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education system in india is good or need to be improved
hi frnds
i want to know ur view points abt this topic ' education system in india is good or need to be improved
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Nothing is perfect. There are many flaws present in every system or person. Similarly, In Indian education system there are many things which need to be improved such as reservation system and lack of practicals. Reservations should be removed from the education system as soon as possible because it is unfair with the all other students not belonging to caste category.
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There are lot improvements which need to be made in Indian Education System like Reservation, Curriculum. Practicals should be given more importance compared to theory.

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Its very nice information very helpful regarding education system..
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As I think it needs to be improved because of its pattern. Actually in India education is only material oriented. It has to be job oriented to get better opportunities.
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hi frnds...m a fresher for this discussion and i believe that before blaming our education system we must know that, who made this education system... me, you and we all,so firstly we have to blame ourselves and i'm agree wid soumini's comment that our education system provide us only theoritical knowledge and for practical applications they think less. But frnds think once when need books our system us that when we need experiment labs and equipments than only the system made these things available to us. In other words, i just want to say that our education system made the things available to us as per our need. And if we need to work on practical applications then we have to step up for this. None other will come and request from your behalf. Without hurting anybodies feelings i had shared my opinion to all thanks for reading.
Have a nice day :)
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Who is to blame for India’s pathetic performance and how can this be rectified? Today we claim to be the biggest human resources supplier for the world, but are we concerned what quality of human capital we are building and for whose needs?
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It’s a well established fact that India is going downhill in science education and research, despite of relative huge increase in funding and being the major technical manpower supplier for IT and global research community, successfully undertaking Moon mission and so on. I am wondering how we can regain our lost glory and improve on that so far our science education and research is concerned. For the long run: Abolish reservation policy altogether. Provide quality primary and high school education free for all. People have an obligation to give something back to our country which will have a long term impact on the whole society.
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The way to improve performance and administrative efficiency is by challenging existing assumptions, beliefs and values. The key to high economic growth is innovation, which is not possible without challenging existing mindsets. We need to develop the leadership and managerial capabilities that brings innovation. The new b-schools coming up now are promising international standards with practice led learning which are breaking the old patterns of Indian education.
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Indian B-schools have been jolted by the prospect of foreign competition and so have decided to reinvent themselves to stay ahead in the race, there are many new B-schools coming up which promise international standards, as pointed out myra school of business seems to be a good one.. I myself am trying to get through a good college for mba,.. will definately apply for this one!
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Very rightly pointed out MBA education in India is largely sub-optimal barring the top 20 or 25 institutions Most institutions add very little value to their graduates either in the class room or through internships One reason for this is also a gross lack of qualified management teachers in the country Lack of regulatory reforms of course remains a serious concern But why just the MBAs the quality of higher education itself is rather dubious barring a few top institutions But with Globalization and India becoming one of the fastest growing markets world over the quality of education services are also fast improving and new world class institutes are coming up which promise international standards of education in India I checked out the website of MYRA School of business after reading your post and I must say I am highly impressed to see the quality education the assure as a new B-school
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I think you got a point here.. Students end up taking admissions is a lesser known college, but going for a mediocre college isn’t the right option for students. Every year there are a lot of new entrants but only some of them can make a mark in the market and create Managers who could really fit in the market. The sole reason isn’t Curriculum followed by these institutes but there are a lot of other reasons that needs to taken in consideration. The education system has to be practical and reality driven unlike many B schools in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, exposure to global market is really essential, provide knowledge to latest technology in management with access to new software’s, a faculty that is well informed and educated from top notch world university like London School of Economics, Warwick university, Arizona state university, Harvard university etc. And moreover create an environment for students where they can grow with students from other continents and countries. A couple of new Entrants are trying hard to bring this change and they really look promising one such institute is base in Karnataka called MYRA School of Business they would be starting with their first batch this year..this year’s aspirants could consider this as a serious option.
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It takes time for institutes to make a good name and fame like the institutes mentioned above. How can a new entrant come and be compared to any of the biggies? Yes, what they can do is have higher cut offs for admissions essentially, but even then will the students want to go for a new college that’s choosy about its students or a mediocre college that is known at least?
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I agree to the fact that every year lakhs of students appear for CAT this year the number is believed to be over 2.25 Lakhs and the institutes providing quality educations is just a few. Apart from all big names like XLRI, IIM’s, ISB , IMT etc we need some new entrants ready to make their debut in this list as the number of students appearing for the Competitive exams is increasing every year but the seats in top B schools remain unchanged.
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23. There are only a handful of good MBA colleges in India like XLRI, TISS , IMT etc. which offer students an education which prepares students to grow in a global environment. With increase number of students appearing for CAT every year the competition is becoming tougher every year, this makes students go for institutes which are less competent. My advice to you would be to aim at scoring as high as you can and don’t compromise with some institute that isn’t as good as IIM, ISB or any of the above mentioned B Schools.
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I think these colleges may have a good potential too. Look at the way Mudra’s MICA has made a mark in the advertising arena.. it is good to see such initiatives from professionals and companies as it provides better quality work force for the industry in turn.
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Ankit, what you are saying might be true. We have many start-up offices and successful home grown companies like Infosys that were a joint effort by experienced industry individuals. Maybe education sector is following a similar trend as well.
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Sorry to hear about your scores Ankit, but this happens pretty rarely. As most of the times students score higher in their second attempt. You were probably working while preparing for the competitive exams, however it is not just the results that ensure admissions into MBA colleges. Despite scoring high many students are rejected in their GD/PI rounds. Though the way to reach the GD rounds is by scoring well, in the first place. What I am trying to say is that MBA colleges look for an overall package. Someone who is not only book smart, but also good at presenting his/her ideas. Anyway, I wish you luck for your next attempt!
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A need for quality work force has led the Tatas and Birlas to come up with institutes of their own. They claim to offer industry standard courses, which MOST private institutes also claim to have but do not live up to it. Is this what leads qualified professionals to come together and lay foundations for Management institutes as well?
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"I agree with Amrita... “The education system in India is all about mugging up the theories and fiddling with the practical.” However with educational consulting services like Xseed collaborating with schools, quality education in India is being imparted slowly.
I can see the impact of practical concepts like experience based learning on my 5-yrs old niece. She is learning things quickly and easily. I think in future, quality of education in India will definitely improve to a greater extent.
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Nice discussion.. get to know more on this
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The education system in india is all about mugging up the theories and fiddling with the practical. So it is indispensable for us to improve the quality of the education in India.
More emphasis has to be placed in comprehension of a subject rather than simply reproducing what is there in the book. As vivekanda said “Education is all about building good character in oneself”, Even though you are educated but you lack in the character then there is no point in pursuing that education. So even more emphasis has to be placed in including subjects like moral science, e.t.c. as a mandatory one through out one’s education ( Independent of what ever stream a person has taken)
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what i feel that emphasis is laid on to pass ur exams with higher percentage rather than creativity and personality i feel rite from the school level eduacation and personality development should be given equal importance.
as we all know corruption has its deep roots in every aspect and so education syatem is also not ruled out.its the money power which makes less deserving students to enter into best schools and colleges.It should be dealt very seriously.
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frnds i m new to dis group
i m not getting any reply for d topic which i posted
i don no d procedure
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frdz i want to drive this topic in other way

