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SANMACS INDIA is a leading scientific academia, which brilliantly grooms the students aspiring for the admission to the coveted MCA degree, in today\'s cutthroat world of academic competitions.

SANMACS INDIA - a brainchild of Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal was modestly launched in Dec. 1994 with a handful of 15 MCA Entrance Training Aspirants, out of which a total of 8 students were selected in the prestigious Delhi University M.C.A. The rest of them were selected at other Universities of India, hence showing a brilliant 100% result in the very first inaugural year.

SANMACS INDIA happens to be the first institute, which spearheaded the maiden attempt single handedly at the heart of the Mega-city of Delhi Metropolis, to train and polish the M.C.A. Entrance Test Training aspirants boldly with a challenging mission. Probably this selfless attitude had rendered this Institute a peerless fame of a Pioneering Institute in this field.

Over the last 15 industrious and illustrious performance of its journey, everywhere it has annexed the best of achievements.

This list of Golden Achievements is neither to add any extra flavour or colour to the already existing huge popularity of SANMACS INDIA and its meritorious academic environment nor to act as a filler to direct or indirect advertisement, campaigns or propaganda of the on-going institute.

One great feat by SANMACS INDIA had been that it has annexed the first three positions (and major proportion of total seats) in the MCA Entrance tests of University of Delhi w.e.f. 1995 till date.

The major crunch of the Seats of other premiere Universities like Poona, J.N.U., Hyderabad, B.H.U. Chandigarh, and so on and so forth had also been captured by the arduous Students of SANMACS INDIA only. Moreover, almost all the toppers of various M.C.A. Entrance Tests had also been from SANMACS INDIA.

The information presented here is only a reflection of handful glorious achievements of the students of SANMACS INDIA. The total detailed result of every university\'s MCA Entrance Test is not furnished here.

The information is being furnished here just to give a rapturous indication to the aspiring entrants about the incredibly brilliant performance of the SANMACSIANS.
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