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Transforming Healthcare Delivery and Management in Asia

Ravindran Govindan
Managing Partner-Mercatus Capital
Wednesday, April 4, 2012
Ravindran Govindan
Mercatus Capital Pte Ltd is a home-grown incubator and venture accelerator. Founded by successful serial entrepreneurs, Mercatus Group provides seed capital to startups and till now, has seeded and incubated more than 20 startups in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, India, China and Hong Kong. Several of these startups already have launched new products after intense R&D, earned revenues, and been funded through a follow-up round of investments by Series A investors.

Not just a Fund Management Company

Mercatus Capital is very different from traditional fund management companies. We believe we are unique and have evolved to become Asia's premier Angel Investor and Incubator. Our strategy is to provide early stage support to promising entrepreneurs with ideas and technology that are disruptive and paradigm shifting. Beyond providing the seed funding, Mercatus undertakes an active incubation programme to groom the top management to adopt a global outlook and to prepare the companies to become major players in the global market place. Mercatus taps the collective business acumen of the High Net worth Individuals who provide the capital for the companies and who also take an active role in mentoring the companies.

Mentoring and Incubation Support

My fellow investors and I take an active interest in working with the companies especially in opening doors and helping them get access to new markets. Over the past 30 years I have been personally involved with over 100 companies and taken several taken several companies to IPO in Australia and Singapore. We put to good use the cumulative business experience and network of contacts of my fellow investors and I help our companies: raise additional capital; meet with major customers; negotiate large contracts including setting up Joint Ventures or Mergers and Acquisitions. We help the management of our portfolio companies to think global.

Mercatus leverages on its global connections to open doors and provide active customer engagements for the companies. We are headquartered in Singapore and we have offices in Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam. We help the companies in the areas of financial management, corporate governance and, PR & Communications. Through the active investment and incubation program Mercatus ensures that the companies are
* Well financed
*develop "Go to Market" strategies that address a global audience and
* have a clear exit path for investors and founders.

A growing Portfolio of Companies

In only 5 years, the portfolio has grown to more than 35 companies who are at various stages of development some of whom have grown to a valuation in excess of $150 million.

Our portfolio covers a wide spectrum including: brand management through social media monitoring (www.thoughtbuzz.net), material sciences for lightweight body armour (www.fral.com.sg), lifestyle and beauty (www.inuovi.com), non destructive testing for large installations like nuclear power plants (www.lucidsoft.net).

But we have a particular interest in healthcare.
The Mercatus Healthcare Group brings together the collective power of several healthcare companies under one umbrella to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions that is transforming the delivery and management of healthcare across Asia.

Our solutions leverage on the latest technologies to address 3 fundamental issues:

* How to use technology in innovative ways to provide better access to quality healthcare
* How to deliver Developed world healthcare solutions to developing countries at a fraction of the cost
* How to enable healthcare providers improve their productivity, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Attune Technologies revolutionizes healthcare management in Asia. Its cloud-based Healthcare Information System (HIS) enables rapid and cost effective adoption by hospitals, diagnostic centers, labs & insurance companies. The systems enable the Ministry of Health to gather Medical Intelligence for proactive and preventive Healthcare and Disease Management.

* Modular, fully integrated and highly scalable HIS
* NO capital expenditure with monthly rental
* Huge increase in productivity and dramatic reduction in management cost www.attunelive.com Pellucid Networks' cloud-based technology ensures secure and rapid transmission of high fidelity medical images anytime anywhere.

A diagnostic center in Jeddah can send images to radiologists in India or Singapore at very low cost and get a turn-around report within 2 hours. The platform can be used to provide a Nationwide Tele Radiology Network which enables Radiologist to report from their desk on studies taken anywhere in the country.

Pellucid Networks’ RadLIVE platform ensures:

* Cost Effective Tele-Radiology PACS and RIS PACS on the cloud

* No capital expenditure with monthly rental

* Continuous IT refresh with SaaS (Software As a Service) Model www.pellucidnetworks.com

Our latest product that has evolved out of Pellucid’s core technology is ZapRad (www.zaprad.com) which incorporates Social Media with Cloud Computing. We will use the ZapRad platform to enable Radiologists to set up virtual reporting clinics to provide their services to hospitals and diagnostic centre anywhere on the globe.

Trends & Technologies on Radar

As you can see from the above I believe in the paradigm shifting qualities of Cloud Computing and Social Media. I believe that these technologies will alter in fundamental ways access and delivery of quality Healthcare especially in Asia. So the application of Cloud Computing with Social Media in Healthcare is where we see tremendous creativity and growth in the next five years.

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