10 Most Useful Business Apps

10 Most Useful Business Apps

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 22 January 2013, 04:51 Hrs
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Bangalore: The 21st century, more commonly known as the ‘Tech Era’ is taken away by the Apps Storm. The boom in Apps has changed the nature of work which has enhanced in reshaping the technology at an accelerating speed. The below listed are some of the business apps  which lightens your work load and makes work enjoyable.

# 10 30/30

This attractive app is simple to use and manages time effectively. It was named as “One of the best apps of 2012” by 148 apps. It functions as per the tasks assigned by the user. First and foremost, the user has to set up a list of tasks and assign time for each of them. The app will notify the time for each task as per the time allotted. The user can even change the time when the countdown is still running. Apart from that, it has certain other features like multiple lists, data-mirroring in real time with iCloud and other smart time functions.

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