our education system goes only with the theoritical knowledge
we r kept aside from practical applications
in our's we don't have that much freedom to implement our thoughts in contious class sessions we need more practicals .our practicals start at time o f +2 up to that students don't hnave a chance to show their talents and to sharp their brains where in us
practicals start at younger stage and so on

we can speak abt our old gurukuls their themes etc
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Sony's answer is the most appropriate answer for this topic. When a child enters into this world, it starts discovering things by seeing and touching etc. This is the easiest way for a child to understand things. But the Indian system of education puts every thing on paper. What the child expects to have is a broad view of learning. But the system pushes him to look into the book and study everything acording to some principles.This is just putting theory into the childs mind unless the child has a high power of imagination. And in this way, children who get accustomed to this method cos of the better effort they put in, come up, and the others lag behind due to lack of understanding. And this is magnified in the long run.
Now if the child is taken to the outside world where all activity resides, and is shown all the things he has to learn in his books, he will understand better. Cos curiosity reigns in him. So he will be able to apply his knowledge into the real world and also will he be able to think and study practically. This is exactly what the students in countries like the USA and GB benefit from. This is the modern style of teaching and learning. And since this system is still not in use in India, the system of education in India has to be improved...
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I also feel that there is need to change our education system.

just take the example of IIM and IIT. What is happning there, lots of reservations are there for backard casts students. so those who are compitable to those seats they will not get the seats. it will create the serious problem for INDIA, that is of BRAIN DRAINAGE.

if we see today there are so many classes opened in every area. why studens are giving more importance to the classes? because teachers of such classes gives more attention on the study of each and every student. But it is not happning in schools.

if we see, in rural areas, the infrastructure facilities provided in this schools is very poor. these schhols does not have proper water facilities, seating arangements, toilet facilities. and the presenty of teachers in these schools is very poor.

this is the reason why there is need to change our present education system.
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i say that india education is not good bcoz they are not properly work and i khow that the education is essential part of the growth of nation that to be improved this standard of the education of india..
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The Education system in India is not very good but while thinking about this topic people tend to forget that this system has 4 contributors: Government (boards), teachers, student and the parents. The Government has not done its part well but others have failed too. With most people concentrating on ‘boards’ i will take the other 3 first.

