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what is the difference between PGDM & MBA ?
institutes like IIMs r offering PGDM and there are many institutes claiming their PGDM equivalent to IIMs
and then there are colleges offering MBA university recognized... bt then which is better for a student
I am confused which course to take admission into that can help in terms of recognition and adding value to my profile???
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MBA is offered only by Universities and Colleges affiliated to Universities

Institutes which are not affiliated to any University or colleges which have not registered the course with the University give PGDM degrees.

A two year full time PGDM Diploma and a two year full time MBA programme are equivalent.

A one year PGDM diploma cannot be considered equivalent to an MBA

Full time or Part time MBAs have more value over MBA by correspondence.

A two year PGDM through correspondence may not be equal to a three year MBA by correspondence.

MBA or equivalent PGDM has high value with work experience.

An MBA or PGDM from a premium institute or University has more value over an MBA or PGDM from an average institute.
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MBAs are proper Masters of Business administration which should be offered through a university only with prior AICTE approval. Few institutes who are not a university can offer PG diploma as they cannot offer MBA or a degree with Masters in word. All PGDM even if it is approved from AICTE are not MBA. They have to take approval from AIU to make it equivalent to MBA
Please refer following article for detail
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PGDM is a diploma course not digree course....
MBA is a digree cousre....
MBA is better than PGDM... best of luck
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visit here to know more about the difference and all mba news
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London Management Academy is one of the greatest MBA school in Hyderabad, India. Head to this site for more mba courses in hyderabad
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The only difference between PGDM and MBA is that PGDM is introduced by those MBA colleges which is not affiliated by any university. Post graduate diploma in Management caries the same value just like masters degree. Top institutes like IIM's presents PGDM and other colleges provides Masters degree. If you want to study PGDM from reputed MBA college, then you can think
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The main reason why post graduate courses are named as PGDM is because when an Institute is an autonomous body (meaning it is not affiliated to any University) and conducts management courses then such Institutes cannot offer MBA degree. Even IIMs, XLRI's don't offer MBA degrees they only give PGP Diploma or PGDM since they are autonomous and independent bodies.

A two year management degree expands to Master of Business Administration, only Universities can grant MBA degrees. It could be foreign university or Indian University.

Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership - iFEEL is one such institute which has a residential campus and offers 2 years full-time AICTE PGDM Programs. Visit this link to know more about their courses -
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I've seen many people confuse while choosing a PG management program i.e MBA or PGDM for themselves. If we see in broader prospective there is almost no difference between PGDM & MBA but if we look at the basics, PGDM is a diploma awarded by autonomous institutions like IIM whereas mbais a degree program which is offered by an University or a college affiliated to a UGC recognized university in India.

If you wish to join a job after doing any of these program then you'll not face issue but if you wish to join a PHd program than i'll recommend you to go with MBA.
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PGDM course is specially designed for giving appropriate knowledge to the students about the corporate environment and its working culture. In this age of globalization where the management skills are highly desirable, this course gives the students opportunity of good managerial position. The course aims at helping the candidates who strive for early success in life. and for more info Visit ....
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I read the replies that people have posted,I can offer you a more realistic answer in broadest of ways,the difference between a pgdm and mba is none.No opportunities are lost if one does a pgdm and not an mba,in other words no difference of opportunities or jobs

