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7 Steps to Set Up an Instagram Ad Campaign

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 26 July 2017, 06:10 Hrs
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Are you an entrepreneur looking to better your Instagram marketing game? You might want to have a look into Instagram advertising. Upping your hashtag game and using Instagram analytics are only some of the solutions to this question, and you can trust that the payout is incredible! Unarguably, you risk your money every time you advertise. Therefore, arm yourself with credible facts before you dive in.

Unfortunately, you can only set up your Instagram ads through the Facebook Ads Portal. Consequently, you first have to set up the Facebook Business Manager or the Facebook Ads Manager.

The latter can only concurrently run ads for a single Facebook Business Page and an Instagram account. On the flipside, you can use the Facebook Business Manager to run multiple ads for several business pages or Instagram accounts. Once you setup your account, you have the go ahead to create some Instagram ad magic.

Before you make the move to jump to the ad creator, it’s necessary for you to first decide on how you are to adapt your message to your Instagram followers. Each and every social media platform has users who are online for different reasons. A key constituent in the endeavor to construct your Instagram ad blueprint is finding out what appeals your target audience most.

The cold, hard truth is – you will have to make some strategic guesses when starting out, as you weigh how imagery resonates with your target audience. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if your icon ads don’t get positive responses on Instagram, as they do on Facebook.

Proactively review all of your Instagram posts and take into account the posts your target audience engages with most. Are you notching up pages of comments on hero-shot photo posts of your product standing tall? Or are the photo posts of people using your product the ones that steal the show? Or maybe your video posts are the talking point? Come up with a listing of what tends to work for the Facebook ads and what your Instagram followers love to see, as well as the products they are willing to try out.

Test the Waters

Now that you have linked all of your social media accounts, the next endeavor is to create the actual ads. Lately, Facebook made updates to the system to enable users to use an ad builder of their choice; you can make use of either the Power Editor or Ads Manager.

To make use of the Ads Manager – First, click on ‘Create Ad.’ Next, select your marketing objective from the following categories:


• Boost your posts: - This option exposes all of your posts to many people as it possibly can; this broadens your reach and promotes your page engagement.

• Increase brand awareness: - The option exposes your posts to specific target audiences depending on the likelihood that they are to pay attention to your ads. Your posts are used to expose a handsome number of people to your brand to eventually build up a larger following.


Send people to your website: - With this option, you boost the flow of traffic to your landing page or website. When setting up your ad, you can opt to make clickable conversion and consideration ads so that when users touch on the photo, they can be redirected to the exact site you want them to be. Use this option to send traffic to value-driven content.

• Get installs of your app: - Select this option to direct your viewers to the app store where they can download and install your app.

• Get video views: - Under this option, the videos can be testimony-based, short behind-the-scenes clips, product launch clips, product how-tos, or simply promotional clips – which are all designed to direct traffic to your site.


• Increase conversions to your website: - Make use of this option if you want your customers to take an action, such as purchase a product or enter their contact details. Website conversions enable you to trace the exact number of actions taken via Facebook.

• Promote a product catalog: - In case your business has a catalog or store, this ad option automatically pulls information from the catalog, or store, to promote your product to the target customer crowd.

Add a new pair of boots to your online selection? If you set this ahead of time, your target customers are in a position to automatically view the product ads on their Instagram feed.

7 Easy Steps to Set Up Your Ad

Once you select your objective and specify your campaign’s name, you can create your ad. Kick off by setting the audience and placement of your ad. You should set the budget and the delivery schedule of your ad last.

Choose the Target Audience

Custom audience

If you are in the possession of a custom audience, such as an email contact list, conversion pixel, web traffic, or even lookalike audiences of the same, you can make your upload under this step. The three option categories are:

Custom audiences: - You can target your current customers through a secure upload of a contact list of the persons you aim to reach.

• Lookalike audiences: - You can find people similar to your prospects or customers through a lookalike audience construct; build from your customer lists, Facebook fans’ page or even your website’s visitors.

• Custom audiences from your website: - With this option, you can re-market the people on Facebook who have already been linked to your website.

Set your location by filling in an address, or town, and setting exactly how many miles you want the ad to extend. The option categories are:

• Everyone in this location

• Lives in this location: - filters out all people who reside here

• Recently in this location: - filters out all people whose last-tracked location is here

• Traveling to this location: - filters out all people who were recently in this location but they reside elsewhere

Set the age range.

Set the gender target.

Enter any specific language(s) target.

Note – You don’t have to set up all these. The categories are optional and are based on the people you specifically want to target.

Set Your Detailed Targeting

To set your detailed targeting, you have to include interests, behaviors, and demographics that you would like to filter out. If you are trying to narrow a broad target audience, stack the interests a whole lot more. Suppose you are selling gym membership focusing on classes, who are you to target? Probably those who exhibit an interest in yoga and those who love to buy fitness equipment. Filtering out these people is a step closer to securing an online community who have an interest in your product and who are willing to spend their money on the item.

Set a Connection to Your Page

To further narrow your target audience, in an attempt to ensure your ad is visible to those who have already been linked to your page or related categories, you will have to set a connection to your page.

Set Your Ad’s Placement

In this step, enable your ad to circle around in the Instagram feed.

Note – You can select multiple options and make edits to the images so that they can fit both of the categories.

Set the Budget

To set your budget, you have to opt for either a lifetime or daily budget. You also have to specify how much you want to commit to your ad’s distribution. Setting a higher budget sparks an increase in the number of impressions and goes a long way to ensure that you attain your objective.

Set the Delivery Schedule

Once you set up the logistics, the next to-do is to name your ad set. Click on ‘Continue’ for you to set up the ad creative. Depending on the objective you settle for, there are four optional categories for Instagram images.

Next, you have to specify the associated Facebook page as well as your Instagram account. In case you already have your Instagram and Facebook accounts synced, in your Facebook page or Facebook Business Manager, your account name should pop up in the drop-down menu. If you haven’t synced your accounts, you can do so here.

If you want to add your Instagram account, click on ‘Add an Account’ and fill up the prompt window with your login details.

Create the Ad Creative

To construct the ad creative, you first have to upload the ad images you select. Use the ‘Edit Crop’ button for you to resize your ad images if they are to fit your Instagram feed appropriately.

If you opt to use the ad for both your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the same campaign, you can individually resize the image for both accounts here.

Next, you have to caption the image with text that clearly points out the action that you want your viewers to take. Use of your popular hashtags, which exhibit success on your Instagram page, to caption the images; this way, your ad will be visible not only to your target audience but also to the people who search that specific hashtag.

And that’s how it’s done! Go through your selections and click on ‘Place Order.’ Facebook will then schedule a 24-hour review for your ad to ascertain that it adheres to all of the guidelines before letting the ad circulate in the feeds of your target audience.

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