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GD Topic ...... life is beautiful
is life beautiful?
Asked by Nikki | Apr 8 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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yes i agree with you ...
"life is beautiful" because it is god gift and god gift always enjoy your life without any tension....
dainik bhasker
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yes nikki u put up a lovely question here. i am glad to share my views on this topic. its a beautiful gift that any one can have ever in this life. its a great opportunisty to enjoy, explore, face and accept in its reality and convert it in your acceptable way.. Live ant let other live. and leave all your worries behind. all the best
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Life is very beautiful it is depend on person to person how they mold it. Every person should try to enjoy every moment.
and thanks to god for giving this beautiful life. We have family friends happiness rather than problem, Life is apart from problem.
We love people and people love us. Life is more far from money and problem.
Just enjoy it Fell it. Its very Beautiful.......
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According to me yes life is really beautiful! Life is full of challenges it’s depend on you how you take it. sometimes a lots of problem come in your life if u start abusing your life will not good for u if u take it easy it will keeps you happy. You can take it as a coin like head and tell ups and down will be happen so guys take it easy .
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fine life is really beautiful but u should do something extra to be really happy, everybody have luxury but how many really invest money for society,very few ..if ur income can give smile to poor children of our country then easily u can say life really beautiful....
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yeah lyf is beautiful......................
........conditions applied
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Its a cute topic. Really life is a beautiful thing which has to be utilized in a good way. We must have the intention of helping others while we were helped by others(Parents). Once, you have a practise of helping orphans and handicaps, you can understand there problem and could realize how gifted we are with healthy life. So, everyday have a smile in your face and cheer up others also.
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life is beautiful only when you are in rambunkstious stage .after coming to puberty stage you will know the value of life whether it is beautiful or not now iam inbitween them
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ya life is really so's depend to persion to persion how he takes the is full of challenges it give us apportunity to do something best in our life and make our life b'ful life sadness n happiness is like a part of a one always b positive and be happy in whatever u have and always try to get better in life......... whenver u feel sad or depress tht life gives u nothing always see the people who hve less then u......then u fell the real value ..that what u make u happy n satisfy live each and every moment of life by this u can make ur life b'ful.........
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really life is so beautiful, it depend upon how to manage u a person,because it varies person to person,always think positve ,which give the pleaser,don't think hard pastand future, life is like making a tea,boil your ego, evaporate your worries,dilute your sorrows, filterypur mistake and get taste of happiness
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life is realiy beautiful:
it depends upon person to is how we handle the situation in our life.Life can be curse for those who thinks entirely depends on our thinking.

a drug addict can make his life a hell or a depents upon him/her.he can make his life beautiful by leaving drugs and can make his life hell by getting addicted to this poision.

life can be good for the students if they study hard and never lose heart.also it can be hell to him if he indulge himself in evil practices like cheating,leaking papers etc.

so god has given everyone this precious life and ask us to choose our own path so it is upto u how u take and live your life.
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yup lifez really b' totally depends on da approach...da way a person luks upto da life...lifez indeed a divine gift bestowed to us by allmighty..we must hv a +ve attitude n faith in ourselves wid equal optimism to make most of it
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Life is so beautiful.its depend upon u how u adjust it if u want to enjoy ur life then enjoy always be happy do ur work but dont think about result there are only two reuslt it will be good or bad then why we take more n more tension just do hard word as u can do thats is just enjoy ur life
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it actually depends on ur attitude..if u r n optimist its beautiful else its a depends a lil bit on ur luck too..
well accordin to me ..yeah ...its teaches u everythin..but life itself is a lesson which u learn only wen u r 's full of surprises...its an 100 percent efficient system...wht u put is wht u get..

but sumtimes i feel like.. wht bout dose who live on streets..who suffer frm sum deadly disease..who have lost der eyes or cant walk..tats where luck factor comes inn...
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Yes, life is beautiful and it all depends on u and ur doings that u make it more and more beautiful. Its a biggest gift from GOD. So its our resposibility to make it beautiful, healthy, proudful and ofcourse successful.
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