Helping Companies Solve Problems On A Direct Basis

Highlights of my career so far
Before getting into the immigration law, I worked for worked for pharmaceutical clients like Pfizer and some other companies. Even though it was a challenging work, there was limited client attraction. My father’s been practicing service in IT companies since 1990 so I knew that joining the firm would give more client attraction and responsibility over substantial legal work. So, I quit previous firm and joined this firm. I am here since 8 years now and wish to continue here as I get to help companies solve problems on a direct basis.

My first significant immigration case and the lesson learnt from it
My first immigration case was on an appeal, on an immigrant petition. Employer based immigrant petition. Legal reasoning included citations and followed the formats that lawyers are supposed to follow in presenting legal arguments. I have found that if you follow your case in a polished and neat manner, your chance of approval is higher.

The most fulfilling part of working in the field of immigration law
The most fulfilling thing is that we deliver results for our clients and that result is something that they most desperately want. And that is something my family faced when we moved to the U.S. and it is heartening to know that we are able to help other people.

An immigration lawyer’s role according to me
He is basically a facilitator who works for his client’s interest and obeys the requirements that the government imposes on those clients to achieve those results. A competent lawyer understands what the client wants. He knows the clients desires, needs and motivations at the first step. At second step, it is important to look into those and understand the options that are available from the government immigration system.

My advice to young lawyers looking to enter immigration practice
I would say practice makes perfect. Certainly there is nothing like experience. Getting mentorship from experienced attorneys is the most important thing that one can do.

If I was not an immigration lawyer, I would be
If not an immigration lawyer, I would be into non-profit activism.

My lessons learnt in professional life 
Listening is the key to success. You have to listen to your clients carefully to understand what they want because it is very easy to miss some of the new answers of their requirements and their expectations. The more we listen to what the client’s needs, the better will our results be that match exactly what they expect.

About Attorney
Akshat Tewary
Akshat Tewary
Associate Attorney, Law Offices of Kamlesh Tewary, P.C.
Akshat Tewary focuses primarily on employment-based immigration, employment law and corporate law issues. Prior to joining the Law Offices, he served as an Associate at Kaye Scholer LLP, an international law firm with approximately 500 lawyers