Hope my answer helped

feel free to ask clarifications

PGDM_Marketing student
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I would say in simple terms that PGDM is simply professional approach and MBA deals in more into academic part of the management. But both courses can provide you mba jobs in psu and in private companies as well
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PGDM is offered by an AICTE Approved B school and PGPM is an autonomous certificate. MBA can be offered only by a University. To apply to Government jobs or to apply to Higher studies like M.Phil or Phd one requires a PGDM or MBA degree.
-Student at VistaMind
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PGDM course also recognized by AICTE and UGC (PGDM institutes works under AICTE control only, so no need to worry). the syllabus was framed by AMERICAN BOARD OF MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (AMBA). And also by Harvard Business school. PGDM is a full time course .
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actually PGDM is high compare to MBA. If you compare these two syllabus, PGDM syllabus is very tuff and it basically concentrate on real time analysis,current situations and case studies. PGDM having more job opportunities compared to MBA.., salary level starts from 30,000 per month for PGDM. for MBA it starts from 8,000-10,000 (it depends upon the institution)
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PGDM is awarded by autonomous institutes offering management programme.A two
year PGDM is equivalent to MBA.All autonomous/private universities in India
cannot award MBA & they should award a PGDM (IIMs also confer PGDM for those
joining PGP).MBA is awarded by Indian Universities recognized by UGC & who are
members of Association of Indian Universities.
Autonomous educational bodies
cannot use the term MBA & they normally have to mention 2 years PGDM (being
equivalent to MBA). A one year PGDM programme is not equivalent to
Educational standards are assumed to be of higher order with those
offering MBA / PGDM
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basically there is no diff between PGDBM & PGBM while MBA is a degree compared
to pgdbm & pgbm as these are diploma. If you have a degree you can go for PhD
while with pgdbm you can'tgo further a degree can only be offered by a
university and hence IIMs give pgdbm instead of MBA . So for working
professionals PGDM is also same is MBA
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PGDM is a diploma course after graduation.... and it holds value in the industry only if its done through institutes like IIM or top 10 institutes..
whereas MBA is a full fledged post graduation DEGREE course
which certainly holds more value than PGDM. but again even MBA has to be done in top ranked colleges or else u will loose the advantage.
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PGDM is a diploma which is awarded by an institute whereas MBA is a degree
which is awarded by a university. other than this difference, there are many
differences e.g course curriculum, span . MBA is an academic approach whereas
PGDM is a profession approach towards career.
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PGDM: its a diploma
MBA : its degree
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PGDM or MBA which ever degree it is what matter most is your INSTITUTE offering course, than what type of degree they are offering.
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PGDM stands for post graduate diploma in management. The institutes generally provides a part time course or mostly Online course in management for guys who are currently employed and cannot spare full time for MBA and call it a PGDM course. MBA is a full time course designed for guys who after completing
graduation or leaving their current job opt out for 2 years course.
Technically I feel that there is no big difference between the two, the thing that matters is the time, if you are employed PGDM helps you in moving up your career path whereas MBA is building a completely new career in the management path. The choice is alway yours. My suggestion if you are working do not leave your job and do PGDM to elevate your career path.Also thi varies from company
to company how it spends on the career of its employee.
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Hellooo folks,
The discussion about the Regular MBA and PGDM is very good..

Now a days both the types of management degrees are better..A very good and useful discussion about PGDM and MBA is available at I have just gone through this forum and got some useful info on this forum. You can check out if you are interested for more info.
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ya even i think regular MBA is much better and always given more importance than a PG Diploma...
so go for MBA regular..
for more information u can visit the site

this site has lots of information regarding the MBA programs etc..
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Well PGDM is Diploma and MBA is degree. And if you are looking to do your MBA, you can definitely opt for ILEAD in Kolkata. Trust me I have been noticing the promising progress of this institute for quite a long time. You can check out - - for further reference.
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PGDM is Diploma Course
MBA is Degree Course
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-MBA is offered by a Univ, be a central, state or pvt. recognised by UGC.

-PGDM is offered by any recognised Inst. or Body.

- Recognised MBA or PGDM (two years course),both qualifies you for pursuing PhD from any Indian Univ.

-Both MBA and PGDM can be done part time or full time from recognised Univ or Inst. depending on the facilities with them.

-MBA is more towards academics, PGDM is more Industry oriented due to its flexibility to modify its syllabus as per the current need. (thats why IIMs are more in demand by the industries)
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MBA is a course which only any university can provide.
PGDM its stand for post graduate diploma in management normally in india AIMA provide that degree.
Both are equivalent only difference is that PGDM can be autonomous but MBA can not.
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PGDM is a diploma which is awarded by an institute whereas MBA is a degree which is awarded by a university. other than this difference, there are many differences e.g course curriculum. MBA is an academic approach whereas
PGDM is a profession approach towards career.

The MBA program is formulated by interacting with leading corporates to imbibe what industry demands, respects and recognizes.

From course content to delivery methodology, from extreme theoretical concepts to practical experience, from sharpening personality to deepening IT skills NIPS offers everything a student dreams.

For Further details visit
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HI! I think the major differences is all about the in depth of the subject.The PGDM is short term and with introduction part comparative MBA.
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