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Six Rules How to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 20 July 2017, 06:04 Hrs
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American millionaire Joseph Tolds is preparing to publish a book dedicated to practical advices about success in MLM field.

In his book he analyses experience of leaders of this market, from stable and successful Avon, Herbalife, etc. to aggressive newcomers like Questra World which was included into TOP of MLM companies from all around the world this year. We would like to introduce fragment from this forthcoming book.

Multilevel marketing or MLM is a great way of earning money which allows people to improve their life by themselves. Nevertheless this is not a magic wand which can make anyone rich just in a week. To obtain actual return from work in this field, you will need to not only work constantly and hard, especially during first months, but also attentively learn experience of your colleagues not to make same mistakes.

For beginners in multilevel marketing we want to give few recommendations.

First of all, do not believe myths and gossips which surround this field. Not everyone is able to succeed in multilevel marketing. Some believe that during first days money will pour down from the sky, and then eventually after they do not receive significant and quick income they give up and start telling everyone that MLM is a fraud.

You should better listen to experienced businessmen. For instance, Questra World, company, marketing broker of joint-stock fund Atlantic Global Asset Management, regularly holds meeting of its partners where the most successful participants of the system often speak out. All of them are millionaires and they know how to earn money on multilevel market. You may not be investor or partner of Questra World, but you still can visit events of this and other companies, watch them in the internet. This is a goldmine of useful information!

Second—make sure that you understand and love product which you`re selling. Doesn`t matter is it cosmetics or investment portfolios—know more about the product, try it yourself. Then you will be selling it with more confidence and you will be trusted for sure! Make sure that proposals which you will be pushing are really profitable and then your confidence will spread to all your potential clients. Show them your profit and they would be joining you at once.

Third—be honest. Do not promise things that your product is not able to provide. Such approach may be useful during first weeks of work, but then negative reputation will reach you and no one would like to deal with you.

Fourth: define your target audience, chose product which it would be interested in. If you are working with female audience, propose beauty tools. If you are representing Questra World company, you must understand that one investor would chose portfolio for 90 euro and the other would refuse it because he is not interested in investments below million. Propose people things they actually need and then they wouldn`t leave you.

Fifth: pay proper attention to construction of your network. It is so tempting to engage all friends and relatives into your network, but do they guarantee any return? Or did they just give their consent just because they respect you? Find partners among like-minded people. Regular events of MLM companies will help you to connect with useful people and be surrounded by such people together with which you will be working for your common good.

Sixth: learn, learn, learn. Even if you have already achieved first success—do not relax! World is changing before your eyes, clients` needs are constantly transforming. Tomorrow your approach may not be effective, unless you will be frequently visiting trainings and communicating with professional coaches.

Finally, the last but also the very important thing: set a goal for yourself. At first you may even call it a dream, but you must clearly realize that you are working to make this dream come true. Understanding of this will be motivating you every day and even failures would be considered as temporary difficulties which cannot stop you on your way to the goal. Visualize your goal, think about it every day. And you wouldn`t even notice how it would come true. And then time is right to set even greater goal!

Listen to successful people, join the best, learn a lot and do not give up. You will be surprised how quickly your life will become much better!

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