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Technology: Changing the face of Global Air Travel business

Jagat Mishra
Chief Product Officer -Mystifly
Sunday, June 15, 2014
Jagat Mishra
Founded in 2009, Mystifly is a Bangalore based anywhere-to-anywhere airfare consolidation services company offering airfare content from over 900 airlines across 70 countries.

Mystifly is a leading Global airfare consolidator, offering airfare content from 900+ airlines across 70 countries on API enabled Single platform - MyFareBox OnePoint, to Global Travel Technology companies.

With its customer base across 60 countries (nearly), it also caters to Travel companies facilitating anywhere-to-anywhere lowest local airfares on MyFareBox. Mystifly has won the coveted Best Global Travel Consolidation Services,2014 at India Travel awards.

The Core Element
Air travel agents are faced with travelers, who expect the best deals, latest information & varied choices at their fingertips, while corporations demand full cost transparency & control over policy compliance.

Throughout the ever-evolving air travel industry, one core element has remained unchanged & critical-Technology. Technology's brisk pace & need of the travelers have propelled travel agents to constantly reinvent & redefine their role & that of their business. Convenience, communication, productivity & marketing are the primary ways that technology is enhancing their businesses.

In an e-Commerce environment, technology offers a great deal of change to the traditional agents' role in terms of content, efficiency & personalization. Technology has actually affected the personal touch of how travel transactions are conducted today. Travel companies are able to keep in touch with the consumers at all times. IT has become indispensable not only in lowering costs for air travel business, such as through improved inventory management, better scheduling & customer service, but also in managing operations & overall distribution for agents.

Prelude to Next Wave of Air Travel Business
With technologies converging to offer the new wave of air travel business operations, following findings lead to the prelude to the next wave of air travel business.

- More than 40 percent of online traffic related to travel queries now comes from mobile devices including tablets, confirming the shift from desktop to non-desktop devices. (Source: HeBS Digital)
- A typical travel shopper visits 22 websites in multiple shopping sessions before booking a trip. (Source: Atmosphere Research Group)
- 44 percent of travelers use their smartphone to research travel while they are travelling.
(Source: JiWire Report)
- Tablets are preferred for booking future travel while smartphones are for on-the-go.
(Source: Mobiquity)
- Travel planning is more & more dominated by online resources. Travel review websites have most influence (69 percent), followed by online travel agencies (57 percent), travel provider sites (56 percent), friends & relatives (43percent). (Source: Tripadvisor)
- Gross travel bookings will reach $28.8bn & online gross bookings are estimated to touch $12.5 billion in 2015. (Source: PhocusWright)

Travel technology companies continue to influence & drive travel agencies through increased speed efficiency & productivity of online travel bookings. With access to internet, travel technology companies integrate flight APIs into their existing travel platforms to offer global airfares to travel agents. Air travel agents stay competitive in today's travel landscape by sourcing global airfares through adoption of web-based technologies.

The Next Wave of Air Travel Business
Cloud-based technology marks the next wave of air travel business.With greater adoption of smartphones and tablets, greater efficiencies through cloud- based technologies can be realized at a lower cost. Mystifly enables global travel technology companies to drive revenue, increase ticketing efficiency & reduce costs by integrating Mystifly's MyFareBox OnePoint, an OTA (Open Travel Alliance) compliant XML web service into their existing travel platforms.

Customer focused Analytics, integrated with intelligent filtering & pricing system, capture transaction data. It enables decision makers to refine the search for most competitive airfares from 900+ airlines across 70 countries & facilitate strategic decision making. Mystifly will offer its services on cloud, allowing travel technology companies more flexibility to scale their businesses at lower costs. With Mystifly Labs as another window offering technology based ticketing fulfillment services, travel technology companies can focus on enriching user experience enabling easy access to global airfare content without the hassle of hardware.

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