Electronic smart helmet system
Providing safety to a person while riding the bike is of prime concern. One of the way to do this is by making it mandatory to wear helmet while riding a bike. This is difficult to implement as every time the concerned people can’t keep an eye on everybody. So detecting whether the driver has worn a helmet or not, as well whether he has consumed alcohol or not is the main problem. The system what we have planned to design provides solution to this problem. The system makes it mandatory for the rider to wear helmet before starting the vehicle and also he shouldn’t have consumed alcohol. If the rider fail to do so then the vehicle cannot be started. This system also provides security to the vehicle as every bike will have an unique helmet and without which a person fails to start that particular bike. This project includes a helmet body and an integrated electronic system disposed in the helmet body. It is operated through a wireless control system. The components of the electronic system are sufficiently small and rugged for use in the helmet, ensuring that the helmet is lightweight and durable. Moreover, the components are spaced about the helmet to provide even weight distribution to promote overall balance and safety. 2 . Block diagram description: The block diagram consists of two parts. One part is to be implemented in the helmet and consists of transmitter and the other in the bike which consists of a receiver. The transmitter part interprets the required condition and the microcontroller generates the code sequence continuously which is ported to the transmitting block. This transmitting block can be a bluetooth device or a rf module. This signal is transmitted to the receiver. The receiver decodes this signal based on which it takes necessary action like turning on/off the ignition system. The first step is to detect whether the driver is wearing the helmet or not. For this purpose we can use an opto-interrupter and pressure sensors. The second condition is to check whether the rider id drunk or not. To check this we are using an alcoholic detector interfaced to the control circuit, which is placed near his mouth in helmet The code generator can be implemented by using the microcontroller, which generates code by using unique code generation algorithm implemented by the programming language. The wireless network can be implemented by the rf (radio frequency) transmission/reception or by bluetooth. The decoder can be implemented by the microcontroller and crosschecking the received code and depending upon the correctness an ok signal which guides the switching system to switch off/on the ignition system.
Key technologies Used in this project: Microcontroller ATMEL 89c51,Infrared sensor consisting of 74LS14 Schmitt triggered hex inverter, RF/Bluetooth receiver and transmitter(freq – 455 KHz) , Alcoholic detector, Pressure sensor.
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The Oxford College of Engineering Bangalore
Degree: B.Tech/B.E.
Branch: Electronics
Project guide(s)
Mrs. Parimala Gandhi G
senior lecturer, The oxford college of engineering.Bommanahalli, Bangalore-650068
Team member(s)
B.Tech/B.E., Electronics
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