Teachers: Teachers are the most important contributors of the system after the boards (or even equal). Teaching in the old times was a job like that of a doctor. It required not only skills but also the will to work and help others but over time due to over demand of teachers and lack of other jobs people have taken up teaching as profession only because it pays their bills. The real enthusiastic people who used to focus more on knowledge gaining, Character building and over all development of a student are now focusing on superficial education. For them forcing the students to submit assignments on dead line is more important than encouraging them to learn something. The coaching and the tuition system have also contributed to downfall of teaching in class. Being a student of IIT can tell that the problem of teachers (professor) is not limited to schools (but that topic is for another day).

Students: Students are the most integral part of the system as the whole system is designed for them. i know they look innocent when you see a bigger picture but when you get to root of problem their they are. In last 5-7 years there has been a major change in the mindset of students. The respect for the teachers has been lost,(this has been a two way thing ),they are more engaged in computer and tv then study or outdoor games, having a girlfriend-boyfriend(do they even know what this words mean?) has become a compulsory thing to maintain a so called 'social status'?. Most student have over-time become dependent on Coaching(if parents can afford) while others make their parents/teachers feel guilty for not doing enough for them. Book reading and Outdoor game have been completely replaced by computer games.
It's true the competition) in terms of number) is rising. I know that they have not been provided the perfect environment and even the standard of students (mind-wise) has not gone down, it’s their mindset that has changed. They have created their own world where: Not doing the home work is considered a trend and those following it are considered 'kool', anyone who asks questions or takes interest in study is a 'geek' & Computer games can replace outdoor games.

Parents: Parents can't be left out if their underage children are involved. Based on how much interest a parent takes in his children studies parents are roughly of three type: Don't care, ok and i'm the boss. Don't care and I’m the boss category has shown a great rise in recent time. Don't care types are mostly the ones who are either too busy with their jobs that don't know even what standard their kids are in or are illiterate enough not to understand the importance of education or have willingly/knowingly decided not to take interest in their child education. The 'I’m the boss' category is equally bad. The parents in this category decide the future of their child the day they are born (remember 3 idiots). Being in IIT my relatives keep asking me what their child (who is in class 6-7) needs to do to get in. Earlier I tried to explain them that they must not put a pressure on their kids when they are so young but it turned out that parents hate to be told how to raise their children so now i try to avoid such questions which have no correct answer.

Last but not the least there is Board and the government and lots of things have been said are few are being done like : Spending 6% GDP on primary education, removal of boards in class 10th, upgrading the level of collages university, grading system in schools, common board system, reservation.

Some of the policies are good but others are too bad: I am completely against making the 10th board optional. Are our youngsters really so weak that they can't give boards? I mean it’s just a exam conducted in central level. Nothing different from the exams conducted in schools except the paper come from outside and cheating is not allowed. Passing everyone is something but making it optional? I remember class 10th.It wasn't so bad.

Then there is reservation based on caste system. Which by the way violates all the things mentioned in our fundamental rights? I'm not against reservation .I’m against reservation based on caste. Why does a student from rich family but in (sc/st/obc) class gets reservation on the other hand a poor child from so called upped class doesn't?

Upgrading the level of collage and research and decreasing the level of board. How can this be done in same time?
Summing it all up yes the education system in India needs a boost but not only from the government but from teachers, students and parents as well.
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i am not going to talk about only pedagogy because the whole system of education is in astray,be it basic education or higher education
our universities have already acquired the status of degree producing machine.quality of education even not good and the bad thing is that there are hardly any effort being made to improve the quality of education.the authority of education system seems to be confused between the value based education and employment oriented education and the worst case is that they didnt pay attention on this,they are more concern about administration and implementation of rule at the cost of quality
UGC have given some private institution the status of deemed university.the logic behind that the institution can attain excellence only if administration are given a free hand in running it the have given the example of IITs and IIMs.this step taken by ugc is not superb stp.this step shows that UGC is not understanding the basic economics of education.this shows the unfair and unreasonable opinion of feeling and formal without enough thought of knowledge
we proud our self to say we are emerging power,we love to call ourselves the emerging super power ,but with the poor education can we stand any comparison with even the third tier university in the world
why should a country like India not have all kind of institution structure.some goes for high fee model, some for low fees, some having the ambition to do very basic teaching, some want to be world class research university ,some are being selective in their admission each are involving in their own way.
the condition of university havent changed so for becausr the person who is in power dont want to change it.i want to consider politician.many politician drives significant source of income from running institute .i dont think they would force to reform.
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