines men are number 1
Posted by:Deniece Cornejo - 16 Apr, 2014
8: My Top 10 are
1. Brazil
2. Argentina
3. Iran
4. Italy
5. Egypt
6. Armenia
7. Turkey
8. Philippines
9. Colombia
10. Costa Rica
Posted by:Keith Mendiola - 16 Apr, 2014
9: The only ones I agree with on this list are Brazil and South Africa. Countries that should be on this list are Ethiopia, Ghana, Syria, Philippines, Argentina, Macedonia, and Madagascar. American men would make it onto the list if more of them took better care of themselves, stopped eating fatty foods, exercised more, and stopped wearing baggy, ugly clothes.
Posted by:dadu - 08 Feb, 2014
10: Italian, swedish and brazilian. Oh la la...
Posted by:Carolina - 02 Jan, 2014
11: Should have included countries from all the continents- Asia, Europe, N America, S America, and Australia.... what a racist list. Really????? Almost all countries are in Europe...
Posted by:John Green - 09 Dec, 2013
12: what a racist list !!
Posted by:Saman Q - 02 Nov, 2013
13: i really have to disagree with this list...
i don't see any arab country men in this list... and anyone can just take a look into Lebaneese and Syrian men...
Posted by:Randoo - 14 Oct, 2013
14: My top 10.

Im more into pale-blond men.
Posted by:Malvina - 05 Oct, 2013
15: Hmmm. The article is titled Hottest MEN, not Hottest BOYS! What a disappointment. Big! HUGE!!
Posted by:Kasi - 26 Sep, 2013
16: Dutch men are the most gorgeous, trust me. I am a woman and I am not Dutch. But every time I see Dutch men, I just want to rape them.
Posted by:Oopsiedaisy - 14 Sep, 2013
rape is only 4 men :)
vji Replied to: Oopsiedaisy - 10 Jan, 2014
rape is only 4 men :)
vji Replied to: Oopsiedaisy - 10 Jan, 2014
19: Norwegian men are number 1, sorry!
Posted by:affair parature - 29 Aug, 2013
So true :)
Victoria Replied to: affair parature - 25 Oct, 2013
Yeah, youre right. Norwegian men are really hot, and they are great lovers, husbands, and fathers.
Malvina Replied to: affair parature - 05 Oct, 2013
Nah, too pasty white. Olive-skinned is better in my opinion. Middle Easterners and Southern Europeans are the best. And Western Europeans.
snewfoih Replied to: Malvina - 01 Dec, 2013
23: American men over Brazilian men? What kind of joke is this? LOL!
Posted by:lola - 20 Aug, 2013
24: South African guy reporting in. Yes we are very handsome indeed but our women are very ugly, that's why we tend to get women from different countries.
Posted by:Elric - 19 Jul, 2013
You're kidding me about the South African women being ugly, right? You've got to be, because nothing can be further from the truth.
dino Replied to: Elric - 08 Feb, 2014
26: No Middle eastern countries??? What!!
Posted by:Karla - 07 Jun, 2013
so true
alexa Replied to: Karla - 31 Jul, 2013
28: Sorry but Brazilian men should be ranked number 1....Haven't seen any others HOTTER than them...:(
Posted by:Lan - 14 May, 2013
29: Brazilian men should be on the top 3!
Posted by:Felipe - 27 Apr, 2013
I agrre with you Felip....They are totally hot, i want to move there and marry one :(
Lan Replied to: Felipe - 14 May, 2013
Well, I'm available here babe. Let's marry now! Come to Brazil and let's live a good and easy life in a paradisiac beach, only you and I.
Roberto Replied to: Lan - 06 Aug, 2014
32: There are hot men (and not so hot men)from everywhere in the world. Though I will say, I have noticed that it seems like there are many hot men in Israel, & I was really surprised it wasn't on the list.
Posted by:akPhilly - 20 Mar, 2013
33: American (US) men are the least stylish in the world... and not too charming, especially compared to European men
Posted by:taylor - 23 Feb, 2013
34: Japanese men are really short... Korean men are much more stylish and better looking and 2 inches taller!!! (on average)
Posted by:seri - 23 Feb, 2013
Totally agree! Japanese men are not that handsome, but Korean men are to die for, like Lee Min Ho.
Oopsiedaisy Replied to: seri - 14 Sep, 2013
36: Italy
Posted by:lol - 08 Feb, 2013
37: Ummm...The guy on the French Polynesia picture isn't French Polynesian, he's actually a kiwi...
Posted by:Bear Necessities - 05 Jan, 2013
38: cowboy culture emerged from Mexico
Posted by:sassy - 02 Dec, 2012
39: As someone from the US, where are these hot men you speak of?
Posted by:leah - 23 Nov, 2012
alexa Replied to: leah - 31 Jul, 2013
41: Huh .i think italian girls are more sexxy.choice of late indian p.m
Posted by:Raj - 03 Jun, 2012
42: seen all 10. Have you seen the unseen heros in India for whome beautiful Girls are lining to take him on? Come to India and discover angels and their boy friends!
Posted by:Hareendran - 02 Jun, 2012
43: Lol - yeah, that is if you like grossly obese white men - that is what you will find in the USA.
Posted by:Free Spirit - 02 Jun, 2012
44: Are you kidding? English men are rude - especially to non-white women, who they treat like dirt; they are slovenly and unhygienic, and terrible in bed. Everyone knows that...you clearly do not.
Posted by:Free Spirit - 02 Jun, 2012
Can't agree more. English men are good looking and great in bed?! What a fluff! Most of them start getting fat and bald quite early, plus they love their booze way too much. Irish men over them all the way.
Judith Replied to: Free Spirit - 19 Aug, 2014
All the nice "English" hot men are actually spaniards, arabs, greeks, italians, brazilians who happen to live in England.
As for the real English men... the are all as bland as the food.
Dessert Rose Replied to: Free Spirit - 04 Sep, 2013
47: Absolutely Ridiculous.. Hottest Men... Where in the earth you find guys who conduct this kind of survey? Makes no sense...
Posted by:Naveen - 02 Jun, 2012
48: This is just a purely ridiculous survey and make NO SENSE. I will show U some very very good looking men from our own Bhaarath like Punjaabis and some good looking IYER men from Paalakkad and others like Jhaats and some very handsome Bengaalis. There are good looking and bad looking men everywhere on the planet.
Posted by:Truth Speaker - 01 Jun, 2012
49: yaa Italians are dam good looking.
Posted by:lols - 01 Jun, 2012
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